Vaporizer FAQ

1. Is vaporizing bad for your lungs?

When it comes to popular vices, vaping is the latest thing that went worldwide. If cigarettes have been around for quite a while, vaporizing is still treading on uncharted territory. Smoking is easy to do and understand: you just dry and shred some tobacco, roll it up in a paper tube and set it ablaze. Vaping involves electronics into the whole thing. What is interesting about vaporizing is that it is getting more and more popular, turning previous smokers into vapers. The actual effects of vaping on our lungs are yet to be fully understood, although the number of studies performed until now shows that it is definitely not completely safe to use.

2. Is vaporizing dangerous?

Vaporizing, vaping, or using e-cigarettes are all names for basically the same thing, using an electronic delivery system. The last few years showed that teenagers are really picking it up as a habit, the rate of this increase in users concerning some people. There are many out there who claim that teens are attracted to these devices due to their additive flavorings but the debate still goes on. Others argue that vaping is the way to go for a smoker looking to quit his or her vice. What we know so far is that e-cigs use certain amounts of nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarettes and that, while not being as toxic to lungs as regular cigarettes, vaporizing can still lead to inflammation.

3. Is vaporizing tobacco healthier?

There is more than one reason for trying vaporizing tobacco, maybe you’re just curious to try it out or maybe you see it as a ‘get out of jail free’ card to get you out of smoking. However, a question appears: is vaporizing tobacco healthier than smoking it? According to the people from Johns Hopkins, vaping doesn’t harm as much as traditional smoking. As opposed to the 7,000 chemicals contained in cigarettes, many of which being toxic, the electronic ones heat nicotine and flavorings to create vapors which you inhale. The exact chemicals found inside vaporizers aren’t yet fully known, but experts are confident that there are fewer than those in traditional cigarettes.

4. When were vaporizers invented?

You can safely say that now vaping has become a trend, especially among teenagers. However, you might be surprised to find out that the earliest records of people using vaping techniques date back thousands of years ago. Back then, the first shisha (Hookah or waterpipe) was introduced in the Indian subcontinent. The ancient Egyptians also used various vaping techniques, an example being the use of heated stones combined with herbs. Moving on, the modern use of vaping begins in 1927, when Joseph Robinson came up with an e-cigarette idea. Vaping was made popular in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert’s smokeless cigarette that didn’t use tobacco.

5. When to refill a vaporizer?

As opposed to a pack of cigarettes which runs out eventually and you have to get a whole new one to carry on with your habit, a vaporizer will just have to be refilled in order to work. However, the question of ‘when should you do that?’ arises. Naturally, knowing how and when to refill yours is an important process. That’s because the tank has to be properly filled up so that the coils become saturated enough to provide a perfect hit. Many of these products come with fill lines which will prevent you to fill them inadequately. The liquid shouldn’t exceed that line. When there’s about 10% left, you can refill the tank.

6. Where to put weed in a vaporizer?

Apparently, using a vaporizer filled with cannabis has been a practice for quite a while and these past few years showed a surge in popularity, mainly due to the expanse of the legalization process and the promoted health benefits. But how do you actually vape weed? There are various vaporizers on the market and each comes with different processes, so let’s go through the basic process. First, you would have to grind the herb and then you would have to pack a small amount into the pen’s chamber. Then, switch on the pen and wait for the heat to do its job. Finally, inhale and relax.

7. Where are Pax vaporizers made?

Pax vaporizers are made by Pax Labs, a company that’s at the top of the industry, its products being compared with the iPhone in terms of popularity and style. According to their own site, this company uses manufacturers from overseas which take on the process of assembly. They state that the manufacturing is completely overseen and controlled by in-house engineers, the same ones who incorporated the quality that made these PAX products as popular as they are now. The company assures its customers that the raw materials and finished goods go through an oversight and management process which includes multiple layers of testing.

8. Where are Arizer vaporizers made?

One of the most appreciated brands in the vaping industry is represented by Arizer, a Canadian company which keeps producing highly popular designs (no wonder, since their slogan is ‘Better by Design’). Because they offer a variety of impressive vaporizers, they managed to acquire quite a large base of loyal customers. Among the products provided by Arizer you can find both Desktop and Portable vaporizers meant to be used with dry herbs. The company guarantees that its vaporizers are perfectly capable to provide high performance and reliability. As far as we can see online, these vaporizers are produced in Canada by using top quality materials.

9. When to change the oil in a vaporizer?

Are you a beginner when it comes to vaping life? Then allow us to provide some guidance in terms of changing the oil of a vaporizer. One of the most desirable things for a newbie vaper is trying on a range of flavor and liquid density but for this to work right you will have to find out how to change the oil found inside the vaporizer. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a bad taste in your mouth without figuring out exactly why that happens. That would be a pretty obvious sign that you have to change the oil or the device’s coil.

10. How to use a wax vaporizer?

Wax vaporizers come in various shapes and sizes. They are known as the most portable of the vaporizers and they won’t have you put in too much work to enjoy them. Let’s find out how to use one. First, you will have to press the power button five times until you see a blinking light. Once you press the button, the wax will start melting. Only a small piece of wax will be plenty to dab the coil beforehand. Just be careful how you poke at the coil because they tend to be quite fragile. After you press the button, the wax will start to evaporate quickly so make sure that the mouthpiece is on.

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