How much water to put in a bong 


Learn how much water to put in a bong. It is important and is the only way to enjoy the filtered and cool smoke produced. Keep in mind that a bong comes in different sizes and shapes. Smoke your bong, but without the right level of water, it can be a real problem.

  • Put water in a bong enough of what is needed by the down stem.
  • The slits should also be submerged in the water completely.
  • Ensure the bottom part of the down stem is half an inch. Or better yet, it should be into the water. This is in the case that the down stem on the water pipe has no slits.
  • Add more water as preferred. The water should not reach your mouth when inhaling.
  • The amount of water to put to your bong varies according to size.
  • Add the right amount of water so that the perc openings submerged completely.
  • Submerge your bong in the water, especially if it has both the inline perc and matrix perc.

Be extra careful in filling your bong with water. If not, it might only result in a mess. Follow these steps, and you get to have bong ready to use.


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