Dab Pens

What Is a Dab Pen

At some point, cannabis connoisseurs will be introduced to dabbing, but first “what is a dab pen?” It comes by different names like dab vape pen or wax pen.

What is the use of Dab Pens?

Like typical vaping devices, dab pens are battery-operated. A dab pen has a heating chamber, coil, wick, and mouthpiece. The size of which is like a pen or marker.

The purpose of a dab pen is to vaporize cannabis in concentrated form. Dab pens are used to vape wax, budder, shatter, or liquid oils. This allows cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy concentrated levels of THC without burning.

Why Choose a Dab Pen?

While there are hybrid vape pens that can vape e-liquids, dry herbs, and concentrates in one go, you may still want to use a dab pen when vaping concentrates primarily. It is more affordable and easier to maintain when you have a dab pen.

One thing to keep in mind when buying a wax pen: not all wax pens can vape certain liquid oils. First, choose the type of THC concentrate you want to vape, then choose your dab pen based on this. Go for a dab pen that can vape the material you prefer.

How Much Is a Dab Pen

Interest in dabbing can lead you to ask, “how much is a dab pen?” The price range of dab pens go from $20 for the cheapest styles to $250 for luxury dab pens. Something around the $60 range for a dab starter kit is good enough for those looking to buy on a budget.

How much is the cheapest dab pen?

Dab pens come in a range of styles, sizes, and advanced features. When going for cheap dab pens around the $20 to $50 mark, you can expect lags like weaker batteries, cheap materials that need frequent replacement, and less features.

How much should I spend on a dab pen?

If you go for the $60 to $250 dab pens, you may expect an extended warranty that vouches for its quality. You can be sure if something goes wrong with your dab pen, you won’t be left alone to deal with it. Some of the features packed in a dab pen around this pricing includes temperature control, high-quality coils, pre-heat setting, LED displays with downloadable apps, longer battery life, and better customization.

How to save on dab pens?

If you already own a vape pen with a 510 connector, you may not need to buy a separate dab pen anymore. You can make the most out of your vape pen by buying a dab tank or dab atomizer.

With a dab tank, you can connect it to your mod with the 510 connector and presto, you now have a functioning dab pen! However, keep in mind, it will not be as discreet as dab pens sold in the market. Still, it is great for dabbing at home.

How to Use a Dab Pen

If you’re new to dabbing, first you should learn “how to use a dab pen.” Dab pens are the preferred choice of medical marijuana users. Those who want to get a concentrated dose of THC also opt to use a dab pen.

Steps to using a dab pen

Check batteries– Dab pens are battery-operated as is the characteristic of vape pens. It is essential that you put the batteries in correctly, positive to positive and negative to negative. Fully charge the dab pen before use.

Check heating element– For new dab pens, you only need check if the atomizer is functioning well. Keep in mind that coil replacement should be done every month.

Load the dab pen– Now you are ready to put cannabis concentrate in the loading chamber. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way in dabbing. About the size of a rice grain is substantial. Do not put too much to avoid leaks. Neither put too little to avoid waste.

Set the temperature– 400°F is the optimal temperature to extract the THC and flavors from your cannabis concentrate without burning it. Keep in mind that cheaper dab pens do not have temperature control. You may have to settle with the default temperature.

Start vaping– Inhale from the mouthpiece.

Do Dab Pens Smell

Before you try dabbing, you may be wondering, “do dab pens smell?” To explain, dab pens won’t leave you smelling like you are vaping wax unlike bongs and rigs.

However, lack of maintenance of your coils especially with heavy usage can burn out the coil. This can result in a burnt smell.

Why dab pens don’t smell

The way dab pens work is a process without combustion or burning. It extracts the flavor from your concentrates via vaporization instead of burning. Hence, dab pens produces clean hits with no tar or burnt smell.

Dab pens don’t produce harsh smoke. You need not worry about smelling of weed on your hair or clothing. All these benefits come without compromising on taste and effectiveness of your cannabis. In fact, dab pens are highly effective in extracting purer dosage of THC.

• Clean hits, no harsh smoke

• No smell of weed on hair or clothes

• No burnt smell

When do dab pens smell?

While dab pens generally do not create a foul odor, dab pens do still slightly smell of weed. However, unlike combusting cannabis, dab pens won’t have a strong odor.

