Best Portable Vaporizers 2020

Portable vaporizers have gained popularity among all kinds of cannabis users. These devices run off on batteries to allow users to bring their vapes with them wherever they go. Today’s market has a large catalog of portable vapes that entice stealthy connoisseurs as well as inexperienced vapers.

These vaporizers don’t just vary in terms of aesthetics but also in size, operation, vapor quality, battery capacity, and add-on features. With new devices being introduced in the market, it can be challenging to find the right vaporizer for your needs. Research and a lot of reviews are required to find a portable vaporizer that can give you the vaping experience you are looking for.

This review focuses on portable vaporizers that are well-known in the vaping community. Seasoned vapers will recognize their daily go-to vaporizers as well as those on their wish list in this review. We also included a portable vaporizer buying guide for your convenience.


Best Portable Vaporizers [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Whether you are searching for a portable vape with high-quality vapor taste and density or require a stealthy pocket device, we hope you will consider our top-recommended vaporizers with great value for money. We have our top picks in different categories reviewed based on portability, stealth, build quality, battery performance, and value-added features.

Best Vapor Quality


Firefly 2+ (Plus)

While we await the Firefly 3, U.S. company Firefly Vapor rolled out the Firefly 2+. It is indeed an upgrade from the Firefly 2, with a less restrictive draw resistance, longer battery life, and faster heat-up time. Best of all, it launched cheaper than Firefly 2. Now we’re really talking about an on-demand vaporizer for dry herb as well as wax.

Design and Features

Firefly vaporizers are renowned in the design category, having already won an award for its design. The upgraded version retains the strength of its predecessor which is its excellent vapor quality as it uses the same dynamic convection heating technology and a glass air path. The Firefly 2+ did eliminate the Firefly 2 problems, particularly with its airflow, making every draw less restrictive.


When you compare the Firefly 2 vs. Firefly 2+ side by side, you will notice slight changes to its design. The Firefly 2 Plus now flaunts two windows, the chamber window and underneath it, a new window that highlights the logo. Both windows light up when the device is turned on.

The magnetic lid is also present in the Firefly 2+ for easy loading and clean-up. The color options no longer include red but still offer black, jet black, blue, and gold as well as the popular oak and zebra wood.

Battery Capacity

The Firefly 2+ retained the Lithium Ion 770mAh battery that was in the Firefly 2. Charging time via a USB 3.0 cable is quick at around 45 minutes to full charge or about 20 minutes to 80%. If you own a Firefly 2, you can interchange the battery and charging cradle on both units. What will surprise you is the battery performance on the Firefly 2 Plus. With an updated firmware, the battery actually lasts longer on the Firefly 2+.

Temperature Options

Firefly 2+ offers a full spectrum of temperature options ranging from 200 to 500°F. The temperature is set via a free app available for iOS and Android devices. The app is very easy to control and also shows the remaining battery and instructional guide.

You may also control the temperature without your app as it has touch sensors on its left and right side. However, you need to preset the controls via the app. One thing though, there is no way to see the temperature levels on the device itself.

Heat up time is around 3 seconds on the lowest setting. As the Firefly 2+ utilizes convection heating tech, it won’t heat up to max temperature immediately. Instead, it will heat up gradually and reach set maximum temp in around 10 seconds. With a dynamic temperature range, you can expect to vaporize all terpenes and cannabinoids in your herb resulting in a richer and more potent vaping experience than vapes that heat only a fixed temperature.


The dynamic full temperature spectrum is a major selling point among connoisseurs. And also, for a convection-type vaporizer, the heat up time on the Firefly 2+ is quick. Plus, the battery performance is great for extended sessions.

The app makes it easy for beginner vapers to achieve a superb vaping experience like the pros. But the most significant upgrade for fans and critics alike would probably be the improved airflow. The less restrictive draw now makes it easier to inhale and enjoy the delicious vapor.


