Portable Vaporizers FAQ

Do portable vaporizers smell?

There are a lot of various reasons which might lead to you using a vaporizer for getting stoned rather than smoking weed. An important example is that vaping weed provides a less noticeable smell. The thing with vaporizers is that they provide scent and taste that can be far purer than what is usually produced through smoking a joint. This is due to the fact that burning the weed is what produces smoke and this sort of thing gives you away. Since vaping doesn’t work by combustion, you won’t produce any smoke, just vapors, which will allow you to vape weed as discreetly as possible.

How to use a portable vaporizer?

First, you should know that there are multiple types of portable vaporizers, each depending on what material they require. A dry herb vaporizer represents a healthy alternative to smoking, using convection instead of combustion, leading to smooth vapors that are safer to inhale. A wax pen is generally used with weed wax, while an oil vape pen uses all sorts of oils to operate. They basically run on the same principles. First, make sure that the vape has enough battery power. Then, load the extract inside the heating chamber and prime the wick beforehand. Press the button and enjoy.

What is the best portable dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a popular choice among vapers. Are you curious about the best possible choices? Let’s dig in. The Firefly 2+ os a pure convection vape that comes with a powerful heater which will quickly heat up the herb. Then, we noticed the Davinci IQ vaporizer, which is a conduction vaporizer that provides a great taste. The Crafty Vaporizer is one of the most convenient portable vapes around. The Pax 3 vaping pen features plenty of upgrades, including a better battery and shorter preheating times. The Mighty vape is like a big brother to the Crafty, some saying that it packs the best battery life inside the industry.

How to make a portable vaporizer?

Although you might think that building your own portable vaporizer will not be easy, it can save you up some serious money. You will just have to use some simple household things to make it. For example, let’s see if we can make one from a glass vial. Search for a small one in a vitamin store, grab a small straw or a tube, a knife and some tape. Clean the vial properly beforehand, cut a hole in its lid through which you will have to place the straw. Then, put the lid back on the vial and see if everything is securely connected.

Are portable vaporizers worth it?

Portable vaporizers are the prime promoters of the vaping industry. So, if you are wondering if they are worth your time and money, find out that they most definitely are. First of all, you can find a plethora of choices when you are looking for a vaping pen meant to suit your style. There are vapes that work with weed wax, THC oil or dry herb. Also, you can find vapes at all sorts of prices, available for any budget. Last but not least, if you wish to acquire such a product to get stoned, find out that vapes offer you a way of inhaling weed vapors in the most discreet way possible, with less odor than compared to smoking joints.

How to use a portable vaporizer for weed?

The majority of vapers tend to use their portable vaporizers for inhaling weed, so yes, you can use such a device with weed. The question is what kind of vaporizer should you use. Dry herb vapes are meant to be used with, you guessed it, dry buds. You should use ground weed for this type of vape. Wax pens use weed wax, a concentrate that packs high levels of cannabinoids which will definitely get you high. Last but not least, the oil vape pens can be used to consume the vapors release by THC oils or cannabis tinctures. Each variant comes with its own pros and cons, leaving you to decide which suits your style.

How to use a portable vaporizer pipe?

Do you want to try vaping your herbs and you wish to make a smooth transition from smoking? You are not alone, as many smokers wish the same thing. Even if you have an expensive glass pipe which you previously used, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get rid of it. There are many vapes which can slide right into your precious pipe. You will find that you won’t lose any functionality, you will just replace the bowl of herb with a packed aroma tube that will heat up through the vaping pen’s chamber. Just look online for the right kind of portable vape that will complement your pipe.

Is Pax the best portable vaporizer?

If you are on the market for a portable unit with a sleek design, meant to be used with dry herbs, then the Pax vaporizer might be the best choice for you. This pen packs plenty of impressive features and a cool look, and this combination sets it apart from others. You will not believe how easy it is to carry it with you and how convenient it is to use. Small and discreet, you will be able to use it for high-quality vapors. When it comes to how long you can use it, the Pax comes with great battery life, allowing you to use it for about 90 minutes from a full charge.

What is a good portable vaporizer?

Finding out the best available vaporizer on the market can be quite tricky, especially when you consider just how many products there are on the market. Let’s start with herb vapes. The Zeus Arc has been named the Cannabis Product of the Year, making it one of the best available on the market. The Mighty is another really great choice available which uses convection heating. The DaVinci IQ is made to endure, containing quality materials. The Pax 3 seems to be the creme de la creme, drawing in many people to try it out. Hopefully, you will manage to find exactly what you need from the plethora of products available on the market.

What is a portable vaporizer used for?

Generally speaking, a portable vaporizer is meant to help you inhale vapors on the go, regardless of where you are, in a most discreet way. If you wish to find out more, we are happy to help. Portable vaporizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, being capable to work with dry herbs, oil concentrates, and wax. Basically, if you wish to inhale some marijuana, you can use all of its forms towards your enjoyment. Dry herbs vapes use the plant’s buds and flower, oil concentrates like THC oil have their own niche while weed wax packs the highest concentration of cannabinoids, guaranteeing a really good feeling.

What is the best portable herb vaporizer?