Keep in mind that the material you use may cause a stronger smell. For example, crumble and shatter only start to smell when heated. Softer dabs like budder tend to smell strongly.

• Smell is stronger than oil pen

• Smell is not as strong as dry herb vapor

• Smell is less than dabbing on rig

Where to Buy a Dab Pen

When you’re new to dabbing, you will be concerned about “where to buy a dab pen?” Dab pens are now available online. You can buy both brand new and pre-loved dab pens in online marketplaces.

As there are plenty of options and styles to choose from, it is wise to do your research before buying a dab pen. Read up on product reviews as well as customer ratings and reviews.

Keep in mind to choose your concentrate before buying a dab pen. Some concentrate types may not work on your dab pen. For example, some liquid oils like Butane Hash Oil cannot be vaporized on a typical dab pen.

Why Use a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are highly utilized by cannabis connoisseurs for its capacity to vaporize pure THC at higher dosage. Vaporizing cannabis is a great way to save on cannabis as a little will go a long way.

You can conserve your cannabis by using a dab pen. Only a small rice grain size is all you need to pack in your dab pen to start dabbing. There is no combustion of material so you can stretch your cannabis material for longer use.

Finally, consider temperature control when buying a dab pen. Low-temperature dabbing conserves wax, which in turn saves you money.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Stay in Your System

“How long does a dab pen stay in your system?” Such is the question cannabis users ask prior to taking a drug test that can show the presence of THC in blood or urine.

To answer, first let us compare THC in marijuana flower compared to cannabis concentrates. THC in cannabis flower can reach up to 30%. However, THC is more potent in concentrates like wax and liquid oils reaching even more than 90%. This is why it is preferred by cannabis users as it boasts a purer and stronger dosage.

Factors that affect how long dabs stay in your body

The period dabs linger in your body can be quite long. It can be longer for some than others. This is because of the following:

• Type of concentrates

• Frequency of use

• Individual metabolism

• Age of user

• Dosage

How long dab effects last?

Now, while dabbing concentrates reaps a higher percentage of THC or psychoactive cannabinoids, the effect lasts as long as smoking cannabis flowers of the same quantity.

“How long does a dab high last,” you may ask? Well, low-frequency users can experience a dab high that lasts for an hour or two. Thereafter, the dab high will subside. However, the THC extract lingers in the user’s system longer.

Drug Testing for Dab Users

Heavy dab users can have traces of detectable metabolites even months after using cannabis.

The type of drug test can also affect the results. For example, one-time users can take 1.5 days lingering in their blood test and saliva test. THC will remain in their urine for up to a week and in their hair for 90 days.

If you are dabbing daily, dabs linger in your system for up to 30 days in your blood and urine test. Chronic users who have been dabbing for a long-term will have the dabs in their system showing on blood and saliva test for up to 30 days. It remains in their hair and urine tests for 90 days.

Do Dab Pens Show Up on Drug Tests

“Do dab pens show up on drug tests?” Such will be your concern if you are preparing for a drug test for employment or other essential purposes.

Keep in mind that both one-time users and chronic long-time dab users will have a certain period that dabs stay in their system. How long dabs stay in your system vary with every individual depending on:

• Age

• Body mass

• Metabolism

• Strain of cannabis

• Dosage

• Frequency of use

• Tolerance buildup

Dab pen users are prone to vaping higher dosage of THC or psychoactive cannabinoids. The reason being THC percentage can reach over 90% in concentrated form. Meanwhile, THC percentage is only up to 30% in cannabis flower form.

What Type of Drug Test for Dab Users?

There are various ways to test THC in the body. You may opt for urine test, saliva test, blood test, or hair test. The test you use will effect whether or not THC metabolite THC-COOH will show up in the results.

The most common and most cost-effective is urine test. Dabs will show up in your urine test up to one week for one-time users. If you use twice a week, dabs remain in urine up to two weeks. Daily users of dab pens will have THC in their system remain up to 90 days.

Dabs tend to linger longer in hair tests. Saliva and blood tests are not as effective in showing traces of THC. For first-time users, THC lingers in blood and saliva test up to 1.5 days, but on hair test for 90 days. Regular users will find THC in their saliva test up to 3 days and on their blood test up to 30 days.

Dabs will show up on drug tests up to 30 days for long-term users. This is when saliva or blood test is chosen. For hair tests, dabs will show even after three months of your last dab.