How are Acrylic Bongs Made?

If you are interested in enjoying quite satisfying rip anytime without the need to worry about bringing around a fragile glass, there is no doubt that acrylic bongs are a perfect option that can be taken into consideration. In fact, this is the ideal type of bong for beginners or even those who consider themselves as hopelessly clumsy.

Acrylic bongs are made out of an almost indestructible acrylic type of plastic. This is also the reason why there are generally outfitted with stems and metal bowls that are food-safe. Aside from the bong being indestructible in itself, having one also reduces the potential risk of breakage when in use.

As to the specific method involved in the production of acrylic bongs, the processes depend on the manufacturer. However, a molding method is used, especially since most acrylic bongs come with custom shapes and grips.

Acrylic bongs are not less in terms of quality when compared with glassware options. In fact, acrylic bongs are known for their craziness. This is because the use of plastic can be taken to creative heights, with acrylic bongs currently coming in different shapes and colors imaginable. They are a perfect partner for your next hit!

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