How to Smoke Out of a Bong 

It is quite confusing smoking out of a bong. But, it is done easier when you know what you are doing.

  • Prepare the Bong. Fill it with water. The water should not be more than an inch. Excess amounts of water might get splashed while smoking.
  • Grind up the Cannabis. Do this using your fingers, scissors, and grinder. Ground it up finely. Break them off like about 0.2 inches.
  • Pack the Large Cannabis in the Bowl. Get the cannabis in large pieces. Pack them in the bowl. This way, the ground cannabis will be prevented from getting sucked to the bowl. Pinch the ground cannabis through your fingers. And then, drop them into the bowl.
  • Light the Bong. Take your seat to set the bong down. Sit next to an open window. The area that you are sitting in should be free from flammable objects.
  • Hold your bong with your hand. Envelop your hand just about the smoke chamber. Get a good grip before lighting it.
  • Take Deep Breaths. Breathe through your diaphragm. Fill your body with the needed oxygen. This makes it easier to inhale the smoke. That way, you will not cough that much.
  • Put your lips in the mouthpiece. Hold the lighter and light it up.
  • Inhale the smoke slowly, so it never reaches your lungs or mouth.

Since you are just a novice, take things slow and get comfortable at it later on.

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