Best Wax Vaporizer 2020

Wax enthusiasts have some of the most intense vaping experiences. The condensed form of herb extracts in a waxy composition has the highest potency of active ingredients. Without the right wax vape pen, one can’t maximize the effect of vaping dabs and waxes.

Not all vape pens can be used to vape wax substances. Concentrates require different temperature settings and heating elements. If concentrates are your go-to medicine, your device should utilize a wax atomizer which comes in a variety of designs from ceramic coils to quartz atomizers. You will also need a dab tool for no-mess refills of the device.

Dual-use and triple-use pens are available in today’s market. If you prefer having the choice to switch substance form from time to time, then you may consider paying more for a vape pen that can vaporize herbs as well as waxes and e-liquids. In such a case, the device will come with a special pod for liquids and concentrates.

Best Wax Vaporizers [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Selecting a herbal wax vaporizer that can effectively vaporize your preferred substance can be a matter of trial and error for some. But with research, you can find out which top wax vape pens provide the best value for money and save yourself from disappointments. With that, check out these best vaporizer pens which are widely-reclaimed in their category from price range to performance.

Best portable

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen

This vape pen delivers comparable results as a mid-range portable vaporizer in terms of providing a solid vapor quality. For a vape pen in this price range, vapor quality is a very important consideration. If you dislike the funky taste evident in some vape pens that utilize coils, that won’t be a problem with this wax pen.

Design and Features

Galaxy is designed in the USA and is built with top-quality materials like a wickless quartz crystal chamber, dual quartz rods, and a titanium coil. The 510 threaded design makes for easy cleaning. The device also comes with a vape tool and a hard shell carrying case.


Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen comes in a glossy black enamel build with a sparkling black finish for the Mercury model and a sparkling pink finish for the Angelica model. The look is sleek and classy. Size-wise, its dimensions are quite big for a vape pen but you can still carry it around in your pocket.

Battery Capacity

While Galaxy does have a small battery, it doesn’t mean the device compromised on power. Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen can last more than 2 hours on a single charge. A standard USB charger is the only requirement to charge the device.

The battery life does depend on the temperature settings. If you’re on the lowest setting, you can maximize the pen’s use to around 2.5 hours. It’s also good that the battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

The temperature setting can be controlled directly on the device by clicking 1, 2, or 3 times depending on your needs. The temperature levels 350°F, 390°F, and 430°F are indicated by the colors red, green, and blue. Some may not like having such high-temperature settings as a combusted flavor may happen at temperatures over 420°F. If you want a good taste and large clouds, the green setting (two clicks) would be preferable.


Kandypens Galaxy boasts an elevated airflow so you can expect thicker clouds with this device. The vapor quality is one of the Galaxy’s best selling points and sets it apart from other wax vaporizer pens. If you are an experienced vaper, you may find the vapor production on this device satisfying. The combination of the top-quality atomizer, titanium coils and quartz lining can be thanked for its quality flavor sans the burnt taste.

Galaxy has a one-button control to activate the device. Once you select from the three temperature levels, you can start vaping. The device heats in an instant when you press down on the button. Once you’re done, let go of the button to stop heating your waxes. This saves wax for the next session. This is excellent for on-demand vaping.


Kandypens Galaxy is a beginner-friendly product. It does take some time and effort to correctly load wax into the heating chamber but the atomizer chamber is generous enough to fit waxes that can deliver massive hits.

The vape pen doesn’t get hot to the touch.

Vapor quality is on par with more expensive wax pens.


Loading can get messy

The three preset temperature levels can be limiting to seasoned wax connoisseurs.

Bottom Line

Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen maximizes the wax you use. With more space to accommodate waxes and better vapor quality and battery life, you can enjoy several sessions of thick and heavy clouds throughout your day. It is beginner-friendly and will delight newbies as well as seasoned wax vapers in terms of battery life and vapor quality.

Best kit


Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer Kit

If what you need is a wax vaporizer pen kit, consider this device. The box comes with everything you need to get started on massive hits. With the vaporizer, a dab tool, a silicone wax container, a micro USB charger, and a quick start guide, you’ll be ready to vape strong hits in no time.

Pulsar is a company on a mission to bring better vaporizers at better prices. With the Pulsar APX Wax, they designed the device to fit the needs of wax enthusiasts that crave intense potency in the quickest time possible.

Design and Features

Pulsar APX Wax is built with heat-resistant plastic and features a borosilicate glass mouthpiece to enhance the flavor. The build quality feels solid with no loose parts. What wax enthusiasts notice the most with this device is its super small size that makes it easy to carry around. If you get stressed out a lot in the workplace, then this device can be your go-to vaporizer.