The number of dry herb vaporizers available on the market seems to be increasing almost daily. While it may seem exciting, for newbie vapers it may seem a bit overwhelming to deal with so many options. Are you wondering just what is the best portable vape for dry herbs? In terms of best vapor quality, we suggest the Firefly 2+, a pure convection vape pen with a temperature spectrum ranging from 200 to 500 degrees. Then, the most compact vape device would be the Davinci IQ, a vape pen meant for absolute discretion. Last but not least, we have the Crafty, an extremely convenient and easy to use vaporizer.

Can you put ground weed in a portable vaporizer?

The thing with portable vaporizers is that most of them are often used by their users to inhale THC or CBD, which are basically the most important compounds found in weed. However, there are also dry herb vapes which would require ground weed as the prime substance. If your device is specially designed to accommodate dry herbs, then you have the possibility to transform valuable marijuana buds into satisfying vapors. If you find yourself into a situation where you would have to choose between dry herb or weed wax, perhaps you could find a portable pen that can fit both, thus resolving your ‘ordeal’.

Can you smoke weed out of a portable vaporizer?

The majority of the portable vaporizer users will want to use it as a way to smoke weed in a most discreet way. You will find that this is pretty easy to do and all you will have to do is pay a little bit of attention. As opposed to the bulkier, stationary versions of the vaporizer, portable vapes are much more convenient to use. To ensure a quality weed vaping session you have to make sure that your device is powered up. Once you have a fully charged battery, unscrew the tank and fill it up with weed wax or dry weed and enjoy yourself.

Do portable vaporizers combust material?

Strictly speaking, combusting has no business with vaping. However, you can still find a lot of e-cigs claiming to be portable vaporizers when in fact they combust herbs. These devices work by exposing the herbs to a heating coil. This coil reaches temperatures higher than 450 degrees which will ignite the herb. True vapes, however, use either conduction or convection to vaporize the material. Conduction means that the vapor is produced as a result of direct contact (for example, the herbs are placed directly on top of the heating source. On the other hand, convection works by using air to heat up the material.

Do portable vaporizers contain toxic chemicals?

Vape pens are getting more and more popular, especially among medical marijuana patients. That’s because they offer a way to enjoy marijuana discreetly and in a promoted ‘safe way’. However, are vape pens actually safe? Generally speaking, portable vaporizers are safer than inhaling smoke. Still, vapes typically manufactured in China, for example, are made without regulation. This means that we have no way of knowing what kind of chemicals are inside them. For example, a lot of vapes use propylene glycol, which is a syrupy compound used in e-cigs with nicotine as well. When the right temp is reached, this compound converts in small polymers which can really irritate the lungs.

Do portable vaporizers get you high?

When you compare the ‘high’ effect you get from portable vaporizers to the one obtained through smoking traditional joints you may have some troubles in coming up with a definitive answer. That’s because they will provide you with unique feelings, each coming with their own kicks. According to vape users, vaping weed will provide you with a ‘cleaner’ high, leaving you with a greater level of energy. Another benefit which you will draw from vaping weed is the lack of smoke which won’t have you dealing with a dry mouth or a pungent smell. According to some studies, vaping weed will get you higher than smoking it, due to the fact that the resulting gas has 95% cannabinoids.

Do portable vaporizers smell like weed?

There are a bunch of reasons as to why people prefer vaporizers over regular smoking, regardless if we are talking about weed or not. Apparently, using a vape pen is better for your overall health and general well-being. However, most of the vapers chose this way of enjoying weed due to the inconspicuous feel. Although vapes release noticeable vapor and specific smell, they are much more discreet in the way they look and the odor they produce doesn’t come close to the pungent smell released by a burning joint. Moreover, pens that are based on wax or oil will really allow you to inhale weed vapors undercover.

How does a portable vaporizer work?

Are you looking into buying a new portable vaporizer? Then you must really understand how they work. The purpose of such devices is to allow you to enjoy a convenient, portable and simple way of consuming either concentrate or loose leaf material. Vape pens usually consist of a tank, battery, sensor, mouthpiece, and atomizer. In regards to the material that they work with, you can find some vaporizers (like the PAX models) that are compatible with both concentrates and dry herbs. The rest of the market is filled with units either specifically designed for concentrates (these often come with pre-filled tanks) or built to work with dry herbs only.

How much do portable vaporizers cost?

If you don’t know this already, a portable vaporizer is a hand-held piece which you can use to vaporize concentrates or dry herbs. Those looking to acquire such a product are surely interested in the average price. We’re going to do you one better, we’re giving you some examples. First, we have the Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer, a vape with precise control coming at almost $150. Then, the Khan vape is a new addition, a portable vape used for herbs that costs about $160. The PAX 3 is a versatile stylish unit, capable of working with both dry herbs and concentrates, having a price of almost $250. We suggest that you perform thorough research on your own before buying a vape.

How popular are portable vaporizers amongst stoners?

Back in 2013, the New York Post made an article that spoke about a pot vaporizer boom. You can imagine that ever since then the vaping industry exploded. Now it is extremely popular to use a vaporizer to get yourself stoned. Last year, The Ringer announced ‘the end of the joint as we know it’. All this news shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, especially if you know what advantages come with using a vaporizer. First of all, a vape pen will affect your health noticeably less rather than traditional smoking. However, we believe that the real reason stoners turned to portable vapes is the discreet way that they provide for smoking weed.


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