Best Vape Pens 2020

Vape pens are continuously evolving with new and innovative products launched every year. Still, there are some cheap and flimsy e-pens that try to entice the unsuspecting beginner vapers with their low-priced vaporizers. Sad to say, these purchases end up badly. From leaking pens to burning mouthpieces and burnt tastes, all of these can happen when you purchase without research on the background and efficiency of the vaporizer pen you opt to buy.

You can look into the market and go through hundreds of vape pens at varying prices, do your research, and check reviews by other people. You can also go through trial and error and experiment with whatever vape pen you can find in the market. But if you really want to purchase the best vape pen with great value for your money, this guide will help you find the right vape pen for your needs whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper.

Best Vape Pens [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Hunting for the best vape pens with your needs in mind can be an overwhelming process. If you want to simplify your search for a vape pen that fits your needs, this is the guide you should read before buying. We selected the top products in different categories to make your search a whole lot easier.

Best for CBD


Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

Kandypens is a reputable company in the market of vaporizer pens. They make high-quality products with the varying needs of vapers in mind. With the Rubi, it is a true gem in its category. Compatible with e-juices and CBD oils, Rubi allows its users to enjoy big puffs for a long time. It features a no-fuss design which makes it a pleasure to use. When you’re done, it boasts a quick charging time too. Also, if you’re looking for a refillable vape pen, this pen is what you need.

Design and Features

If you want a pocket vaporizer, the Kandypens Rubi will certainly fit your needs. Its exact dimensions are 100mm x 17mm x 8.5 mm so it stands at a mere 4 inches tall. It also has a 1 ml refillable pod making it cost-effective in the long run. For minimal combustion, the vape makers opted to utilize an OCELL ceramic coil wrapped in Japanese cotton. This makes for better flavor with minimal combustion.


KandyPens Rubi is feather-light and pocket-friendly so you can easily vape on-the-go with this device. The outer chassis is designed with a solid metal frame with a luxurious texture. There are no power controls at is air-activated so you can start vaping on a whim. It has an open pod system so you can easily add more e-liquids and it is also leak-proof with no spit back. If you’re looking for a stealthy vape pen, then this is one you should definitely consider.

Battery Capacity

KandyPens Rubi packs a powerful 280mAh battery that provides 8.5 watts or 3.7 volts of power to allow your device to run for 1 to 2 hours. No need to remove the battery when charging as you can simply connect it to a universal micro-USB charging. It’s a good thing to have a battery charger you can easily replace than choosing one that requires an ultra-specific vape pen charger. Total charging time from dead to full battery is 30 minutes. Another awesome feature is its 8-second auto shut-off feature for battery conservation. Plus, there is a lifetime warranty on the batteries too. With that in mind, you can bank on this e-pen battery-wise.


Kandypens Rubi is designed and handcrafted in the USA. The fact that every piece is handmade really goes to show how much effort was put into every pen for quality assurance. The ceramic heating element helps preserve potency and taste. The heating system on this device is air-activated and has slow and low heating. The result is a loose draw with voluminous clouds and a clean and crisp flavor.


Kandypens Rubi is a budget-friendly vaporizer pen made with premium handmade construction. It is US-made, features a durable chassis, and an effective heating element.

The battery power is a factor to consider as it allows long vaping sessions and with quick charging time. The battery is conveniently-located, has an easy to replace charger, and a lifetime warranty too.

It is inconspicuous and stylish too.


If you want a tighter draw, this e-cigarette pen may disappoint you. It features loose airflow which lessens the impact of mouth-to-lung draws. If big clouds are what you’re after, then this is the right device you’re looking for.

Non-replaceable batteries.

It’s only for e-liquids and not compatible with dry herb.

The pod is not pre-filled but it is refillable.

Bottom Line

KandyPens Rubi provides a discreet way to vape in style. Enjoy big puffs of clouds over an extended period and no-button power controls for vaping on-demand. It is a cost-effective product with durable parts making it well worth its value.

Best THC vape pen


PAX 3 Vaporizer

If you want more temperature control than having only one preset temperature setting, then the PAX 3 vaporizer would be a suitable pen to use. It even has its own app to personalize your vaping experience. Plus, you can vape THC in dry herbs, oils, and wax on this device.

PAX 3 is an improved version of the PAX 2. With significant add-on features and a boost in battery capacity, the batteries remain non-replaceable and the charging time is not that impressive. Still, if your objective is to vape any substance form you please, definitely consider this vaporizer pen.