While it’s good that the Firefly 2+ now has a longer battery duration, back to back sessions can cause the device to get hot to the touch. Also, while the app is easy to manipulate, without it the device will be puzzling to use.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a topnotch convection-style vaporizer, the Firefly 2+ is worth the money. Priced lower than its predecessor upon launch, it also sought to eliminate much of the drawbacks of the Firefly 2. With 33% better airflow and a full temperature spectrum, it is worth recommending based on its vapor quality. The quick heat-up and charging time is also worth noting as these are must-have features for vapers who want access to their vaporizer fast.

Most Compact

DaVinci IQ

Named after the genius in arts and sciences, DaVinci IQ rolls out as the third vaporizer launched by the Las Vegas-based company, DaVinci. The IQ takes a completely different turn in terms of the design, size, and overall compactness. It is the sleekest DaVinci vaporizer out of the three models and it is also the most compact and smartest, tech-wise.

Design and Features

If you’ve been following the journey of DaVinci from its first vape to the Ascent, you will definitely see the big improvement on the IQ, design-wise. It is a lot lighter at 5 oz or roughly 145 grams and just 3.54 inches tall and 1.65 inches wide. It’s indeed a lot more compact than the previous two models. While it’s not the most lightweight vape in the market, it is one of the easiest to pocket and conceal. The third model also flaunts a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece for better flavor.


The first thing you will notice are the dots on the front display. These are actually 51 LED lights that feature a temperature grid display. This makes it easy to view the temperature level you’re currently vaping at.  If you’re worried about the LED lights, you can activate “Stealth Mode” to dim the brightness of the lights by pressing on the up and down buttons at the same time.

The DaVinci IQ also features a power control button and up (plus) and down (minus) buttons to control the temperature. Available color options include Stealth (black), Gunmetal (gray), blue, and green. The muted colors make it easy to vape in secret.

Take note that the DaVinci IQ comes with two mouthpieces both made from ceramic zirconia. One is recessed, making it easy to pocket and is easily concealed as you vape. The raised mouthpiece is at 10mm which also doubles as a water pipe adapter.

Battery Capacity

The DaVinci IQ packs a 3500mAh 18650 battery that has a duration of around 50 to 80 minutes, depending on the temperature you vape at. For extended sessions, it’s notable that the IQ has a replaceable battery. Charging time is worrisome though at 3 hours or even more when you’re charging a dead battery. But you can use an external charger that can speed up charging time to a little over 2 hours.

Temperature Options

The DaVinci IQ offers great flavor even as a conduction-style vaporizer. Temperature ranges between 250 to 430° F. You can choose the exact temperature you want to achieve via the precision mode, and the device will maintain the temperature for the entire 10-minute duration of each session.

If you want to reach max temperature from the moment you engage the heater, go for the boost mode. A feature that sets the DaVinci IQ apart is the Smart Path mode. In this mode, you can choose between four different pre-programmed smart paths that gradually increase by 20 degrees over a 10-minute session.

The heat up time is not instant. It should take around 16 seconds, at least or up to 45 seconds for more flavorful hits.

The temperature settings are controlled with or without the app. Although the app does offer customization you can’t do solely on the device. These include customizing the smart path sessions, managing your usage time, and turning off vibration alerts.


The DaVinci IQ launched as a highly-compact vaporizer with a comfortable grip, a stealthy design, and an easy to pocket size. It also comes with an auto shutoff feature with each session lasting only 10 minutes. This, along with the app customization features, can help you manage your consumption of dry herbs. It is also one of the best-tasting vaporizers that utilize a conduction heater. The 10-year warranty also adds value to the IQ.


Although the battery is replaceable, the charging time, heat up time, and battery duration is quite a bummer. Seasoned vapers may also notice that it’s not as free-flowing as preferable. If you prefer tight draws then, that may not bother you. The DaVinci IQ also gets hot to the touch after long sessions.

Bottom Line

The DaVinci IQ is truly easy to pocket especially with its cooling mouthpiece conveniently inside the device itself. You can control the session on the device itself with cool LED visuals for the temperature level. If you want extra customization, you may enjoy using the app. If you’re looking for a stealthy, fits-in-the-palm device, the DaVinci IQ is definitely one to consider.

