Best Desktop Vaporizers 2020

Desktop vaporizers are generally non-compromising when it comes to performance, efficiency, and taste. Undeterred by the constraints of a portable vaporizer like battery life, size, and weight, vape makers can add powerful features in the large device. As a vaper, it is remarkable to have full control of temperature precision, draw method, and the intensity of hits.

With advanced heating technology and inhalation methods, desktops deliver vapor with a striking contrast to portables in terms of flavor, density, and potency. Plus, a tabletop vaporizer is highly-efficient for group use and long sessions at home. With a table vaporizer, there is less heat-up time, less waste, and no need for constant refilling and grinding.

Price shouldn’t be a hindrance if you want to obtain the powerful features of a desktop vaporizer. This guide will help you find the best value stationary vaporizer that will help you find your sweet spot fast and last for an extended period.

Best Desktop Vaporizers [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Desktop vaporizers sell for competitive prices ranging from $100 to $700. While you can get a portable vaporizer for less, a compact device does have its limitations. If you have your mind set on better-tasting and more efficient vaping sessions, choose from these top favorites that will give you back great value for money.


Best Bag Vape


Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano has been around since 2003 and was launched as a German quality-assured “medical grade device.” After over a decade in the market, it remains widely-acclaimed as a reliable workhorse that can deliver consistent, high-quality vapor and easy to maintain.

The Volcano Classic is the first in the lineup of Storz & Bickel world-renowned vaporizers. It is also the first of its kind of fan-driven, forced air vaporizers and with patented balloon technology. The analog device has a no-fuss rotary dial with nine temperature settings up to 446°F. Heat-up time ranges from 3 minutes (initial) to 5 minutes (on the highest setting).

Design and Features

The Volcano Classic is a big item at 7.9 x 7.1 inch and weighing 3.5 lbs. It utilizes stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic materials. The stainless steel-coated chamber stores up to 0.75 grams of dry herb and concentrates.

This vaporizer uses forced-air to produce vapor that collects in a balloon bag. As a tabletop vaporizer, it requires a power supply with 110-120 V.


The Volcano takes its name from its unique volcano-shaped design that houses the heater and large fan that sits below the dry herb/concentrates. The system heats the herbs evenly and blows hot air into surgical-grade balloon bags.

Approximately 0.1 gram of herb can fill up to 5 bags with vapor with each bag being filled in around one minute. The balloon can be passed around during group use and customized for solo sessions. Every balloon can be re-filled up to 100 times and it can also store vapor for up to 8 hours.

Balloon Selection

Vapers cannot use cling wraps or other plastic bags to collect the vapor. The starter package comes with the only suitable balloon bag made of surgical-grade materials.

You can choose between two balloon bag systems. If you want a cheaper, long-term solution, consider the Solid Valve system. A 3-meter roll of balloon material that can be cut to make 5 to 6 balloon bags. You can load smaller amounts of herb to fill the Solid Valve but it would require cleaning the chamber in-between bowls or after an ounce. You will also have to attach the balloon to the valve and mouthpiece every time you replace the bag—a process which can be tricky.

The Easy Valve has each balloon bag made with an individual valve and mouthpiece. You won’t have to make the bags and attach a new balloon to the valve every time you need a new bag. It also requires less cleaning after you vape around 4 to 8 ounces. If you want custom bag sizes you can purchase the Easy Valve balloon adapter for $11 or utilize a chamber reducer so you can vaporize smaller amounts.

Classic vs. Digital

The main difference between the two options is the temperature settings. With the Classic desktop vaporizer, there are only nine fixed temperature levels to choose from. If you prefer temperature precision, the Digital has this setting with temp buttons, a digital display, and a 30-minute auto-shutoff timer. That and the price too as the Digital is around $120 more costly than the Classic. Apart from that, the build quality, heating system, and vapor taste are the same.