Pulsar APX Wax is incredibly compact at only 3.5 inches tall with the mouthpiece included so it can easily fit in one’s palm. One look and you can tell it has a standard mod design, only smaller. APX Wax comes in black, blue, and silver with a smooth finish.

It features a single button operation and one voltage setting to make it easy for beginners and no-fuss for experienced connoisseurs. It also has four LED lights to indicate the battery level and signal you when it needs to be charged.

Battery Capacity

Pulsar APX Wax packs a 1100mAh battery that can last for around 90 minutes on a single charge with a heat-up time of around 5 seconds. It charges via a USB charger that comes along with the package. Charging time takes 90 minutes as well from a dead battery to fully charged.


Pulsar APX Wax boasts a pure quartz heating chamber that evenly heats up the wax. The triple quartz coils are responsible for producing big clouds and really intense hits. To use, remove the glass mouthpiece and simply dab the wax into the coils using the dab tool. Like most vape pens, you press on the single button five times to turn it on then vape while pressing on the button.

The hits are short and sharp on the APX Wax yet the flavor is only sub-par which can be expected at this price range. There is no option to take things to a milder level though as the voltage setting is already prefixed.


Pulsar APX Wax comes with a one year warranty on defective materials, workmanship, and damage from shipping. The warranty covers the device as well as the batteries and chargers. The atomizers and mouthpieces are not covered under warranty.

APX Wax delivers strong hits suitable for quick and intermittent sessions.

Portability is one of its major strengths as it is one of the smallest wax vape pens in today’s market.

Ease of use makes it beginner-friendly.


Heat-up time is not instant but 5 seconds is still fast.

Newbies and other wax enthusiasts may find the hits too strong. With the intensity of hits, it is meant for infrequent use. If you want a milder and more flavorful vapor, this won’t suffice in the long term.

There is only one unknown voltage setting eliminating the option to customize.

It’s not recommended for long sessions.

Bottom Line

The size of the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer makes it easy to take anywhere with you. It is recommended for quick vaping sessions with really intense hits. This could be your go-to device when you need strong hits to take the pressure and stress off from time to time. The single voltage setting may put off vapers who prefer to customize the intensity of their hits.

Best cheap


Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Pen  

Often, when you hunt for a cheap wax vaporizer, you get faced with disappointing features. From the build quality to burning mouthpieces and high heat settings that waste your waxy oils because it comes out burnt and unevenly heated, you may think only high-end vaporizer users can enjoy a good vaping experience. This is not so with Dr. Dabber Ghost. The company itself is known for making good quality vaporizers and they always try to outdo themselves. If you’re looking for a wax vape pen under $100 that is pretty good quality, check out our review on Dr. Dabber Ghost.

Design and features

Dr. Dabber Ghost utilizes titanium technology that we often see in Dr. Dabber vaporizers as it is one of the most efficient types of atomizers in today’s market. While it is made from high-quality titanium, it has a plastic mouthpiece that may have an effect on the flavor.

The build quality feels sturdy with the parts enjoying a snug fit and no rattling sounds inside. These are important qualities to determine when buying a cheap wax vaporizer pen.

This particular device is designed for vaping concentrates only.


The Ghost doesn’t look cheap at all as it has the aesthetics of a more expensive vaporizer. It features a sleek design with a textured finish. Its dimensions are 6 x 3 inches making it quite a robust device but the titanium design makes it sturdy. Also, it can still fit in one’s pocket or purse.

Dr. Dabber designed the Ghost with a simplified process so it features a single button activation featuring the Dr. Dabber logo.

Battery Capacity

Dr. Dabber Ghost can last 200 to 400 puffs. It can last a couple of days for light and medium users. Recharging takes around 2 hours via a USB charging cord. It can be plugged into a USB power bank or car adapter.

While it doesn’t have an auto-shutoff feature, it does have a 5-click long mechanism to preserve battery life.


Place a few dabs of wax on the heating coil, activate the button, and vape away. Instant heat-up. There are no temperature settings though which is supposed to simplify the process. Instead, Dr. Dabber prefixed the temperature setting of the Ghost on optimum low heat for smooth and clean vaping of concentrates. The low heat is designed to prevent a charred taste and prolong the efficiency of the coils. This results in nice, dense clouds of vapor with a clean taste.

One thing seasoned vapers may notice is that Ghost features a silica wick which is known to affect the flavor of wax when it is new but this is not applicable to Ghost. From the first use, the vapor is smooth, tasty, and pure. Also, if you’re concerned about the mouthpiece, it may affect the taste depending on what you’re used to but the performance of the inner coil is not to be blamed.


The kit includes two atomizers. The spare is great for when the other dies out.

The battery life is excellent for long-term use.

