What does a Percolator Bong Do?


A percolator bong works wonders for smokers. After smoke is pulled from the bong, smoke interacts with the water. As it goes to the tube, another opportunity is provided for the smoke to interact with the water in the percolator.

This is made possible in two effective ways. For one, the smoke has an opportunity to interact with water. As a result, water naturally cools down. At the same time, it also allows for more surface area for the smoke to have contact with the water, thus cooling it again.

The percolator in a bong also breaks down bubbles into sizes that are smaller, which comes as a result of the pressure inside the perc. This is what gives a smoother and cooler hit from the bong. This is, after all, the main reason why a percolator is designed. It cools the smoke down, making it easier to inhale. If you observe that you have a hard time hitting a bong, you may want to try using a percolator and see what will happen. Unlike what others believe, a percolator bong does not have an impact on the high, which is good news for you.

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