How to Use a Bong

A bong is the traditional cannabis pipe. It needs water to cool down and sift the vapor that leads to the production of smooth, delicious, and potent smoke. The bong has been the staple of marijuana culture.

Knowing the right way to use a bong is a must for every cannabis smoker. Here are the steps:

• You have to prepare first the bong. Put in the downstem and make sure the bowl slides well in. Be sure there are no ashes.
• Second, you need to grind the cannabis. You can do it with the grinder as it can do the job better. Put a medium-sized cola in the grinder, particularly where the grinding teeth are.
• Pack your bowl. After grinding the pot, pick up some cannabis using your fingertips. Carefully put into the bowl. Make sure you don’t pack it too tightly.
• Light up cannabis and enjoy the smoke. You can use either a hemp wick or lighter.
• The next thing will be clearing the chamber. Clear the chamber once it becomes full of smoke. Be ready to take your first hit.

It’s time to clean the bong. It can become smelly, dirty, and full of gunk due to resin. Clean your bong after each use to keep in good working condition.

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