Vape Mods

What Is a Vape Mod

After your first vaping experience, you become curious and ask: “What is a vape mod?” It is what pro vapers use to puff huge clouds—way more massive than a disposable vape pen or e-cigarette produces.

History of Vape Mod

Dissatisfied with the power and limitations of disposable e-cigs and vape pens, the earliest vapers decided to “modify” the vape pen. Hence, the term “vape mod” was coined.
The first vape mod is said to be built from flashlight housings. The cylindrical shape of the flashlight became the framework for the first vape mod. Modifications inside the flashlight housing included an atomizer, cartridge for the e-juice or oil, and a mouthpiece.

What Does a Vape Mod Look Like?

A vape mod is bigger and bulkier than e-cigs and pens. It maintains the fire button on the side. However, there are added control buttons to adjust wattage and ohms. These control features can be viewed on a small screen on the vape mod box.
The batteries are rechargeable and replaceable, unlike a vape pen’s built-in battery.
Fixed on top of the mod box is the sub ohm tank. It includes customizable parts like the atomizer, coil, cartridge, and mouthpiece. A mod box without a sub ohm tank is like a cigarette without a lighter. You can buy these components as a kit to save money.

Why Buy a Vape Mod?

Once you experience vaping with an e-cig or vape pen, you may want to upgrade. Some of the advantages of a vape mod include:
• Bigger battery for longer battery life
• Coil for a more powerful heating mechanism
• Larger e-liquid cartridge for longer vaping sessions
• Temperature control for better throat hit
• Sub-ohm vaping for Improved taste and bigger clouds

While not as simple to use as pens, the added features of a vape mod are well worth the step up. There is a slight learning curve, but once you get used to it, the vape mod will be your newest go-to when vaping.

How Much Is a Vape Mod

Fun Fact: The world’s most expensive vape mod is the Sofia from Shisha Sticks priced at $887,000. A Russian billionaire paid for the 24k gold-and-diamonds vape mod as a surprise on his girlfriend’s birthday.

Now, you don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy the vaping experience.

How much to spend for first vape mod?
Whether you want to try vaping or upgrade your e-cig, you will need to ask, “how much is a vape mod?” Standard vape mods cost around $30 to $90. You will also need a sub ohm tank which averages $30 to $50.
Of course, you can buy a kit that includes both a standard mod and a sub ohm tank. You can buy a decent kit for under $50 to as much as $120 for a full-featured vape mod kit.

How to save money on a beginner vape mod?
To save more on your very first kit, you can buy a second hand vape mod in Facebook marketplace, FB groups, and other similar online forums. You can also check out clearance sales at vape shops.
Save on your e-juice by skimping on premium juices and going for cheaper brands to try out new flavors. Don’t forget unflavored nicotine base which tastes slightly sweet for a lot less money.

How much does it cost to maintain vape mods?
The coils will need replacing at least once a month. You will also need e-juice. Adding the cost of coil replacement and juice averages $30 to $60 a month.
While cigarettes, disposable e-cigs, and pre-filled vape pens are cheaper upfront, monthly spending add up.

How to Use a Vape Mod

It can be tricky for beginner vapers to learn “how to use a vape mod,” especially when you’re used to the less complex but less powerful e-cigs and vape pens.

But vape mods are fairly easy to use. First, make sure your mod has power. Most likely you will have 18650 lithium ion batteries inside the box mod.

1. Place the batteries correctly with the + and – signs.
2. Charge your mod with a USB type vape battery mod charger.
3. Next, prep the cotton wick. Cut it to the right size to fit the wire coil.
4. Unscrew the bottom of the tank to reveal the coil. Place the cotton wick in correctly. Then screw back on.
5. You will then fill the tank with e-juice either from top or bottom depending on the type of mod. Keep in mind to avoid the center hole. You can do this by filling the tank at an angle.
6. Wait 5-10 minutes for the wick to be soaked with e-liquid. Don’t skip this step to avoid a dry throat hit.
7. Once the box mod and tank are assembled together correctly, you can start vaping. Choose your controls from the control box. It’s best to start with less wattage at first vape.
8. Press hold the fire button and inhale through the mouthpiece. Enjoy vaping!

Can You Bring Vape Mods on a Plane

The short answer to “can you bring vape mods on a plane?” is yes. But there are rules and this can vary in every country. It is up to the discretion of security or TSA agents whether or not they will let you board the plane with your vape mod.

Can You Bring Vape Mod Batteries on a Plane?
Your vape mod kit along with the batteries should be placed in your carry-on bag. Vape mods are not allowed in the cargo hold because these pose a fire hazard. Extra batteries should also go in your carry-on instead of with your checked luggage.
The vape battery charger may be placed in either checked or carry-on bags. Power banks are only allowed in carry-on bags. Charging vape mods is not allowed on a plane.

Can You Bring E-Juices on a Plane?
As for e-juices, this may be allowed in your checked bags. If you choose to bring e-juices in your carry-on, keep in mind that the allowed volume of liquids in carry-on bags should not exceed 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. So if you are bringing a bottle of perfume or body wash, keep your numbers in check.

