How much is a bong


When you buy a bong, you will come across millions of bong sellers. You will also then compare the prices from a smoke shop to an online shop. The choices are just so endless. Even the prices are many for you to compare. What you want is to easily find a bong at a desirable price.

Make things easier by following these tips below.

  • $5 to 4 20.

Start small. You will like it spending as little. This is possible since cheap bong exists. The good thing is that it is still functional. You could find one at a range of $5 to $20. Moreover, you will buy a bubble bong. This is the standard on a water pipe having a carburetor and base. Find glass and plastic variants, too. The cost of a bong also differs following the material type used.

  • $20 and $30

At this price range, you already get options in better design and quality. The ceramic bong is also already and intricately crafted. But with a higher price, it is crafted as an art piece by a well-known artist.

  • $80

This price is about a bigger bong. This contains an extra water chamber. The percolator bong also helps filter and cool the smoke. Thus, you get a cooler and smoother hit. The bubbles are broken down by the pressure coming from a percolator. Thus, you inhale the smoke easier.

The price added gets you the worth of your money. This is because it enhances the usage and the product.

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