How to Clean an Atomizer Tank

Making sure that your vaping device is always clean is very important in making sure that you continue to enjoy the best vaping experience each time. This includes cleaning the atomizer tank. If you open your atomizer up, you will see black, hardened wax turning into crust.

One way to deal with this is to do soak cleaning, using isopropyl alcohol. Soak the atomizer tank in alcohol for about 30 minutes. This, however, works well for tanks that come with removable coils. Before starting the process, make sure to dry it for a good amount of time before the next use.

Even if you already know how to clean your atomizer tank, making sure that the cleaning process is done at the right frequency will make the difference. Make sure that you do a thorough cleaning of your atomizer tank once in a few months, but do some daily cleaning as needed.

A good rule of thumb, as suggested by many users, is to make it a weekly schedule to clean your atomizer tank. If you notice that there are still signs of buildup, even if you clean it once a week, do so more frequently.

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