Vapor production is the result of a well-crafted device with thought out features from the type of coils to the temperature setting. If you don’t like experimenting with different temperature settings, Dr. Dabber has it all figured out for you.


We have nothing bad to say about the build quality, performance, and battery life. The Ghost looks more expensive than it actually is but if only they could trade the mouthpiece so as not to limit the flavor of the vapor produced by the Ghost.

Bottom Line

Dr. Dabber Ghost boasts a sturdy build quality, long-lasting battery, and clean tasting vapor. It is easy to use for beginners and stealthy for advanced users. The plastic mouthpiece may be a bummer especially if you’re used to glass or stainless steel mouthpieces.

Best digital


Volcano Digit Vaporizer

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel needs no introduction as it is a beacon in the vaping world. Since the Volcano Classic was launched, the Volcano already set the standard for vaporizers that are to come. The Volcano Digit Vaporizer amps up the Classic with an auto shut-off timer, temperature precision controls, and a digital display while maintaining its superior performance to vaporize dry herbs, oils, and waxes.

Design and features

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer is for those who are not satisfied with the vapor production on a pen or a portable. Keep in mind that smaller vaporizers forego large fans and spacious chambers to meet the demands of vaping outdoors or in public. For connoisseurs who don’t take their vapor quality for granted, balloon-style vaping is the way to do it.


Volcano Digit Vaporizer sports the same cone shape design of the Classic sans the rotary dial. We see the same high-quality build on the Digit with its stainless steel body. The LED display is large enough and pleasing to look at. The up and down button controls for the temperature settings match with the overall look of the Volcano Digit.


The Volcano Digit Vaporizer requires a wall plug power supply to run. At 4 pounds and over 7 inches tall, it is essentially a desktop vaporizer. Top-quality vapor production is the focus on this device with its advanced convection heating technology and large fans for ventilation. The result is an evenly cooked and cool taste unaffected by any tubes and mouthpieces. You can enjoy drawing from the sterilized balloon bag and even share it with your group during parties. Temperature settings range from 104 to 446°F so vapers can customize the thickness of the clouds produced.


The vapor production on the Volcano Digit Vaporizer is indeed remarkable and balloon-style vaping is a highly satisfying experience. Like the Classic, you get to choose between two bag systems. The cost-effective Solid Valve system is excellent for customization and solo sessions while the Easy Valve is preferable for lazy vapers who don’t like to cut bags, reassemble the pieces, and clean too often.


If you’re in a rush to get high, vape pens fulfill that purpose while lacking in vapor quality. The heat-up time is longer than pens and portables for sure but the vapor quality is well worth the wait and the investment. Yes, the high cost of owning the Volcano Digit Vaporizer is also one of the factors that can hinder you from buying it. The added features are nice but it adds over a hundred bucks to the Classic.

Bottom line

Wax connoisseurs that want to achieve the full potency and goodness of waxy oils will think no further when choosing a wax vaporizer. The quality of wax vapor you can taste on this vaporizer is well worth the expensive price tag. And it’s not just the vapor production that makes the Volcano Digit a bestseller vaporizer. It’s the durability as well knowing that you can pass it on to your fellow vapers at a high resale price should Storz & Bickel roll out with a device that can outperform the Volcano Digit.

Best glass globe


Dr. Dabber Aurora Globe Attachment

A glass globe is made to improve the taste of the vapor produced by vape pens. Even if you have the best wax vaporizer pen, you may still be worried about charring your waxes. If you often get a combusted taste from your vape pen, consider getting the Dr. Dabber Globe attachment.

Design and Features

While the Dr. Dabber Globe is designed as an accessory for the Dr. Dabber Aurora, it can fit in other vape pens. Take note of its dimensions which are 4 inches all around. It weighs 6 oz which is durable enough not to break easily but you do have to be careful when handling this accessory. Also, the glass globe attachment will need regular cleaning and maintenance as gunky glass globes will affect the taste of your next sessions.


Dr. Dabber Aurora Globe Attachment features a glass globe mouthpiece and a high-quality quartz atomizer. This type of atomizer makes all the difference in vapor quality. When quartz heats up, it does not alter the compounds and flavor of wax so you get a purer taste. Add to that the glass mouthpiece which allows you to taste every bit of goodness of expensive wax. The glass globe also allows you to see the thick clouds swirling in the dome as you take a draw.

The two pieces are encased in a discreet package which is essential for incognito vapers.


Dr. Dabber Glass Globe Attachment features a magnetic dome that snaps into place on the Dr. Dabber Aurora battery. Keep in mind that a glass globe is designed to protect the coil to prevent combustion when heating your substance. If you want to boost the density and vapor quality on your vape pen, this add-on does the trick. It can produce tasty vapor and thick, juicy clouds for as long as it is well-maintained.