Design and Features

PAX 3 resembles the Pax 2 in design but with new and innovative features. The heating chamber is built with surgical-grade stainless steel and the exteriors look polished with an aluminum body. It also features two interchangeable silicone mouthpieces in flat and raised versions. PAX 3 is 93 grams, making it slightly heavier than Pax 2. Its exact dimensions are 9.8 cm x 3 cm x 2.1 cm 93 grams. The chamber is capable of vaping up to 0.35 grams with full use or 0.17 grams for quick sessions using a partial use cap.


PAX 3 flaunts a sleek metal exterior. The new matte finish is set to replace the glossy finish for good as the matte finish is more scratch-resistant. Color options include rose gold, silver, and black but there’s a new color option in teal as well.

Holding the PAX 3 vaporizer pen, you can also feel the weight is evenly distributed with no loose parts or rattling inside. This lightweight device has a discreet look to it that makes for some stealthy and enjoyable vaping.

Battery Capacity

PAX 3 comes with an upgraded battery capacity from the previous 3000mAh on the Pax 2 to 3,500mAh on the PAX 3. With this, the vaporizer pen now heats up by around 45 seconds faster than its predecessor at around 16 to 18 seconds.

Its battery is compatible with conventional USB chargers as well as the PAX 3 charger. Charging time on USB can take approximately 2.5 hours while it takes 90 to 105 minutes to charge the device from completely dead to fully charged. The PAX 3 magnetic charging dock charges via USB. We have to say though, the magnet is not that strong to hold the device and charging dock together.

A fully charged battery can be used for around 8 to 10 sessions or approximately 1.5 hours running time.


PAX 3 is now Bluetooth-compatible and app-enabled for both iOS and Android OS. You can customize the temperature settings via the app with four present levels ranging from 182ºC to 215ºC. It features multicolored LED lights and haptic feedback or vibration alert to indicate when the set temperature is achieved. It also has the latest lip sensing technology.

PAX 3 also comes with five different heating profiles with a boost mode that results in a faster session and denser clouds. Other modes include the standard mode, flavor mode, stealth mode, and efficiency mode.


The PAX 3 is indeed a step up from its predecessor. From the more scratch-resistant matte surface to its smartphone compatibility, boost in battery capacity, and heat up time.

The 10-year warranty is a major plus.

You can easily switch from dried herb to waxes and THC oil using the concentrate insert.

You can also choose between two different kits. The Device Only option is cheaper but it is only for dry herbs and it doesn’t have the half-pack lid. If you enjoy dry herbs only, then you can save a couple of bucks by choosing this option. Now for an additional $50, you can opt for the Complete Kit with the concentrate insert, the half-pack lid, and a small case. This is great if you want more flexibility in the THC form you would like to use.


It can be a bummer to some not have user-replaceable batteries.

Also, the flavor is just sub-par as the device uses conduction technology.

It can also be a challenge to be discreet about the smell as it can be smelly after use particularly if you forget to empty the oven after your vaping sessions.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a device where you can easily vape different THC forms, then this is a compact vape pen to consider. PAX 3 is definitely a step up its predecessor when it comes to internal add-on features like the battery capacity, vibration alert, and app compatibility. It is more futuristic this time around. The exterior may resemble its predecessor but it’s a step up too as it is now more resistant to scratches making it great for the outdoors. It’s really portable too but it falls short on flavor.

Vape pen starter kit


Dr. Dabber Light Kit Vaporizer

As a novice shopping for their first vape pen, you need a kit that packs all the accessories you need to consume oils and waxes. With this starter kit, you get an atomizer, dab tool, charger, replaceable battery, shatterproof ball, and an instruction manual. Everything you need to get started vaping concentrates is already in the kit.

Design and Features

If you are afraid of getting a burnt and electric taste from your first vape pen, this worry is eliminated by Dr. Dabber Light. The vaporizer pen utilizes low heat to slowly vaporize your concentrates to ensure you don’t get that unwanted taste. It utilizes Titanium technology similar to the vape maker’s bigger vaporizer pens.


The black vape pen is slim and light at just 0.40 lbs. It is also portable at 2 x 2.75 x 6.25 in. which is about the size of a cigarette. The design is stealthy with Dr. Dabber and the product name Light printed on the pen. At the bottom of the pen, you will find the Dr. Dabber logo. When activated, the end lights up in blue. It is a simple-looking pen with no-fuss accessories in the kit.