Best Overall Portable

Crafty Vaporizer

Seasoned vaporizers know this German-made product from Storz and Bickel as it is a celebrated vaporizer in the vapers’ world. This portable vape comes from the same company behind the Volcano desktop vaporizer and the Mighty portable vaporizer. Among the three models, it is the smallest and weighs the lightest. Like both, it has the capacity of vaporizing dry herbs as well as concentrates via a liquid pad already included in the package.

Design and Features

The Crafty weighs a nice 4.8 oz or approximately 136g. It is only 4.3 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide making it easy to conceal in your pocket, hoodie, or pouch.  While it is noticeably bulkier than other portable devices, it remains very stealthy. Like most portables in this review, the Crafty can also be customized via its own app. It wins as one of the easiest portables to use, even for a beginner.


This lightweight device is designed for practical functionality. It is a modern device, but falls back in the design category, especially when you compare it side by side with the other ultra-sleek portables available out there. Also, contrary to the stainless steel portables out there, the Crafty is made of plastic, though it is an industrial grade, high heat plastic.

What you won’t mind trading a sleek design for is its vapor quality. The heating chamber and cooling unit atop the chamber do excellent work to bring evenly heated vapor that comes to your lips smooth and cool.

Battery Capacity

The Crafty runs on an internal lithium-ion battery that lasts about four 10-minute sessions. If you want to extend your vaping session beyond 45 minutes a day, then you’ll be glad to know that the Crafty can run while being charged via USB cable. Just keep in mind to start charging when it reaches 20% battery life (can be seen via the app) so as not to cut your session short.

Charging time on the Crafty takes around 2 hours. If you enjoy vaping in the great outdoors and want to take your Crafty along for the adventure, go ahead and purchase an external battery pack for a few extra dollars to recharge your Crafty while you’re on the move.

Temperature Options

The Crafty also has a nice temperature spectrum ranging from 104 to 410°F. By default, the device will aim for 365°F or you can hit the boost button to shoot for 383°F. At these temperatures, you can really taste the flavor of your herbs as pure as possible. If you want more control over temperature, the Crafty does come with an app. The latest upgrades should come with tips on what temperatures to vape different materials at.

Heat up time on this hybrid convection/conduction vaporizer can last around 120 seconds on the default mode. It also has a vibration feature and a notification bell that alerts you when you reach your preferred vaping temperature.


The Crafty vaporizer gets the spot as the best Overall Portable for ease of use for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. However, it is not what we would recommend for heavy users taking into consideration its battery capacity. It has a single button operation with a vibration feature to tell you when it has reached your set temperature. Customization happens on the app for smartphone and iPhone users, which is also beginner-friendly.


While the last upgrade boosted the battery capacity of the Crafty by 20%, it still falls short in meeting the needs of heavy users. Also, if you’re the vaper who wants to smoke on-demand, the heat up time may test your patience a bit.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Crafty is easy to load, easy to use, and discreet. It is also one of the most consistent vaporizers when it comes to vapor quality. If you love venturing outdoors, the Crafty is a good device to take with you as it is more portable than the Mighty and can be charged via USB or an external battery pack.

Most Portable


Pax 3 Vaporizer

If you’re looking for a real lightweight and stealthy device, then the Pax 3 is just what you may be looking for. It is one of the lightest vaporizers in the market with added upgrades to the Pax 2 that are not easily recognized from its outward appearance.

Design and Features

The Pax 2 and Pax 3 are identical twins when it comes to the design but inside, the Pax 3 packs a whole lot more. We’re talking about a boost in battery capacity as well as add-on features like haptic feedback, and dynamic modes. If you care for temperature precision control, the ability to vape dry herb as well as concentrates, and faster heat-up time, you’ll do best to pick up Pax 3.


At first glance, the Pax 3 resembles the Pax 2 a lot. It weighs only 93 grams or 3.28 oz making it ultra light and portable. The device is just 3.87 inches tall and 1.21 inches wide, conveniently fitting in your pocket. It’s very stealthy too, resembling an iPod with its features.

While the Pax 2 featured a brushed casing, the Pax 3 flaunts a matte style. Available color options have been expanded to include Rose Gold and Teal, apart from the matte silver and black.

