Nectar Collector FAQ

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a form of a portable dab rig. It is physically characterized by its vertical appearance, with a straw that acts as a mouthpiece, along with either a quartz or titanium tip, which is heated up in order to vaporize concentrates, such as cannabis concentrates. The tip is heated up first using a torch, and with the hot tip, contact is made with the concentrate.

The use of nectar collector has become popular along with the introduction of cannabis concentrates and the process of dabbing. Many users are searching for something that they can use that is both portable and convenient. Even though there are different designs for both oil and were pens that are currently available on the market, many enthusiasts do not really view them as a good alternative to dab rigs.

On the other hand, nectar collectors offer a similar experience that is produced when taking a dab rig but with an even better offer with its simplicity and portability. The way of using it is similar to that of a dab, but placing the heated face actively on the concentrate rather than using a dabber and placing it on the nail.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is designed as a simple device that is easy to use and clean. In order to use one, all you need to do is to prepare the device, along with a torch. A serving dish that is heat resistant is also needed, such as glass or silicone. If you purchase a nectar collector kit, all of these items are usually included.

Here are the steps in using a nectar collector:

Step 1: Put oil, distillate, wax, or other concentrates in a quartz, glass, or silicone dish.

Step 2: Heat the nectar collector tip using a butane torch. When it becomes red hot, it is read.

Step 3: Wait for the nectar collector to cool down to the temperature desired.

Step 4: Check the temperature using an infrared thermometer. This step is optional.

Step 5: Vaporize the concentrates or wax by touching the hot tip of the nectar collector.

Step 5: Lightly suck from the nectar collector’s cool end, gently inhaling it.

Using a nectar collector is very easy and can be done discreetly. It is relatively easier to use than most rigs since there is no need for you to worry about the number of times in which you need to press a button.

How Much is a Nectar Collector?

With the increase in the popularity of cannabis concentrates and dabbing comes the popularity of nectar collector. It is a portable and convenient device that serves as an alternative option to an actual dab rig. They work in a way that offers the capacity to enjoy a hit with a similar quality of a dab rig with extra simplicity and portability.

Because of the presence and popularity of nectar collectors, they are available on the market from different sellers. Thus, the actual cost may vary. For example, in one online specialty store, a mini nectar collector (10mm) is listed at $14.99, while a nectar collector that is made out of silicone is at $13.99.  This means that the prices may vary, and some stores even allow for wholesale purchasing, thus allowing you to save even more when purchasing in bulk.

All in all, these nectar collectors come in different sizes and shapes, which dictates the difference in the pricing. They are easily affordable and are a good way to welcome you if you are a new dabber who is interested in trying dabbing out. With a nectar collector at hand, you can take dabbing to the next level.

How to Clean a Nectar Collector Nail

Cleaning the nectar collector nail is very important in order to maintain hygiene while dabbing. True, the experience can be overwhelming, and if you are not careful, you may miss out on the cleaning part. However, cleaning a nectar collector nail is an easy process.


  • 95% alcohol (or a higher solution)
  • Torch
  • Scraper pic (effective for titanium nails)
  • Q-tips


  1. Make sure that the nail is kept on the rig so that you can easily grab onto it.
  2. Heat the nail until you notice that it glows, with the reclaim starting to run.
  3. Dip in alcohol the Q-tip, swabbing it into the inner areas of the nail. Make sure to get as much dirt as possible. If needed, repeat the process.
  4. If the nail is really dirty, and it is made of titanium, you may want to use a scraper pic, especially if films of residues are visible at the bottom. Wait for the nail to cool down first in order to achieve a firm grip. Torch it again to loosen the resin up, doing so repetitively until the nail is finally clean. Make sure to clean the nail along with the nectar collector after every use.

How to Dab With a Nectar Collector

Here are the steps in dabbing with a nectar collector:

Step 1: Put concentrates in a dish

You can select any concentrate to dab using your nectar collector. Avoid putting too much on the dish, but put just enough for a single dab at a time. Removing the excess concentrates can be tricky later on.

Step 2: Fill with water

Water is needed for both filtration and cooling of the vapor temperature.

Step 3: Connect the tip and the mouthpiece to the body

The type of tip to use will depend on you. You may use a titanium tip or a quartz tip. The latter takes longer to heat compared to the titanium option.

Step 4: Heat the Tip (With a Butane Torch or Enail Coil)

The nectar collector tip needs to be heated to the desired temperature for dabbing. With this, you can use either a butane torch or an enail coil. When doing so, move the flame all around the tip for even distribution of heat.

Step 5: Aim the tip to the concentrates and inhale

After heating the tip, put it gently on the dish, and inhale right through the mouthpiece. The heat will immediately vaporize the concentrates.


How to Get a Reclaim Out of a Nectar Collector     


  • Hot water
  • Ziplock bag
  • Cup
  • Alcohol (or any cleaning solution)
  • Torch


  1. Remove the tip and force the water out by blowing right through its mouthpiece.
  2. Use alcohol to fill the chamber. Vertically prop the piece in a cup and allow it to soak for about an hour, or even overnight if it is too dirty.
  3. Put the tip inside a ziplock bag, soaking it for about an hour.
  4. Clean the other pieces using hot water until you see that the water runs clear. Every trace of cleaning solution or alcohol should also be removed.
  5. When using a nectar collector that is made out of silicone, detach the tip, putting it inside the freezer overnight, or for 4 to 6 hours.
  6. Remove it from the freezer, crunching it to remove dirt and reclaim.

Note: Your nectar collector should be cleaned after every use. This makes it easy to clean and maintain, and you no longer need to worry about the need to scrape or soak for a long time. Your piece is expected to function even better if they are thoroughly cleaned regularly.

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