If you want a consistent tasty vapor at every dabbing session, be sure to clean the attachment after every use. A Q-Tip and Isopropyl alcohol are all you need to clean the gunk in the device. Be sure to opt for high percentage Isopropyl or the solution will be too watery which can destroy your device.


It definitely enhances the flavor and density of vapor produced by vape pens.

While it is designed for Aurora, you may be able to fit it in other vape pens to gain the same dabbing experience.


The attachment should not be used with e-juices and liquids.

If you forget to clean the glass globe attachment after your session, the wax can harden and you will end up with a glass globe dab-sealed to the atomizer. When this happens, the tendency is for the glass globe to break. Tip: Don’t pull the glass piece but twist it carefully to avoid breaking.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to improve your vaping experience on vaporizer pens, a glass globe attachment should fit the bill. Wax can get expensive and a glass globe and quartz atomizer will ensure the wax won’t combust and you can sip the purest vapor from your e-cig pen.

Wax Vaporizer Guide

Waxes are starting to gain popularity in the vaping community due to their high concentration and potency of the substances we love to vape on. Wax vaporizers are the most efficient way to enjoy concentrates. Whether you want an instantaneous hit or you prefer the result of convection cooking, you will find a vaping device in this guide that best fits your needs.

Types of Wax Vaporizers

Wax vapers need to choose a device that is compatible with their choice of substance form and not every device can do this. Some vaporize dry herbs only, other oils, and juices only. In turn, wax vaporizers are designed for dabbing only. Most wax vaporizers restrict e-liquids and loose herbs. If you are more of the type that wants to take every form of your favorite herb, then a desktop vaporizer is the best fit for your vaping use. If you’re more into on-the-go, on-demand, and stealthy vaping, a wax vape pen would be your go-to device.

Types of Atomizers

If you are contemplating wax vaporizer pens, your concern should be on three important components which include the battery capacity, the atomizer or heating chamber, and the mouthpiece. Atomizers range from the basic to the advanced. Some popular atomizers include:

Wicked Atomizers– This makes for juicy vapors. If you prefer runny vapor, this is the type of atomizer you should look into getting. The coil is wrapped with an absorbent fiber wick material that works to absorb the wax and create smooth and runny draws.

Wickless Atomizers– This is the preferred choice when vaping thick and solid wax or concentrates with a higher viscosity. Wickless atomizers are essential when vaping at higher temperatures.

Titanium Coils– You can now vape on lower temperature with this type of atomizer resulting in improved flavor and less burnt taste.

Quartz Crystal Rods– This replaces standard ceramic rods as glass produces a cleaner taste. Also as this is a non-porous atomizer, it makes for wax conservation as every last bit of wax is burned and not just absorbed by the atomizer.

Triple Coils– A wax vaporizer tank with three coils burns wax faster to produce intensified draws. This is the best option for dabbers who crave for an ultimate hit but not suitable for conserving concentrates.

Other Aspects to Consider in a Wax Vaporizer

  • Threading vs. Magnetic Connection – Most wax vape pens utilize threaded connections that enlist the user to screw the components of the device on and off. 510 threading is the industry standard. However, advanced wax vape pens now feature a state-of-the-art magnetic connection to expedite the process of replacing atomizers and batteries.
  • Convection Heating – It is best to steer clear of other heating methods that will combust your wax. The common complaint with dabbing pens is that it has a charred taste. A convection-style vaporizer should eliminate this problem.
  • Stealth – Vaping remains to be taboo to others outside the vaping community. With a vape pen, you can discreetly enjoy the benefits of vaping wax. However, carefully choose a wax vape pen that doesn’t sacrifice quality.
  • Size – If you only vape at home, a desktop vaporizer will provide you with the vaping experience that you seek. If you need to vape at work or when hiking in the cold outdoors, then a portable wax vaporizer is what you need.
  • Price – It is not recommended to buy wax vape pens that are too cheap. You may find a cheap vape pen that is good quality among our recommendations. Desktop vaporizers may seem like a big investment but if you’re vaping for the long-term, the experience is well worth it. Besides, well-known desktops like the Volcano have a high resale value.
  • Warranty – If the company can back up their product for a long time, that is your signal that it is indeed a good quality purchase. Keep in mind that fragile parts often are not covered by a warranty so you have to ensure that the parts are easily replaceable.
  • Reviews – Pay attention to what other vapers say on the device you are considering on purchasing. All the wax vaporizers we reviewed have an esteemed reputation in the vaping community.
  • Preparation – From filling the chamber to heat-up time and cleaning the device, you need to be sure that you have the time and patience to maintain a wax vaporizer. If not, you will have to deal with parts that break and a bad taste.


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