Spoon Pipe

What is a Spoon Pipe

A spoon pipe is a specific type that is used for smoking herbs, flowers, and tobacco. It features a bowl head, mouthpiece, and small tube. In order to use one, the smoking material is packed into the headpiece of the bowl and smoked when a lighter is used to light the flowers.

Most spoon pipes come with a carburetor, or a carb hole, which is at the side of the head of the bowl. When this hole is covered while smoking, smoke enters into the material burning and gathers in the bowl. When uncovered, air enters in, allowing for the smoke to be inhaled rapidly. This gives in a fresher and more exciting smoke.

There are a number of advantages offered by using a spoon pipe over other types of pipes. For one, it is portable in size. This means that they are amazing for outdoor use, and are very easy to conceal. They can also easily fit in your hands, thanks to its bowl shape. Most glass pipes feature marble that is positioned through the piece, ensuring a maximum grip. They also lie flat easily without tilting, making it easier to pack herbs without losing them.

How to Use Silicone Spoon Pipe

When you are finally ready to try out your unbreakable silicone spoon pipe, all you need to do is to put your finger over the carb, or the hole that is located on the pipe’s side, right beside the glass bowl. To use it effectively, it is important to ensure that you are holding it in a way that will allow you to easily remove your finger away from the car as you smoke.

Use a lighter to ignite your cannabis in the bowl while inhaling right through the mouthpiece simultaneously. If you do not inhale as you are light, there is a risk of possibly hurting your finger and not burning the weed.

When using a silicone spoon pipe, avoid inhaling too hard. If you are a beginner with this type of thing, even your first time using a pipe, make sure to relax. When inhaling, the spoon pipe will fill itself with smoke, in order to release the smoke, remove one finger from the hole simply as you complete your inhale continuously. You will notice that once the carb hole is open, smoke goes right straight into your lungs much faster than when it was covered at first.

How to Smoke a Spoon Pipe

A spoon pipe is usually small in appearance and comes with a mouthpiece, a bowl, and a carb. They are recognized as among the most common ways of smoking your favorite medicinal herb. While these herbs may be smoked using a rolled paper, inhaling paper that is burned may have some impact on your health. On the other hand, smoking using a spoon pipe will help in preventing you from unnecessarily inhaling other things aside from what you intended to inhale.

If it is your first time to smoke using a spoon pipe, you may want to follow these steps:

  1. Get your spoon pipe.
  2. Prepare your dried herbs and break them apart.
  3. Pack them up into the spoon bowl.
  4. Put your thumb on the carb (hole).
  5. As your thumb is placed over the carb, place the spoon to your lips.
  6. Light an open flame on your dry herbs.
  7. Inhale the smoke
  8. Remove your thumb from the hole as you keep on inhaling
  9. Exhale and feel the smoke going right through your lungs.

As a tip, you can get pipes with the carb located on the right, especially if you are left-handed. You only need to reverse the directions mentioned above for these types of pipes.

Can You Boil Silicone Spoon Pipe

The short answer to this question is yes. It is possible to boil a silicon spoon pipe.

Cleaning your silicone spoon pipe is very important in order to achieve that satisfying smoking session. There are a number of ways that you can choose from. Even cleaning your pipe can be done in a number of ways. Cleaning a silicone spoon pipe is similar to that with cleaning a glass pipe.

Still, silicone pipes come with a number of advantages, particularly for those who are worried about potentially damaging their pieces. For one, it is possible to boil your silicone spoon pipe the entire day and still be able to expect to see a clean pipe right after.

Naturally, silicone is a shatter-resistant and bendable material, making it ideal for those who are looking for an alternative to glass pipes. An additional advantage is that many types of silicone pipes can easily be taken apart, making it relatively easier to clean it thoroughly. There are also those that are a combination of silicone and glass, thus offering the needed benefits from both materials.

If you are not the type who can handle your pipe with care, using a silicone spoon pipe is a good option for you.

How to Clean a Glass Spoon Pipe

There are two ways to clean your glass spoon pipe. One is done through the soak based procedure. In this classic method, you need to get a bowl and add alcohol and salt to submerge your glass spoon pipe completely. At this point, you just allow your piece to soak. In fact, the longer you can soak it, the cleaner you can expect it to be. Most of the time, and depending on the buildup of residue, an hour is enough soaking.

Another procedure is the shake based method. For some, this is recognized as the fastest way to clean a glass spoon pipe. Make sure that chunks of resin and lose herbs are removed. This can be done by tapping the piece against your hand lightly. Just like the first method, you can soak the glass piece with a mixture of alcohol and salt. Make sure that all of the holes are covered. Shake your spoon pipe really well, but make sure that it does not go full or lose your grip as you might end up throwing your pipe away. The shaking will remove the resin buildup, allowing you to remove the softer ones later on. Dry afterwards.

How to Clean a Spoon Pipe

A functional spoon pipe is something that you can add to your collection. Whether you prefer to have one that is blown in glass, wood carved, or made out of random objects found in your home; a spoon pipe is an amazing way to enjoy weed on-the-go. It is also a must-have item for anybody who considers themselves as fanatics of weed smoking. The problem, however, is that cleaning a spoon pipe can be quite challenging and easy to be neglected.

The good news is that there are a number of tested ways to clean a spoon pipe. One way is cleaning with alcohol. In order to do so, make sure that you have a huge bottle at hand, preferably with at least 90% alcohol content. The higher the concentration is, the better it is expected to clean materials such as glass.

Place your spoon pipe inside a plastic container and submerge it with alcohol. Pour salt into the bottom part of the container. Shake the plastic vigorously for a few minutes. Afterwards, allow it to sit for about 15 minutes as the alcohol works its way to dissolve residues. Use hot water to rinse the spoon pipe and allow it to dry.