Vape Box Mod

How Much Is a Vape Box Mod

If you are trying to transition to vaping, first you need to know “how much is a vape box mod?” Along with that, you have to know how much you will be spending on other related expenses like e-juices and coil replacement.

Vape box mod price range
Box mods vary in price depending on customization features, style, and advance modifications. On average, vape box mods are priced between $40 and $150. You can purchase a decent box mod at the mid price of $50.
Limited edition as well as advanced mods like high-powered and DNA mods sell for the hundreds range. Collector’s items can be even harder to find and buy, even having a waiting list.

In comparison, disposable vapes are around the $3 to $7 mark. Vape pens are around $20 to $40. Upfront you will be paying more for a box mod. But when you compare the power, performance, durability, and reliability of box mods, you are getting a lot out of your bucks.

Other Expenses Related to Box Mods

Keep in mind that you will have to replace the heating element of your mod. That is, coils in cartridges or pods need replacing every week. This will cost you an extra $5 to $20 a month.

How about your e-liquids? You can’t vape without them so it’s a must to keep purchasing. On average, you may be vaping as much as 10ml of e-juice a day. A 10ml bottle of e-juice costs about $10. Bigger bottles up to 120ml can go up to $30.

Can a Box Mod Vape Weed

Box mods are known to be filled with e-liquids, but “can a box mod vape weed?” Certainly so, with the right equipment you can vape weed in a vape mod tank.

There are atomizers that are legal to use for vaping cannabis. Dry herb atomizers can be an inexpensive alternative to portable weed vapes. It can even improve the taste of weed than smoking.

How to vape weed in a box mod?

You can use a regular vape mod to vape weed. All you need is a dry herb tank that you can connect to your box mod using the 510 connector of the mod. Either a regular coil or a coil-less heating element may be found in a dry herb tank, and both will work.
Vaping weed on a mod works differently than e-liquids as weed is directly in contact with the coil. You will need to use a weed grinder to pack your tank with fine herbs. Be careful not to over-pack the tank.

For an optimal experience vaping weed, increase the wattage gradually. You may need to stir the dry herb using a dab tool every now and then. Finally, be sure to clean your tank using grain alcohol after every vape.

Can Box Mods Vape Loose Leaf Tobacco

When you are used to smoking tobacco but are looking for an alternative, you may ask “can box mods vape loose leaf tobacco?” The answer is in the positive. In fact, dry herb vaping of tobacco is popular in South Korea and Japan.

Dry herb vaporizers will be necessary to vaporize loose leaf tobacco.

Advantages of Vaping Tobacco
Vaporizing tobacco is said to be more advantageous than smoking it. Heating tobacco to vape leaves out harmful byproducts of smoking.
Vaping tobacco has become increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking tobacco. It is also said to be cheaper to vaporize tobacco, even if you look at the bigger upfront costs. Tobacco vapor is also said to smell less than tobacco smoke.

How to Vape Tobacco
If you want to vape tobacco, it is best to put the leaves in a grinder first. Larger cuts of tobacco may not vaporize well. You may also opt to roll the tobacco before packing it in a dry herb vape.

You will be heating tobacco at around 125 to 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Gradually increasing the temperature can help improve the experience.
You may need to mix the herbs with a dabbing tool in the middle of vaping. You will also have to clean it with grain alcohol afterwards. This extra chore make it challenging to switch to vaping if you are used to hassle-free tobacco smoking.

How Much Does a Vape Pen Mod Starter Kit Cost

You can save bucks off of your first vaping device if you know “how much a vape pen or vape mod starter kit cost?”

Newbies in vaping can find the right first vape device by purchasing a starter kit. It takes the guessing game out of the puzzle.

Every kit has the right parts that are already compatible with your vaping device. You can begin vaping right out of the box.

What Vape Starter Kit Include?
A vaping starter kit will include the vape mod, coil, tank, batteries, and a compatible charger. Some kits may require you to buy the batteries separately. Be sure to buy high-quality batteries that fit your device.
Keep in mind that some vape kits have internal batteries. External batteries may be advantageous as it can be replaced and charged in a separate charger for faster charging.

Vape Starter Kits to Choose From
There are various styles and sizes of vaping devices to choose from. If you want more power, choose a vape box mod starter kit.
For those who opt for a compact device, a small vape mod can be a good option. There are also vape pen starter kits that allow even more discreet vaping.
If budget is a concern, there are cheap vape starter kits starting from $20 for a vape pen kit. Vape mod starter kits that are priced around the $50 mark already make a good choice.