Can You Use a Vape Mod on an Airplane?
Vaping is banned on a plane. You can risk getting fined or arrested if you try to vape on a plane, even in the restroom. Vape clouds can set the smoke detector off and cause an emergency landing.

What to Do if Your Vape Mod is Not Alowed on a Plane?
If security denies you to travel on the plane with your vape mod, you can mail the vape to your home address or risk getting it confiscated. Call the airlines in advance especially when going on a cross-country trip. Back-up portable e-cigs may be allowed in such case.

How Do Vape Mods Work

Clouds of smoke, superb flavor, you begin to ask, “how do vape mods work?” To answer quickly, vape mods are battery-operated. When the fire button is pressed, the battery sends power to heat the wire coil attached to the mod. The coil then heats the wick that is soaked with e-liquid resulting in clouds of vapor.

To understand more thoroughly, you need to look at the different parts of vape mods:
• First, the vape mod box that houses the control features. You may see a LED screen where options like wattage and ohm appear.
• Inside the box mod is the battery housing. One or two lithium ion batteries are used. Most likely, 18650 batteries. These are removable and replaceable.
• To be attached above the box mod is the tank. There are various tanks you can like sub-ohm tanks, RTA, RDA, or MTL tanks. The stainless steel tank can have a 3-6 ml capacity for e-liquids.
• The coil is an essential part of vaping on a mod. It is made of wire and organic cotton wick is placed within it. The cotton will absorb the e-juice you fill the tank with. Once the coil receives power from the batteries, it will vaporize the e-liquid on the cotton wick. This is what you will inhale through the mouthpiece.

How to Charge Vape Mod Battery Without Charger

It is important to take safety precautions when solving the problem “how to charge vape mod battery without charger.”

Option 1:
For starters, if you don’t have access to a dedicated vape battery charger, you may use any other mini-USB charger like your smartphone charger. Avoid low-quality USB chargers ike the ones with the USB cable fixed to the wall adapter.
Option 2:
If you have access to a USB cable, you can plug that to the USB jack of your laptop, TV, game console, or car. Latest model of appliances are now capable of charging USB-type devices like vape mods, too.
Option 3:
If these options are unavailable, try to purchase a battery charger. You may find a 2-cell or 4-slot battery charger to charge a lithium-ion battery. This option is also viable if the USB port is damaged.
Option 4:
If you’re outdoors and have no access to electricity, you may consider buying a power bank. As long as you have a USB cable, you can charge your vape mod. A solar-powered charger may also come in handy, though it is a bulky alternative to traditional battery chargers.
Option 5:
Finally, purchase spare 18650 lithium-ion batteries. Carrying spare batteries can solve any inconveniences brought by having your vape mod batteries run out and you don’t have your charger with you.

How to Put Juice in a Vape Mod

Before you start puffing huge clouds of vapor, you need to know “how to put juice in a vape mod?” The answer lies on the type of vape mod device you have. Is it a top-fill or bottom-fill type of mod?

Parts of the Tank
Also, you have to understand the components of your tank. The base is connected to the coil which is in the tank. The tank can be filled with 3-6ml of e-juice and this is screwed tight with the top connector, then the mouthpiece.

How to Fill Vape Mod from Bottom
No matter what type of vape mod you have, the first step to take is to prep or prime the coil. There should be a cotton wick in the coil or you will have to place it.
1. So first you have to screw the base off to reveal the wire coil. Prime it with 1-2 drops of e-liquid on the holes. After that, you can screw it back on the tank.
2. Next, open the bottom of the tank and fill it with e-juice using a dropper. Be careful to drop the liquid at an angle so as to avoid the center hole.
3. Assemble the tank with the vape mod box. Then, wait 5-10 minutes for the coil to be thoroughly primed before vaping.

How to Fill Vape Mod from Top
1. Again start with coil preparation. Like bottom-fill vape mods, you will have to remove the base to access the coil. 1-2 drops of e-juice should be enough to prime the coil.
2. After screwing the base back on, screw the top connector off to reveal the tank. Fill with e-juice at an angle, avoiding the middle hole which is the airway. You can inhale liquid instead of vapor if you’re not careful.
3. Assemble all parts of the tank with the box mod. After 5-10 minutes, you can start vaping.

Which Vape Mod Produces the Most Smoke

You switched to vape mods for the big clouds but “which vape mod produces the most smoke?” The answer lies in different components: your mod, coil and even your e-juice and technique.

• The MOD- Mech mods have a good rep for reaping the best clouds. However, to avoid undesirable explosions, make sure to install a coil with the correct resistance for the battery you are using. You can also find a vape mod with bypass mode capacity.
• The BATTERIES- For cloud chasers, you will need more power via a triple 18650 box mod. You can go as far as a quad box mod for more power.
• The TANK- Next, invest in a big tank like an RDA tank for huge clouds. Sub-ohm vaping will also give you excellent vapor so go for a coil with super low ohm around .8 or .9.
• The JUICE- The e-liquid you use plays a vital part in vaping puffs of smoke. Opt out of PG blends and go for e-juice with a higher VG blend. That is, vegetable glycerin which thickens the vape juice and makes it naturally sweet. Better yet, choose a straight VG e-juice.
• The TECHNIQUE- Finally, incorporate a good technique. Your lung capacity plays a huge role. Inhale as much as you can and hold it for a second before releasing.
It is all a matter of customizing your mod kit with a sizeable tank, powerful batteries, filling it with VG juice, and maximizing your lung capacity.