The Pax 3 can be controlled via the app or on a single button control on the middle of the mouthpiece. The center front of the device also features the Pax Labs logo that has multi-colored LED lights to signify the temperature level.

Battery Capacity

The Pax 3 gets a significant boost in battery performance replacing the 2600mAh battery with a 3500mAh battery. This results in at least 100 minutes of running time on average.

The box should come with a magnetic charging dock that enables USB charging. It can take an average of 95 to 105 minutes to charge the Pax 3 vs. over 2 hours on the Pax 2. Heat up time is cut by half on the Pax 3 which now heats up in 20 seconds.

Temperature Options

Both Pax 3 and Pax 2 have temperature settings ranging between 360 to 420°F. However, while you get only four pre-set temperature settings on the Pax 2, you can be more precise on the Pax 3. Utilize the app to customize your vaping session. You can opt for the Boost mode, Flavor mode, Stealth mode, and the Efficiency mode, the latter allowing you to gradually turn up the heat over the duration of your session.


Portability is where the Pax 3 really wins as it is small but packs high-grade features. The half-pack lid is a great addition which is important to vapers who enjoy vaping dry herbs as well as concentrates. The faster heat up time, vibration alert, and temperature customization are also great upgrades. Plus, the device comes with a 10-year warranty.


The Pax 3 tends to smell after the session. You may need to remember to empty the often and brush the chamber after your sessions. The silicone mouthpiece might be a bummer to those who are used to the taste of vapor drawn from glass or stainless steel mouthpieces. Finally, toggling with precise temperature levels only via the app is a bit of a hassle.

Bottom Line

Based on its size and weight, we’re recommending the Pax 3 as a much-upgraded version than the Pax 2. It is discreet enough to vape on the go, except for the smell you get if you don’t maintain it well. If you long for above average battery performance, quick heat up time, and ultra portability, the Pax 3 will definitely give the others a run for their money.

Best Battery Life

Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty by Storz & Bickel is the vaporizer to use if you like long sessions. While it’s not the handiest portable vape in town, its battery can sustain extended sessions. Another plus factor is that it can vaporize both dry herbs and waxes.

Design and Features

That big battery size also means an overall bulkier device. If you don’t like using an app, then the Mighty is a good example of what it takes to go without an app. It is generally easy to use and fuss-free, as everything you need to control your vaping experience is on the device itself.


Storz & Bickel isn’t big on modern design, so the Mighty tends to look like an aging model. If you don’t mind, it’s quite bigger than most portables too at 5.5 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide. It weighs 230 grams which is almost twice the weight of the Crafty.

On the front bottom panel, you will find a LED display that features the temperature controls, temperature display, and battery display. The overall build quality feels well-made. The grip feels secure and it remains cool to the touch throughout your sessions.

Battery Capacity

The Mighty packs a dual lithium-ion battery compared to the one lithium-ion on the Crafty. This results in up to 2 hours of vaping time. Charging takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours as well. Heat up time is around 30 seconds shorter than the Crafty. Still, 90-second heat up time is slow compared to the portables with almost instant heat up time.

The Mighty also needs to be plugged in via a wall adapter to charge. But you can use the Mighty while it is charging. This can further extend your vaping experience.

Temperature Options

If you like to have full control over the temperature setting right at your fingertips then go for a portable device like the Mighty. It has up and down temp control buttons that are soft to the touch. The temperature display features the current temperature and the desired temperature. It also includes a haptic vibration alarm to alert you when your vapor is ready.

Temperature ranges from 105 to 410°F. For a quick temperature change, you can maximize efficiency with the Boost mode which can change the temperature at 18°F at a time.


The heating chamber and cooling unit make for a highly-efficient portable vape comparable to desktop vapes. It also features a durable build thanks to its medical grade plastic exterior and German engineering. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.


You may be put off by the price as well as the size of the device. It can also be a bummer not to be able to charge on the go as you will need to plug in the device when it runs out of battery.

