Glass Spoon Pipe FAQ

Do Glass Spoon Pipes Need Screens

A pipe screen is designed to help in preventing the clogging, pulling through, and buildup of resin in glass spoon pipes. They are usually made out of stainless steel, though they can also be made out of other materials, including quartz, brass, titanium, and glass. They come in different designs and sizes, meeting your needs and preferences.

If the question is according to requirement, no, many smokers survive every day without using screens. However, you will notice that once you get to try using one out, you will definitely enjoy the added convenience of being able to smoke using your glass spoon pipe using a screen. Others say that when you have tried it out, it will become more difficult for you to go back to your usual smoking habits.

Pipe screens basically make your life easier. These screens pool the ash on top of them, which means that they can easily be removed from the bowl. Also, they help in keeping your glass spoon pipe clean, thus making them last longer and ready for use for longer periods of time. Whether or not to have a pipe screen depends on your own preferences.

How Much are Glass Spoon Pipes

A glass spoon pipe is commonly used by many smokers. In fact, it is often the very first type of pipe that smokers use. You may have already seen one before though you did not know its name yet. It is named as a glass spoon pipe after its shape that looks like an actual spoon.

Smoking using a spoon pipe is quite easy through time, and when you get the hang of it. Still, it could be confusing for those who have not yet tried using it. The actual price of a glass spoon pipe may be influenced by several factors, particularly those that are purchased from online sources.

The price of a glass spoon pipe depends on the design, color, and other features of a pipe. However, the average priced ones are between $15 and $50. Still, there are pricier ones, especially those that come with more advanced features and designs, as well as those that are made by famous manufacturers. Your choice of a glass spoon pipe highly depends on your personal preferences, as well as the features that you think are needed for you to enjoy a solidly memorable smoke.

How to Clean a Glass Spoon Pipe

The feeling of being able to inhale from a clean glass spoon pipe is incomparable for sure. However, if you notice that your pipe is filled with resin buildup, it may now be time for you to clean it. There are a number of ways to clean it, though among the most common ones include the soak based method and shake based method.

The first method, the soak based method, is considered as a classic way. To do so, prepare a solution that is composed of alcohol and salt. Put your glass spoon pipe in a bowl, adding the cleaning solution to the point where it becomes fully submerged. Allow it to soak for a minimum of an hour or longer. After soaking, remove the liquid and tap it on the counter to remove annoying resin, which may be stuck inside.

Another method is the shake based method, which is relatively faster. Similar to the first one, but you need to fill your pipe with more than a hallway while ensuring that all of the holes are covered. From here, you can shake the spoon pipe that is filled with solution vigorously but be careful that you do not accidentally throw it away.

How to Not Have Particles Come Through Glass Spoon Pipe

Your glass spoon pipe may have been very attractive in your eyes the first few times you used it. With the passing of time, however, particles have started to buildup on the glass surface. You may still be able to deal with it, ignoring the appearance of your pipe, but necessity has it that your glass spoon pipe should be free from those annoying particles. The cleanliness of your pipe is also detrimental to the quality of smoke that you get to enjoy.

One of the most common methods tested by smokers is the use of alcohol and salt solution. For this, you need to remove loose particles out of your glass spoon pipe. This can be done by running your glass spoon pipe under hot water or tapping it gently upside. A cotton swab, paper clip, or a pipe cleaner can be used in dislodging most of the resin buildup.

Now that the tough particles have been dislodged, you can then put alcohol and salt solution on a Ziploc bag and submerge your pipe into it. Seal the bag and shake it well. This process will further break down the resin and tar that is build up in various parts of the pipe.

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