How to Clean a Glass Bong


Keep your glass bong clean the cheaper and easier way. Set about five to ten minutes. Keep it shiny and sparkling. Regular cleaning can make your life even easier. Simple supplies are only needed to clean it up.

  • Prepare the bong. Separate the moving pieces like the stem, the slide, and the bong. Wear latex gloves.
  • Rinse them out in hot water. A bigger resin will then be loosened up. They clog up the bong. Grip the glass bong using a tong. Do not utilize hot water on your cold bong. This only causes it further to shatter. Begin with lukewarm water. This raises its temperature. Also, rinse the bong easily and proceed to clean.
  • Knock off the big resin pieces. Use a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab. Knock these resins off following gentle scrubbing. Freeze the bong for about thirty minutes. The resin is then loosened up completely. Dry the bowl before you freeze it.
  • Put the smaller glass bong parts in a resealable plastic bag. It should seal effectively. Contain the cleaning fluid using the bag. Put each of the smaller pieces in separate bags.
  • Use bowls and cups. Fill them the right amount of liquid that will cover the pieces.

Clean the glass bong for that unsavory smell. This makes the plastic bags the easiest and most comfortable option to consider.

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