What is an RDA tank?

Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, otherwise known as RDA, refers to a type of a vape tank that produces the maximum flavor and huge clouds. With this type of tank, you need to install your personal coils, wicking them with cotton. Typically, they do not have enough storage capacity of juice, which is why they are oftentimes called drippers. There is a need to drip e-liquid right into the coil before you can use them.

An RDA tank is designed to be convenient and simple. Its components include a deck, a tank, and a mouthpiece. There are decks with posts, and some without, while newer designs also include plug-n-play features.

It is the simple design of RDAs that make it very popular among vapers. You can expect to experience maximum flavor with huge clouds. At the same time, since they are rebuildable, you can also easily customize the way it works. This can be done by augmenting the position of the coils, as well as their resistance.

The drip tip may also be replaced in order to experiment on the style. This will allow you to extract better flavor out of every hit. Another common feature is adjustable airflow, allowing you to easily open it up or close it off to make it more convenient. 

What is the best RDA tank?

RDA means Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. It is a type of vape tank that is unique in a way that it does not come with a section for a regular glass tank. Rather, it comes with a build deck and posts where the users can easily mount and wrap their coils. While there are several options on RDA tanks out there, a few have stood out according to users. Here are some of them:

  • HellVape SMM Passage

This RDA tank features a dual-post build deck. It also comes with a pre-installed 510-pin, though a squonk pin is also included in the package. Its build deck offers support to both single and dual-coil builds, using deep juice wells beneath to make them compatible with squonk mods.

  • Wotofo X Mr.JustRIght1 Profile

This 24mm RDA features outstanding stainless steel construction, deep e-liquid well, wide clamp style of ceramic support, spring-loaded ceramic cotton support, wide build deck, and several others. It also comes in different colors.

  • Augvape Occula RDA

This expertly designed RDA tank comes with a durable exterior that is made out of stainless steel, along with a wide-open build deck. It utilizes a dual-post deck, along with some wide-open terminals which accommodate several variations of coils from single, dual, and triple coil builds.

How to clean RDA tank?

It is highly recommended to make it a routine to clean your vaping equipment in order to ensure long term usage and best performance. Rebuildable Atomizers, otherwise known as RDA, are usually the messiest components of your vaping equipment, particularly if you are dripping e-juice directly. Every vaper is encouraged to understand well how to clean and maintain an RDA tank.

When you notice that the performance of your vaping equipment is no longer as satisfying as before, it may already be an indicator for you to clean your RDA. You can start by disassembling your RDA, including the screws and o-rings. The latter does not need to be cleaned, as doing so may only alternate their shapes.

Afterwards, you can soak your RDA in alcohol solution first to remove the stubborn gunks. Then, you can take your bowl of a combination of warm water, even mixing it with dish soap if you prefer. Put everything aside from the o-rings. Leave the equipment for around 10 minutes and even more to remove the residue that is produced by the leftover oil or e-juice. After soaking, you can also scrub your RDA, including the inside surfaces.

Are RDA tanks safe?

In contrast with the usual design of a tank for vaping, an RDA features a small well, allowing you to easily drip a small amount of e-liquid. An advantage to this is that you can vape that e-liquid off fast and change it to a completely different flavor if you want to. They are also built to maximize the flavor, while most models are also designed to produce huge amounts of clouds.

RDA tanks are safe, especially for beginners. However, if you are such, there are things that you might want to take into consideration as part of precautionary measures. It is recommended to start with one coil. In terms of safety, it is not good to attempt using a dual coil since it’s not really required, and there are also rules when it comes to observing safety.

Even though you may also have the tendency to make some mistakes as you build a single coil during the first time, do not give up since this is something that you will not learn overnight. Along the way, as you continue learning, you will eventually experience an exceptional vape that will allow you to enjoy the entire vaping experience.

Can I take dabs out of an RDA tank?

As observed by vaping fanatics, any RDA tank is suited for dabs. However, there are some considerations. For example, you may be worried about the spit back. This means that while you can use dabs, it should be that you can coil it well enough to avoid such a spit back.