Bottom Line

The Mighty boasts a stellar reputation in the vaping community. The vapor quality is delicious and potent. Plus, it has a long battery life. If you like setting the controls only on your device, this is a great device to use. With precision control, vibration alerts, and a battery display, you can easily customize your experience without a smartphone-operated app.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pen


Grasshopper Vaporizer

This convection-style vaporizer has an interesting story behind it. Hopper Labs created the product by crowdfunding which took a few years for them. Then they also needed to make a few tweaks during the first phases until the vaporizer was polished.

Design and Features

This dry herb vaporizer is one of the most lightweight vapes in the market of portables. It looks like a pen with a clip that goes in the front pocket of your shirt or jeans. It’s an on-demand vape that’s discreet too.


There are two designs of the Grasshopper vaporizer. One flaunts a stainless steel design and weighs around 65 grams. This is a lot lighter than the most portable vaporizers including the Pax 3. You can also opt for a lighter titanium design that weighs approximately 56 grams.

It is worth noting though, that the titanium build is more scratch-resistant. The titanium also comes in different colors including dark grey, blue, bronze, brown, green, and purple. Both feature a silicone mouthpiece like the Pax 3. It’s your choice whether you prefer the heavier or lighter build. Just keep in mind that the lighter titanium costs $40 to $125 more than the stainless steel devices.

Battery Capacity

The Grasshopper packs a user-replaceable custom sized 750mAh battery available from Hopper Labs. While it is not an off-the-shelf battery you can easily buy from vape stores, it sells cheap over at Hopper Labs. The battery charges via a USB charger with a magnetic charging connection. Charging time can take a little over 60 minutes, and lasts around 5 to 6 sessions.

Temperature Options

The temperature is adjustable via a spinning dial on the back end and ranges between 266 to 410 °F. The heat up time is almost instantly or up to 5 seconds on higher temperatures. A blue LED light should indicate when it’s ready to take a hit.

Each bowl can contain 0.1 to 0.3 grams, tightly-packed. This will take anywhere between 1 to 8 hits to finish. The higher temps are satisfying for those who want a quick hit but not without a kick in the throat. Higher temps will result in a hot vapor that can feel harsh when you take your draw so unless you’re aiming for a throat kick, then opt for the lower temperatures and be cautious of taking in aggressive draws.


A lifetime warranty is guaranteed on the Grasshopper Vaporizer. The owners stand by their product and will either fix or replace your device. The fast heat up time and cheap, user-replaceable batteries are also good to have. Finally, it is really stealthy, lightweight, and portable.


The Grasshopper Vaporizer is not intended for long draws and group sessions. Another thing is it is only designed for dry herb and loose-leaf herbs. If you need to take in longer and less harsh hits or need to vape concentrates, then go for the bigger portable devices.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re on the lookout for a quick hit from an on-demand vaper, and you like your hits strong, then the Grasshopper Vaporizer should be a good buy for you. It is possible to extend your use of the Grasshopper by vaping at lower temperatures, and not taking in aggressive draws.

Best Butane Vaporizer


Sticky Brick Junior

Do you dislike dealing with batteries, charging cords, and slow heat up times? Then drop the battery in exchange for the butane-heated, true convection-style vaporizer—the Sticky Brick Junior. Made by Sticky Brick Labs in North Carolina, the Junior is their lightest and most compact vaporizer yet.

Design and Features

The Sticky Brick Junior is for when you want to be discreet when storing it, but not when using it. The parts click together via magnets and resemble a paperweight when it is pieced together. So while it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in plain view on your desk or library, it won’t be possible to vape in secret with this device.


The Sticky Brick Junior flaunts a fabulous hardwood exterior available in different finishes including cherry, maple, cedar, walnut, zebrawood, leopard wood, and a plethora of other options. While the other vaporizers fade in beauty over the years, the Sticky Brick Junior ages with grace.

The Sticky Brick Junior also features a short glass vapor path and mouthpiece. No touch button controls and apps to toggle with. But, you need to hold up a butane torch, on the other hand, to heat the elements in the chamber.

It is compact too at only 4.53 inches tall and 2.95 inches wide. Assembly is made easier with magnets, and the glass parts fit snug.

Heating Capacity

With the Sticky Brick Junior, you won’t be worrying about internal or replaceable batteries at all because there are no batteries, no charging time, and no heat up time.

