How to hit a bong 


It might seem intimidating hitting a bong. You’ve no idea where to begin. You also do not know the amount of smoke. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to hit a bong properly.

  • Find the right fit. Keep in mind that a bong comes in different sizes and shapes. The choices differ as to the gravity bong, hookah, mini bong as the bubbler, and more.
  • Consider the 5 elements. These five elements are the stem, bong, weed, fire, and water. Fill your bong with water or pineapple juice. Conveniently fit the stem in the hole outside. Fill it with weed before inserting it.
  • Hit the bong. Light the bowl and put your mouth through the opening. Suck through it. If the water bubbles and the smoke come up, it means to say you’re heading right.
  • Inhale it. Pull its stem out and inhale its smoke. Take 2 inhales when you want.
  • The hit could somehow be rough or smooth. Hold the smoke for too long. Get the most from the hit. And then, exhale. This now gives you an experience of lightheadedness, intense cough, satisfying rush in the head, and more.

Everything seems fine. And even if you get yourself overdosed with marijuana, you won’t die from it.

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