Battery Capacity

There is a lithium-ion battery on this device and it is extremely small, much smaller than its bigger predecessor Ghost. You can get more or less 100 hits with this device when it is fully charged. It also has a 10-second auto shut-off feature to preserve the limited battery capacity.

Charging via USB cable can last approximately 2 hours. The included USB charger has red and green lights to indicate charging and fully charged status. Both the charger and the battery is covered by a 1-year warranty. Do note that other sellers provide a shorter warranty for this device.


Dr. Dabber Light features one-button operation. You can pack around 0.1 grams of substance in this device which should be enough for several draws. Like most vape pens, you click the pen 5 times to turn it on. From there, the heat-up time is only 1 to 2 seconds as you press hold of the button for the duration of your draw. This makes it great for on-demand vaping.

You can notice a good airflow with a slightly restrictive draw. As long as you clean the coil often, the taste will remain good. The low-heat, slow-cooking definitely brings out the aroma of concentrates so you can get potent and large hits from this small device.


Even when fully-assembled it is quite stealthy except for the end that lights up. Once filled, it is easy to use.

Its slim form makes it more portable than its larger predecessor. For this size though, the vapor quality is good. It has ample battery life for short vaping sessions or quick hits throughout the day. The fast heat-up time is a major plus too.


The atomizers can be fairly expensive to replace.

It also has a noticeably shorter battery life than the bigger Ghost.

Also, filling the device can be quite a challenge and can be messy. Because of this, performance and vapor quality can be affected when they start to gunk up.

Bottom Line

Dr. Dabber Light is undeniably one of the most discreet e-cig pens in today’s market. It is slim, easy to hold, and easy to use. It heats up fast and you have full control of your draws. The taste is also good for this size and price range provided that you are careful when filling it.

Best dry herb vape pen


Arizer Air II

The Arizer II is a new and improved version of the Air made by the Canadian vape manufacturer. Although not a very stealthy device and not as compact as the other e-cig pens we listed here, it does feature a temperature display and easy controls. No app needed for this one and even comes with handy gadgets to take the portable vape pen with you.

Design and Features

The Arizer II stands at 4.88 inches and weighs 4.1 oz. It is quite larger in size in comparison to other vape pens in the market. The device is built with an anodized aluminum shell making it sturdy without being too heavy. Overall, it has a solid feel. The mystic blue and color black color options are more subdued than its predecessor which makes for less obvious vaping. The charging port is now a USB Micro-B from the DC port.

The chamber is made of stainless steel with a ceramic heating element and the nozzle is borosilicate glass.


Air II features a cylindrical shape that resembles its predecessor but now with subdued colors and a change in the charging port. The OLED display and easy controls make for no-fuss vaping even for starters. Despite being larger than other vape pens, it can still fit easily into your pocket or in the belt clip included in the package.

Battery Capacity

The new version also comes with a 50% boost in battery capacity with the removable 18650 battery. If you don’t like cutting your vaping sessions short, you can simply interchange the battery if you have a spare one. Charging is now via micro USB wall charger with a total charging time of 2.5 hours. You can also place the battery in an external charger making it more convenient.

On a full charge, you can get a total vape time of up to 1 hour and 20 minutes which is enough for around eight short sessions. It can also be used while charging so it’s also great for home use. The battery also comes with a one year warranty.


Arizer Air II has 0.25 grams capacity of dried herbs. Temperature levels are adjustable in 1°C increments and range between  50ºC to 220ºC. Accurate temperature is displayed on the LED screen and it also has a timer. Heat-up time is quite slow at 80 seconds but it does utilize a hybrid convection-conduction heating system for better flavor. The device also comes with a 2-year warranty to cover the defects in workmanship and materials and a lifetime warranty on the heating element. The glass nozzle piece is not covered under warranty.


The Arizer Air II is easy to load and easy to maintain. The air path is wide open and the vapor is clean, smooth, and tasty. The taste is not consistent though.

The swappable batteries and the ability to vape while charging make it easy to extend vaping sessions.


The small compartment may not be enough for heavy users. It is also not the most discreet choice.

Bottom Line

Arizer Air II has better aesthetics, battery capacity, and improved taste than its predecessor. If you’re not into vape pens that run using apps then this is the product you should look into. You can also expect quick hits with this one, although the taste won’t be consistent at all times. It is pretty big but if you like the look of the clip bag then you’re good to go.

