Do Acrylic Bongs Break?


In general, acrylic is a type of plastic that is known for its several properties. This includes being shattered resistant. This means that unlike glass, it does not break easily. As such, acrylic bongs are perfect for smokers with pets, or those who are just chronically clumsy since it is almost impossible to accidentally break an acrylic bong by simply knocking it over.

Other features of an acrylic bong are its UV tolerance, which means that it is designed to stop water from getting too unpleasant to look at. Unlike other forms of plastic, acrylic is also see-through, thus allowing you to have a nice view of what happens to your hit. This also gives you better preparation, which makes breath control easier.

All in all, acrylic offers several advantages over using a glass bong. Basically, everything is the same, including the quality of the hit, except that you do not have to worry about the drawbacks that are typically associated with the use of glass.

Acrylic can also be cleaned easily. All you need to do is to use hot water and salt in order to get rid of tar buildup. You just have to be careful in cleaning as rapid temperature changes may still lead to your developing bong cracks.

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