What Is An Atomizer Tank

The atomizer tank is considered as one of the most important parts of a vaporizer. Without this component, the device will just be a box that comes with a battery. It is important to learn about how it works, including the different options which will enable you to customize the design and quality of your vaping experience. Knowing about how an atomizer tank works will make you become an informed vapor.

The basic term “atomizer” is used in describing any type of device which works in turning liquid to a mist. In the world of vaping, this component heats up the vape juice in order to produce that smokable vapor. Its function is simple. As the vaporizer is turned on, the battery is activated, giving power to the device components. This enables the atomizer to start the job. Another component, the heating coil heats up inside the atomizer.

Just above the coil is a wick that is soaked in the juice. When it interacts with the heat coming from the coils, it will heat the liquid up. After the vape juice reaches the right temperature, it transforms into vapor, which is the very soul of your experience.

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