How to Put Battery in Vape Mod

Before all the vaping fun begins you need to learn “how to put battery in vape mod.” It is easy breezy but you also have to take safety precautions to avoid explosions.

• First off, you need to find the + and – signs on your batteries as well as on your battery compartment. In this case we are talking about vape mods with external batteries or removable batteries, and that is it is not built-in to your device.
• Be sure to buy quality 18650 lithium-ion batteries. Charge these with a smart charger. Always use the same pair together instead of mixing and matching.
• Check the batteries to make sure there are no rips, tears, bubbles, scratch, dent, or any other signs of damage which can cause battery venting. You may need to replace the battery wraps or purchase new batteries.
• To determine the positive (+) and negative (-) sides of the batteries, keep this in mind:
o Positive side is the one with indentations and less metal showing from the wraps.
o Negative side is the flatter side with more metal exposed from the wraps.
These indications are important as not all batteries have + and – signs showing. As for the vape mod battery compartment, you will most likely find a dash for the negative side or carvings of the symbols.
• Place the positive side of the battery towards the positive side in the compartment. The flat, negative side corresponds to the dash (-) sign on the battery compartment.
• Finally, close the compartment before turning the device on.

What Is a Vape Box Mod

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to find out “what is a vape box mod” and what it can do for you. Now a vape box mod is interchangeably used with the terms box mod vapes or simple a box mod.
Box Mods Definition
A vape box mod gets its name from its shape. A big advantage of box mods is how they can be customized. You can use different types of tanks, atomizers, and batteries to modify the experience.
Box mods have batteries inside that heat up the coil inside an atomizer which will be attached to the box mod. Vapor is created when the coil heats the e-juice on the wick.
The modified box handheld device includes a firing button and control box. You can modify resistance, ohm, and wattage with box mods.
Vape Box Mod Benefits
Why vape using a box mod? Here are just some of the reasons:
• Box mods allow control over wattage, that is the power delivered from the battery to heat the coil. Higher wattage intensifies the vaping experience.
• You can customize the tank which holds the e-liquid and atomizer. Box mods allow for sub-ohm vaping by using sub-ohm atomizers.
• Temperature regulation is one of the best features of box mods. You can avoid hot and dry throat hits when you have control over the vaping temperature.
• A long battery life also makes box mods reliable. In cases when you are trying to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping, a reliable vaping device can help prevent instances of relapse.

What Vape Mod Should I Get

The question “what vape mod should I get” is a matter of personal preference. Mods are great for those who want control and customization of their vaping experience. Performance and longer battery life give mods an advantage.
If you are looking for something more powerful than e-cigs and vape pens, a vape mod is right for you, but how to choose the right vape mod? It depends on certain factors like:
• Budget- You have to pay more upfront for vape mods than pens and e-cigs. However, it is a battle of longevity. You will, however, need to invest in a quality charger and batteries as well. Yet there are starter kits to save you bucks.
• Experience- Beginners should go for starter kits with fewer customizable settings. It’s best not to play around with the mod on the onset. More experienced vapers can better optimize mods with advanced features like high wattage vape mods.
• Power- Vape mods are often chosen for their performance. Batteries play a vital role for this. Mods with dual batteries should give you a good vaping experience. More experienced vapers may go for triple or quad box mods.
• Supply- You may opt for box mods with built-in batteries as well as mods with an internal reservoir of e-juice. This is suitable for those who want to set and forget their devices. For no-nonsense vaping, squonk mods may be the right fit.
• Size- Can’t let go of your handy-sized vape pens? A good trade-off for size are small vape mods that remain portable yet boast more power than vape pens.

What Is the Best Vape Mod for Clouds

If you’re a cloud chaser, you would want to know “what is the best vape mod for clouds?” The concept of bigger and better clouds is not constrained to a single product offered in the market. There are several aspects to consider:
• First, you will need more power in the compartment. Go for duo, triple, or quad box mods for more power. Be sure your batteries are high quality, high-powered, and have the correct resistance.
• For the box mod, you may opt for regulated mechanical mods for boosted power.
• You may use a sub-ohm tank designed for clouds. For better clouds, RDA tanks boast a better advantage.
• Fill your tank with vegetable glycerin, and that is 100% VG e-juice for clouds with better volume and density. Keep in mind that if you want thick clouds, VG juice is not exactly the tastier variety. You have to consider whether clouds or taste is more important to you.
• Make sure your controls are properly set. Have enough low resistance to take in a long drag.
• Maintain enough airflow for heating. More flow of air on your atomizer will allow your mod to produce more vapor, faster.
• How you puff smoke will also affect how big the clouds you make. Empty your lungs entirely before inhaling. Practice taking in deep and long hits instead of short hits. Close your lips tight at the end before releasing the large clouds.