What Is the Best Vape Mod Starter Kit


There are several factors to consider to find out “what is the best vape mod starter kit.” To start with, a kit makes it easy to start vaping out of the box. It is one less to think about which parts go together, whether the coil works with the mod or not.

Vape Mod for Beginners
The right vape mod starter kit for you depends first and foremost on your experience. The more advance the features of the mod kit, the higher the learning curve. Choose a less complicated device if you are new to vaping on a mod.

How Long Does Vape Mod Starter Kit Last?
Vape mods are durable and reliable especially in comparison to e-cigs and vape pens. Still, it is wise to consider how much you plan to use your vape mod. Whether you regularly or occasionally vape will determine which mod you should get.
Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with a vape mod with a long battery life. A typical 650mAh battery can last you up to 8 hours. Consider getting a starter kit with the batteries already included, preferably external batteries.

Vape Mod Kit for Every Type of Vaper
The right mod kit also depends on how you inhale the vapor. If you inhale mouth to lung, then you are a MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaper. This means, you need coils above 1 Ohm.
For DL (direct lung) vapers, those who inhale without stopping the vapor in the mouth, you can do sub-ohm vaping. Keep in mind, it is better to vape nicotine-free or with low nicotine on sub-ohm coils.
Finally, be sure to purchase an authentic and safe vape mod starter kit. Choose a glass tank if possible as plastic tank can affect flavor. Search for other security features like RoHs certification to ensure it is lead-free. Do not buy clones and low-quality batteries.

What Is Mechanical Mod Vape


Let’s navigate the waters of vaping and find out “what is a mechanical mod vape.” To explain simply, a mechanical mod or a mech mod is one of the types of vaping devices in today’s market.

What Does a Mech Mod Vape Look Like?
A mech mod vape are powerful vaping devices often sought out by cloud chasers. This type of device is meant for advanced vapers as it can be complicated for beginners. The components of a mech mod set it apart from other vaping devices:
• First, a mechanical mod will have a housing that can either be tube-shaped or box-shaped (mechanical box mod). The material can be metal or wood and can also be handcrafted.
• The atomizer used in a mech mod is typically RDA (re-buildable dripping atomizer). This type of atomizer allows e-liquid directly on the coil. Mech mods are capable of powering the coil regardless of its resistance. With this, low sub-ohm vaping is achievable.
• Finally, the source of power for your mod, that is the batteries. There will be one or two batteries in a mechanical vape mod. Mech mods use pure battery power to heat the atomizer.

Mech Mods vs Typical Regulated Mods
Mechanical vape mods are unregulated. While typical vape mods have a safety feature in the form of a chipset or circuit board between the coil and battery, mech mods do not. In such case, there is nothing to prevent short circuits and over-discharging on a mech mods.
Those who play around with DIY mech mods may also escalate the dangers. Mech mods are buildable from increasing battery capacity to customizing RDAs. Also, chances of burning coils increases when you use a mech mod, even vaporizing the metal coil.

How a Mechanical Mod Vape Works

“How a mechanical mod vape works” is a common question in the vaping community. You may have tried an e-cig, a vape pen, and even a box mod, but how about a mech vape mod?

A Simple Process
The process behind how mechanical mods vaporize e-liquids is not as complicated as it seems. A single or dual-cell battery connects with the top cap (+ side) and bottom cap (- side).
When the firing button is pressed, current from the battery flows to the heating coil.
There is no circuit board. The battery provides power to the atomizer directly to start vaping. There are also less parts in a mech mod: the housing compartment, battery, and RDA (re-buildable drip atomizer).

The Dangers of Simplicity
However, as simple as how mechanical mods work, therein also lies danger. The lack of a circuit board between the batteries and atomizer makes it at risk for short circuits.
The direct supply of pure battery power to the atomizer mean more in performance, but there is nothing to detect malfunctions like overheating, misfires, and over-discharging.

Safety Protocols for Mech Mods
If you want to use mech vape mods for puffing huge clouds, it is crucial to use the right batteries. IMR or LiMn batteries are most suitable to use for mech vape mods. The reason being, IMR batteries come with basic protection to prevent short circuit and over-discharging.

The type of battery to avoid with a mech mod are ICR or LiCo02 batteries which tend to combust and stress easily. Also take caution not to overcharge your batteries. Furthermore, frequently check the atomizer for short circuits. To prevent problems with your RDA atomizer, try to keep the resistance at 2.4 to 3 ohms.
Finally, ensure that your mech mod has decent air flow. Pressure tends to build up within mech mods making it highly combustible.