Best vape pen for oil


Aurora Vaporizer Pen

If you are on the lookout for the best vape pen for oil cartridges, consider looking into the vaporizer pens made by Dr. Dabber. This particular device known as the Aurora is an award-winning vape for oils and waxes. It is a well-designed pen for incognito use and boasts in performance.

Design and Features

The Aurora Vaporizer kit comes with a ceramic halo atomizer, a dual ceramic atomizer, and a dual quartz atomizer so you can easily customize your vaping experience. It is a user-friendly device with magnetic technology eliminating the need to screw and unscrew the pieces every time you need to refill. It is also easy to clean.


One of the important aspects to consider when looking for the best oil vape pen is its appearance as it says a lot about the quality of the device. With Dr. Dabber, the look is as futuristic as the technology it packs inside. The Aurora itself features a sleek and modern design. It feels sturdy, has an easy grip, and stylish too. It does have bright LED lights which adds to its modern appeal but takes a little away from its stealthiness.

Battery Capacity

Aurora is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion battery which is essential for vapers that want to keep their party going. Make sure to bring a spare for extended use. It also has an automatic shutdown feature to prevent accidental battery draining. Charging is also via the USB-powered charging base like most vape pens. Charging time to full battery status is around 2 hours. A one-year warranty covers the battery as well as the charger.


Customization is what makes this vaporizer pen unique. It features three adjustable settings for vaping oils and waxes. The lowest setting makes for a mild and relaxing experience. The result is a smooth vapor with very minimal cloud production. If you’re a beginner, opt for the low setting to get accustomed to the experience. From there you can take it up to the medium heat for a good hit without the harshness. If you want an intensified experience and some serious vapor clouds, turn it up to the highest setting.

As for the advanced atomizers, if you are using vape materials with low viscosity such as concentrates, then the dual quartz rod is ideal as it delivers a clean taste. If you prefer bigger clouds with a kick in the throat every time you draw, opt for the dual ceramic rod atomizer. In contrast, when you need to be really discreet, the ceramic halo atomizer will produce the least clouds but you need to adjust the temperature to medium or high heat especially with waxier oils.


We like that you can easily personalize this device making it a suitable choice for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. You can take it easy and discreet or go wild and puff big clouds with a hit on the throat. The replaceable battery with a warranty is also good to have for extended vaping sessions. It also requires less cleaning and maintenance.


It is not the best when it comes to battery power. While it is good that you can quickly swap the battery for longer sessions, hardcore vapers will quickly wear out the device in a few minutes.

Bottom Line

Aurora is a high-end vape pen in terms of quality that keeps you in the low profile when you’re vaping. With elements that allow a personalized experience, you can vape on the go without having to worry about your appearance. It is portable, a quality device, and durable, setting the standard for other oil vape pens in the market.

Best for wax


Atmos DHK Advanced Vaporizer

The Atmos DHK Advanced Vaporizer is an entry-level vaporizer pen that vapes both waxes and dry herbs. When you’re looking for a vape pen for wax, it is crucial that you look into how the device is filled, cleaned, and maintained. With this device, you will notice that it does not have exposed coils making the entire process of refilling and cleaning a breeze.

Design and Features

The Atmos DHK Advanced Vaporizer stands at 5.6 inches so it is a tad bigger than the other vape pens around. It is only 0.55 inches wide making it pocket-friendly and easy to hold. The open coil technology as well as the 510 threaded design to prevent messes.

The Atmos DHK is built with aluminum material but the mouthpiece is made of food-grade rubber silicone. Inside, it packs a ceramic heating disc chamber, a ceramic filter, and a mesh filter. The Complete Starter kit also includes the USB charger, loading tool, and a cleaning brush.


It features a minimalist design and single controls for ease of use. The build is lightweight yet made of durable materials. Available colors are in sleek blue and green. Other sellers may sell a grey device. The Atmos logo is also imprinted on the device. Overall, it looks and feels sturdy but the rubber mouthpiece may give away the device as on the low-end spectrum.

Battery Life

The Atmos DHK packs a 650mAh battery to produce 3.7V of power. It also features an LED light indicator to signal the need to charge. Recharging is done via the USB cable or wall adapter. The charging time from dead to full power is around 2 hours although you may need to charge the device for around 4 hours prior to the first use. This should improve the lifespan of the battery. The rechargeable battery is also covered under a 5-year limited warranty.


The Atmos DHK Advanced Vaporizer takes advantage of conduction heating technology which is good to have in a simple, entry-level vaporizer pen. It is designed and developed by the US vape specialist Atmos.

