Sub Ohm Tank

What is a sub ohm tank? 

A sub ohm tank is an atomizer that is designed to produce bigger clouds. As such, these types of atomizers need powerful mods, especially those that are capable of putting out higher wattages. A sub ohm tank offered a lot of airflows and was designed originally to copy the process of dripping but offering the convenience of using a tank. With the use of a sub ohm tank, you can experience being a cloud chaser.


These tanks are also designed for direct lung vaping, using pre-built coil heads, which are around 0.5 ohms or even lower. These coil heads usually use cotton wicks. Recent models of sub ohm tanks use other materials in wicking, such as wood pulp, as well as other advanced coils such as dual or triple mesh. These improvements in designs are innovations that make a huge impact on the production of flavors.


The way in which a sub ohm tank works is pretty similar to that of a regular vape tank, though designed using setups that are higher powered. They operate using replaceable coil heads that are connected to the tank base. The liquid is then absorbed right into the cotton wick, turning into vapor as it contacts with the hot coil.

How to Clean Sub Ohm Tank

If cleaning the Sub Ohm Tank, your objective is to eliminate any hints of the past e-liquid. This is particularly easy but imperative, especially if you often change flavors. If you vape in succession, your Sub Ohm Tank will have to be cleaned and maintained at least once every week to achieve the optimal flavor and production of vapor.

Normally, an easy rinse can already work. However, cleaning the Sub Ohm Tank occasionally with alcohol is essential.

The Easy Rinse:

  1. Load the bowl with warm water.
  2. Disengage the tank from the mod.
  3. Get rid of any excess e-liquid in the tank.
  4. Entirely dismantle the tank.
  5. Put the parts of the tank in the bowl.
  6. Clean the parts of the tank with water until they are thoroughly washed. If the tank is very messy, dropping a bit of dish soap can work to get rid of the dirt.
  7. Use a paper towel to dry off every part.
  8. Leave it be and air dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  9. Reconstruct the Sub Ohm Tank.

The Intense Cleaning through Alcohol:

  1. Disengage the tank from the mod and throw any excess e-liquid.
  2. Completely dismantle the tank.
  3. Non-flavored and high-proof vodka acts well as a solvent to initiate the disintegration of e-juice accumulations from the tank. Moisten a paper towel or cloth with vodka and brush any stiff parts until the tank is fully cleaned.
  4. Wipe and wash off with warm water.
  5. Leave it be and air dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Reconstruct the Sub Ohm Tank.

How to Clean Sub Ohm Tank Coils

Cleaning the Sub Ohm Tank Coils is another simple approach to eliminate the hints of flavor from your previous e-liquid. Cleaning it will revive the coil head. Although it will not be good as new, it will eliminate the sludge so you can still enjoy vaping a new e-liquid without any traces of old flavors of e-juice blended in.

In the best scenario, you can still have a few more days to use an exhausted coil head. This is being explained by the existence of wicks. Soaking the dirty coils and letting water pass over them will get rid of some of the leftover – although not the whole residues are gotten rid. Also, you must stand by until the water completely evaporates, which can take some time.

When cleaning the Sub Ohm Tank Coils, simply follow the typical drench and rinse approach:

  1. Drench the coil in ethanol, cheap vodka, or vinegar for a few hours.
  2. Put it under the faucet and wash off.
  3. Wash off once again with the use of distilled water.
  4. Rush some air on the open corner of the coil to oblige water towards the wicking holes.
  5. Lay aside until such time that the water has fully evaporated.

How to Fill Sub Ohm Tank

Sub Ohm Tanks come in a bottom-fill and top-fill pattern, and filling them will vary on what kind of tank you have. In both patterns, you have to unscrew the tank from the mod, then put several drops of e-liquid straight into the coil before you proceed on filling the tank.

Bottom-Fill Tanks

  1. To fill the bottom-fill tanks, start by detaching it from the mod’s body.
  2. Detach the coil’s body and pull it out from the top of the tank.
  3. Immerse the coil with one or two drops of e-liquid into every tunnel in the coil. This is crucial as it inhibits burning since the wick will be drenched already with e-liquid if your first sniff.
  4. Change the coil and tighten it back to the tank. Then, loosen the whole bottom of the atomizer to get entry to the tank.
  5. Many e-liquids have a dropper to facilitate an easy refilling. Put it inside the tank and drop the e-liquid into it until such time that it arrives the fill line.
  6. Restore the tank and clear away any spills of e-liquid. Allow the liquid to drench for several minutes to make sure the coil has a lot of time to being soaked.

Top-Fill Tanks

  1. To fill the top-fill tanks, start by detaching it from the mod’s body.
  2. Loosen the base and pull out the coil carefully. Drench the coil with a few drops of e-liquid through a dropper to place a dab of e-liquid within every hole. Change the coil and re-assemble the atomizer to the tank.
  3. Loosen the top of the tank to place the e-liquid. Continue filling the tank until it arrives at the fill line.
  4. Restore the tank and tighten back all parts.
  5. Allow the e-liquid to drench for several minutes to make the coil completely saturated.

What is the Best Sub Ohm Tank for Clouds

The best Sub Ohm Tank for clouds is the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. Using its new mark of turbo coils, this tank was devised to cater to higher wattages at minimal resistance. Besides this, the tank is available with an extra-big 6ml tank that permits for greater airflow rates straight to the bottom for utmost vape personalization.

