What are Percolators for Bongs?


Whether you consider yourself as an expert, long-time smoker, or a newbie, you may have already experienced coughing after you take a hit. The general feeling is not always pleasant. It could be painful. Even experienced ones cough with tears on their eyes. This cough typically happens since the lungs have been filled to its capacity, with a need to release the pressure and smoke, especially with huge hits.

This is where the benefits offered by percolators for bongs enter the picture. It serves as an extra water chamber added to the main part of the bong tube. They usually come in dome design, though modern versions have taken different shapes and sizes. With this extra chamber, a higher smoke to water ratio is possible, cooling the smoke down, making it smoother and easier to inhale.

A percolator is designed to use air flow, while the water cools the smoke down before hitting the lungs. Note that the selection of style may matter, given that every style filters the air quite differently, with some stronger compared with others. If you constantly cough when taking a hit, getting a new bong with a percolator may solve your problem.

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