How to Use an Acrylic Bong


Many prefer using acrylic bongs because they are durable and affordable. It is made out of transparent plastic material which features the same brilliance and clarity as glass. In fact, acrylic is much lighter compared to glass, making it easier to carry around and transport during travels and trips.

Before using an acrylic bong, it is important to check a fixed bowl and carb hole. This is because, with traditional ways of using a bong, a bowl is lifted off from the stem, releasing the smoke.

  • Fill the water chamber by pouring water into the mouthpiece. The level of water should be enough so that the tip of the downstem is submerged up to 2 inches.
  • Firmly pack the bowl, but avoid doing so tightly.
  • Use one hand to grip the acrylic bong, while using your finger to cover the hole.
  • Pull out of the mouthpiece, and fire the bowl up using wick or lighter.
  • Hit as much smoke as possible.
  • Remove your finger out of the carb hole, releasing the smoke. Take it in, and hold it for about 2 to 3 seconds before exhaling.

Note that there are several ways of using an acrylic bong.

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