The tank exhibits Smok’s designated hinged top-fill pattern that utilizes a hinge and lock rather than a threaded fitting to facilitate an easier filling of the tank. The other benefit of this hinge and lock technology is that you do not have to be anxious about cross-threading the top and damaging the tank.

Displaying the accurate airflow control, large 6ml tank, and the new mark of turbo coils, this tank can create large clouds that will surely move all people out of the room.

Other notable tanks that are ideal for clouds are Sense Herakles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank, Uwell Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank, and Sigelei SLYDR L Sub Ohm Tank. When we talk about the best sub-ohm tank for clouds, then you must give importance to the sub-ohm coils and boosted air flow since they are the best means to obtain huge clouds.

What is the Best Sub Ohm Tank for Flavor

The best sub-ohm tank for flavor is the Kayfun V5 RTA. It is undeniably one of the best MTL and DTL tanks available in the market. The atomizer is completely restorable. Its release was greatly expected by the enthusiasts of both vaping forms. Kayfun V5 RTA continues the prominence of SvoeMesto for strong but highly adaptable RTAs.

One characteristic that influences the Kayfun V5 to become very prominent is the volatile stance airflow adjuster. You select from four various stances varying from full MTL all through DTL. Other people appreciate the hooks that assist in holding the coil in position as you stiffen the screws.


However, one characteristic that seems to be truly admired is the kind of flavor this tank releases while still making huge clouds of vape. For people who are after for flavor and huge clouds, this tank is the best choice.


You can also check the market for other sub-ohm tanks for flavor. You can also check the Mig Vapor WTF, Uwell Crown IV Vape Tank, Horizon Tech Falcon Artisan Edition, and Freemax Fireluke 2. Remember that if you are prioritizing the flavor, then MTL, above-ohm coils are the most ideal and, therefore, the traits you should be looking for.

What Sub Ohm Tank Produces the Most Vapor

Sub Ohm Tank utilizes a coil with a resistance that is less than 1 ohm. Its design produces the most vapor and provides more flavor. The excellent coil design of these tanks, as well as their better airflow, facilitates the production of most vapor.

The Sub Ohm Tank that initiates the best production of vapor is those with coils with the best materials. Considering the fact that the kind of wire utilized to make a sub-ohm coil is an essential component that goes to comprise an ideal sub-ohming rig, selecting the best kind of metal is necessary.

The wire selected impacts the volume of vapor produced. There are five various materials of wire normally employed in making sub-ohm coils. These are titanium, stainless steel, nichrome, nickel, and kanthal.

Titanium – Has a higher level of resistance compared to stainless steel, which implies that you will have to get more wraps to create equal resistance as the coil of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel – It is becoming a prominent metal for utilization in vaping coils because of its remarkably low resistance. It quickly heats up and is ideal for both temp and mode control vapes.

Nichrome – A combination of nickel and chromium, it provides lower resistance.

Nickel – Commonly utilized in temperature-regulated vapes since it only has 0.6 ohms resistance for every foot.

Kanthal – A combination of iron, aluminum, and chromium, it is the most typical wire used for e-cigs. The only issue is that it consumes more time to heat up.

What Sub Ohm Tank Should I Get

With plenty of Sub Ohm tanks available in the market nowadays, deciding what tank to get can be a bit confusing. Hence, it is important that you know what to check when deciding for the best Sub Ohm Tank for you. However, deciding for the right tank would still fall on your preferences.

You should consider the amount of e-juice it holds. If you do not like to regularly refill the tank, get the one with the biggest capacity. However, if it does not bother you refilling the tank constantly, then you may get the one with a simpler filling mechanism.

If you are looking for the best flavor, you may like to check into sub tanks that employ mesh and exceptional wicking materials. The new sub-ohm tanks exhibit an exalted production of flavor without risking the cloud section.

The final ruling is that bigger diameter sub-ohm tanks with big coils produce greater vapor as compared to the smaller ones. A lot of vapers prefer to have a small-sized tank for their daily requirements and have a large sub-ohm tank for the utmost clouds during their convenient time. Hence, for practical, daily vaping, a small tank will already do fine.

What’s the best sub ohm tank? 

With the demand for sub ohm tanks currently increasing as the popularity of this hobby increases, more and more options are becoming available on the market. With this in mind, here are some of the most popular options out there:

  • Horizon Falcon 2

This sub ohm tank is known for pushing flavors to their limits. Among its interesting features include a plug and play coil swapping, along with a push to fill system. It features a tank that is 28mm in diameter, with a capacity to hold up to 5.2 ml of liquid.

  • OFRF nexMesh

This model comes with a conical mesh coil for its design, making it possible for this sub ohm tank to produce amazing flavors. It has a 25mm diameter tank, fitting up to a capacity of 5.5 ml of juice. It has adjustable airflow, with push to fill for its top refill system, PCGT tank that is shock-proof, and a threadless coil swapping system.

  • SMOK TFV16

This tank is a beast of its own. It is designed to produce huge clouds. It is run using single, dual, or triple mesh for its coils, allowing you to easily push its power to more than 100 watts. With a capacity of 9 ml, it also features the largest available capacity for a sub ohm tank.