At the same time, below 0.60Hm is quite pointless, because it will only burn it, making it less effective. For dabs, the best results can be expected within the range of 0.70Hm to 1.40Hm. As recommended by some, you may want to look for 18350 mods or other style options if you wish to achieve a working and stealth dab mod.

Overall, an RDA tank mod offers a comparable hit with that of a rig. Note, however, that in order for your RDA tank to work well for a long time, proper maintenance is needed. The cotton will get dirty quite fast. You may also join forums that discuss this subject, as some vapers also have some tested suggestions on taking dabs out of an RDA tank. The suggestions may differ, especially for those who use different types of RDA tanks.

Can you paint RDA tank?

You may have been seeing pictures of them all over the internet – painted RDA tanks. This means that while it is possible to paint this type of vaping equipment, a measure of safety should be observed in terms of choosing the right paint to use for the job.

There are those that are plastic dipped, which means that either they are dipped in liquid, or used with the spray-on application, while others are powder coated. Some prefer powder coating because it has been heated to set, and produces quite a durable finish.

Spray paint, on the other hand, pose some challenges. For example, if your RDA tank is made of a chrome or polished surface, the paint may not adhere very well. Therefore, while you can paint your RDA tank, you might want to make sure that the surface is prepped correctly. This may include the need to smoothen the surface, sanding it to scuff it a bit, thus giving the paint a surface that they can hold on to. You may also want to check out some video tutorials on how to prep an RDA tank and make it ready for painting. Once you have done this step, you are now looking towards being creative.

Can you put an RDA tank on a smok 80?

A smok 80 may just be the latest addition to your vaping collection, and you may also want to get into RDAs. The question is, is it possible to put an RDA tank on your new smok 80? The good news is that you can! In fact, there are a lot of great options for RDAS, though there is a need to be extremely careful when using the first one.

Some experts recommend checking out some forums and videos first. This will allow you to figure out and determine what exactly it is that you want. Even though some brands may feature a mixed reputation, you can focus on ones that are really good so that you can have a sense of what is needed in order to get you started.

You may want to try visiting your favorite website for vaping, and see what they have to offer. You can start with a single-coil build, while you may also experiment on clones as well. Among the most famous options out there is Velocity RDA, thanks to their wide range of airflow and easy build. There are also options that are worth the price.

Can you use the RDA tank on voopoo drag mini?

It is a common understanding that RDA requires more wattage. As such, the battery life of a Voopoo Drag mini might be compromised. However, this equipment can handle an RDA tank quite well. There is no need to increase the wattage since all that needs to be done to use a pair of coils that do not require a lot of wattages to experience a fast ramp up time. As an ideal option, you may want to choose 0.2 – 0.3-ohm coils, with the airflow somewhat restricted.

For this, you also have the option to use either single or dual coil, though if it is your first time, you might want to use single coils. Among the options that you can take into consideration include Profile RDA, Recurve RDA, Wotofo Elder Dragon, Wotofo Nudge 22, among others. These options have amazing flavors.

As you learn along the way, while also checking what others have to say in forums and discussions or videos, you may learn more about other techniques. For others, you may be recommended to learn about glowing and rebuilding the coils, aside from further exploring other RDA tank options.

Can you use thc vape in a rda or tank? 

Yes, it is possible. However, there are some reminders that you may want to take into consideration. For example, there is no wick involved in the process. Also, you may want to keep the wattage lower. For some, they recommend anything less than 40 watts. Other recommendations include using a coil with a smaller diameter, perhaps around 1.55mm, and directly drip into the coil.

When using THC vape in an RDA or tank, the equipment will give a nice jolt, bringing the coils up to a temperature much faster and then backing off. To experience great results, you may want to wait before the coils start to cool down before applying more THC.

In doing this, you may also want to observe how your equipment works. For example, if you are using a Clapton or a model with a similar build, they usually soak a bit of oil. This means that you should need over drip. Around 2 or 3 drops on every coil are enough. While it is not enough heat to vaporize it, the THC will melt right into the coil. With every hit that you get, you experience higher.