Heat-up time is around 2-3 seconds.

The wickless ceramic heating chamber is responsible for delivering vapor with a clean and fresh taste. This type of chamber can evenly heat your dry herbs and waxy oils to maximize the potency of your vapes in every hit.

While the device resembles the Atmos RX Vaporizer in appearance, the RX actually had a combusted taste to its vapor. Hence, Atmos added a glass screen this time around to protect the coil and minimize combustion when vaping dry herbs. This should also not be a problem with wax material.


Its cheap price is not something that can make you look down upon this device as it’s hard to find a dual-purpose vape pen at this price range so we give it a thumbs up for versatility.

The unexposed metal coils also make for less cleaning time.


This vape pen tends to produce a combusted type of flavor with dried herbs. It is best with waxes and dry blends.

Bottom Line

Overall, we recommended this device as it is user-friendly for wax vapers. With an easy-to-maintain design and threaded build, you can easily enjoy your wax and dry blends with this device.

Vape Pen Guide

How to Choose a Vape Pen

There are some things you should watch out for when buying a vape pen. From technicalities like airflow and heating chamber size to issues with legitimacy and compatibility, you need to know what specifications are important to you before you go out and buy any vape pen.

Battery Life

Bigger pens tend to last longer than smaller pens as both vary in terms of battery capacity. Consider the frequency and duration of your sessions. If you prefer bursts of vape throughout the day, then a smaller one will do but if you long for extended vaping sessions, then you may have to sacrifice on the weight and size. Still, portable pens are a lot more compact than portable vaporizers.

If you can opt for a vape pen with internal, built-in batteries that can be charged with micro-USB. Built-in batteries are often high-quality which makes them a better option that lithium batteries and other external batteries. It is also more convenient.


This is a crucial consideration when buying a vaporizer pen because the amount of airflow helps evenly distribute heat in the chamber to significantly impact your experience vaping on a pen. A pen with lots of airflow will result in increased vapor and lesser flavor while a pen with a tight draw will give you a mouth-to-lung experience.

Heating Chamber Size

Vape pens can help limit your substance use. If you want more control over your substances, then a pen with a smaller chamber will be optimal. But if you enjoy extended vaping sessions, then a large cartridge and chamber are essential so you don’t have to refill every too often.


An e-cigarette pen may look cool but if it can’t cook your desired substance form, then it would be an inefficient purchase for you. There are many different types of vaporizer pens and if you opt to use different forms from dry and wax to e-liquids and oils, opt for a multipurpose pen.


While many decent vape pens can be purchased at the $100 mark, you may still find pens that sell at a cheaper price. Keep in mind that just as with any purchase, you get what you pay for when you buy cheap. If you want budget-friendly pens with a decent performance, be sure it is made by a reputable manufacturer no matter what the price range.

Convection vs. conduction

You have to be wary of the heating element used in an e-pen. Convection heating is the preferred choice. While they are usually more expensive than conduction pens, they result in better flavor. Also, conduction heating can sometimes result in a burnt taste. This is because, with conduction pens, the material is directly in contact with the heating chamber.


It is vital that you are comfortable holding and using the vape pen. As it comes in various designs, shapes, and colors, you need to choose ergonomic pens that are stylish yet simple to use. If there are too many controls, that will make for a complex vaping experience.


Reputable vape manufacturers stand behind their products with long warranties. If the company doesn’t offer a warranty on their product or it has a very short warranty, that is an indicator of cheap construction. Always go for products with a long warranty.


Beware of fake vape pens especially of the popular ones. It is vital that you purchase only from trusted sellers as a clone product will perform very poorly. It can also be dangerous to handle a copy of a genuine vaporizer.

Value for Money

Read up reviews to find out if a vape pen you’re attracted to is worth the money. While vape pens don’t cost that much in comparison to desktops and portables, you will still want to ensure you are buying a product that will give you a good vaping experience.

Other Considerations

If you are vaping with the objective of quitting smoking, then you may think about using a nicotine-free vape pen. However, instead of a wide choice of e-liquids, you will be limited to nicotine-free vape juice. If you want to opt out of the additives, this may be an option for you. Be sure to check if the device comes with a nicotine-free cartridge too.

Also if you can’t be bothered to refill and clean your device and recharge the batteries, a disposable vape pen provides a workaround for that. However, we discourage this practice as it creates a lot of waste. When you consider the price of using disposables over time, you will soon realize that it is more efficient to look for an easy-to-maintain device instead.



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