While every other portable utilizes electricity via batteries to start the heating chamber, with the Sticky Brick Junior, your heat source is an external device. You will need a butane torch to heat up your flowers or concentrates. With an actual flame heating your elements, you have to be cautious about combusting your materials.

Temperature Control

There is no precision control and temperature levels to customize your vaping experience with on the Sticky Brick Junior. You will have to learn how to carefully heat your materials with the external heat source.

There are various techniques to achieve the vapor consistency you desire. If you want to take thick and large hits, blow a large flame farther away from the flare intake then draw slowly. In comparison to its bigger predecessor, the Sticky Brick Original (OG), it is easier to draw bigger clouds on the Junior.

Holding a small flame close to the heat intake will allow you to draw in a moderate to quick draw speed. To minimize hot spots and evenly heat your material in the chamber, move the torch in a circular pattern around the intake.


With the Sticky Brick Junior, you won’t have to worry about charging your device after an hour’s worth of sessions. The glass pieces do not tamper with the vapor quality. The overall look is well-built and stylish. The Sticky Brick Junior also comes with a 15-day warranty on the glass parts and a lifetime warranty on the hardwood.

The Jr. also comes with a stainless steel restrictor disc which helps prevent combustion.


The design of the Sticky Brick Junior won’t allow you to vape discreetly. In that sense, it is like a home vaporizer but because it is more compact than the Stick Brick OG, you can bring it along with you in your pocket until you can find your vaping haven.

Bottom Line

The Sticky Brick Junior is a work of art. This beauty won’t scream to the world that you’re a cannabis user. That is until the glass mouth stem and flame intake are unveiled, and you pull out your butane lighter. But if you consider not having to deal with battery issues, want a vaporizer for home use, but a lightweight device you can bring with you, then, by all means, enjoy this beautiful vaporizer.

Portable Vaporizer Buying Guide

Still unsure of which portable vaporizer to buy? Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out your needs:


This is the first thing to consider when buying a vape. While portables are generally more affordable than desktop vapes, you will still find a few portables in the $300 to $400. A mid-range device at around the $200’s price range is a solid choice. Before you proceed to checkout with that below $100 portable vape, consider its build quality.

High-end vapes like the Pax 3 and DaVinci IQ utilize aluminum and even zirconia. While you may see silicone mouthpieces and plastic bodies in some of our recommendations above, these are medical-grade materials do not contaminate the vape quality, and may even improve the overall performance. This cannot be said of cheaper portables. High-end vapes also have a longer life span and a longer warranty that adds value to your purchase.

Size and Portability

Not all portables are as stealthy as the Grasshopper and the Pax 3. Some are actually large in comparison like the Mighty or attracts attention when vaping like the Sticky Brick Junior. But the size often comes with a few benefits. For instance, a larger device could mean a longer battery life, which is true for the Mighty as well as the Crafty. The choice of portability depends on where you will use the portable. Bigger vapes are suitable for at-home vaping and the stealthier ones can be used to take in quick hits while you’re out and about.

Vapor Production

Also, consider from the reviews as to the vapor production of the device you’re looking to purchase. This depends on whether you like things smooth and discreet or prefer big clouds. If you desire a full spectrum temperature range and hits that are not harsh on the throat, the Firefly 2+ comes highly recommended.


Consider how you vape, do you like long sessions or quick hits? Do you want to take draws on demand or don’t mind waiting a few minutes? To avoid frustrations when your device, check information about the battery to find out how long it needs to charge and how long it will last. You may also opt for portables that can be used while charging or make do with a battery-free device like the Sticky Brick Junior.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Vaporizers that use the same components for their air path and a mouthpiece like the Mighty and Crafty are typically easier to clean. The fewer parts, the easier it will be to maintain too. Glass pieces should also be easy to clean. Some vapes have a mouthpiece and oven that are located on opposite sides, this would require taking the pieces apart and cleaning the parts separately.

Vaping Material

Most portables are made to vaporize dry herbs and flowers. If you prefer THC extracts and concentrates, you will need a liquid pad which is available with the Crafty and Mighty. You can also vape waxes on the Pax 3 and the Sticky Brick Junior.



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