How Do Percolator Bongs Work


It is a common knowledge that many who consider themselves as long-time users of bongs do not really understand the concept behind a percolator.  You may be familiar or have heard of one, knowing that it serves as an extra chamber in which smoke freely flows. It can either be a part of the bowl where the smoke passes through before hitting the main chamber or a part of the water pipe.

They usually come in a dome shape, though modern percolator bongs have already been introduced in many sizes and shapes. The purpose of one is to offer extra smoke filtration. With this process, combustion byproducts are removed, which means that you can have a guarantee that the smoke reaching your lungs is easier and smoother to inhale. If you notice that you cough heavily as you take rips, the extra filtration offered by percolator bongs is especially helpful.

There is no need to worry about a percolator bong losing the flavor and potency of the smoke. After all, potency is not water-soluble. The reality is that potency is not soluble in water, which means that the filtration does not dilute the high. It is the residue that is left on the glass sides of the inner part of the percolator. This loss is minimal and does not affect the overall smoke quality.

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