Number one is the build quality as Volcano owners would attest to the durability and reliability of this device over the years. Cost per use alone makes this vaporizer worth the purchase even if it is one of the most expensive desktops in the market. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Herb conservation is another selling factor as there is little to no waste of herbs with this device.

The true reason for the commercial success of this stationary vaporizer is cloud quality. You get big, rich, and evenly heated vapor with this device. The pure taste also comes with the most intense highs. If you’re concerned about potency, especially when vaping for medical reasons, the Volcano Classic will surely satisfy.

Ease of use and maintenance is also an important consideration when buying a desktop vaporizer. With the Volcano Classic balloon bag system, you don’t have to vape a certain way, lean close to the device, or learn a certain technique. You can simply draw from the non-burning mouthpiece and pass the bag around the group.


The Volcano Classic is a premium desktop vape making it a big-ticket purchase. It is not easily affordable to some vapers. It also requires additional purchases of balloon bags whether you opt for the roll of balloon material or the ready-to-use standard sizes. You may need to purchase additional accessories if you prefer less cleaning but smaller loads. The air filter also needs replacing every 1 to 2 years.

Another thing, the air pump can get a little noisy. Heat-up time can be longer on the Volcano Classic than on other high-end desktops.. But, it won’t take 10 minutes to heat the herbs on the highest setting and fill a couple of bags for long vaping sessions and group vaping.

Bottom Line

The Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer is a product that is built to last a long time. It is easy to use and delivers consistent vapor quality at every vaping session. The large system results in big and tasty clouds. Balloon-style vaping is fuss-free and medical users will find it highly-efficient in heating herbs as to intensity and minimal waste.


Best Bag Budget

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

If you want to experience the vapor quality created through forced-air and convection heating technology but can’t see yourself coughing out money for a premium device, this mid-range stationary vaporizer offers a workaround.

The Extreme Q is a new take on the Arizer Extreme. It allows three different methods of vapor delivery including whip-style, balloon-style, and direct draw. It is also a pioneer in remote-controlled vaporizers. While vapers get more flexibility with the Extreme Q, the device is only limited to vaping dry herbs. It cannot let you vape wax, oils, and other concentrates.

Design and Features

The Extreme Q is only heftier in weight and size, not in price. It is 8 x 12 x 12 in and weighs 4 lbs. It has both a balloon bag and whip attachment. The whip system utilizes a PVC air tube and a borosilicate glass nozzle. Its glass chamber stores up to 0.5 grams of dry herb only. As for power supply, it requires a dual voltage (110v + 220v).


The tabletop vaporizer resembles a coffee maker with a flat base plate, a cylindrical body, and a cyclone bowl. It has a stainless steel exterior with a sleek and shiny chrome finish. It does have fragile glass parts and a cheap tube. Also, while the balloon is a standard size, it doesn’t come with a valve.


The Arizer Extreme Q utilizes a similar heating system as the Volcano. The difference is its choice of materials such as a ceramic heater and a glass chamber. It also has three different fan speeds controlling vapor density. The LED display shows the temperature at preconfigured levels from 50ºC to 260ºC. Heat-up time is around 2 minutes.

Remote Control

The remote is included and should allow you to control the temperature from across the room. It also has an auto-shutoff feature and controls power settings. Do note that you still have to plug the device into a power supply, turn the unit on, fill the bowl with herbs, and insert the bowl in the heating element. You also have to be careful when filling the bowl as some of the herbs may get inside the glass chamber.


If you are still deciding which method of vapor delivery you like best, or flexibility of delivery is important to you, the Extreme Q is a reasonable choice. With this mid-level device, you can draw from a balloon, a whip, or draw the vapor directly as it is produced.

It also has a 3-year warranty on defects in workmanship or materials. Glass is not covered by the warranty. Arizer does stand behind its heating element and gives a lifetime warranty on that.

Being the first in launching a desktop vaporizer with a remote also adds to the appeal of the mid-range device. It is also a nice, silent device.


It can be a major drawback for those who enjoy vaping oils and waxes to know that the device is exclusive to dry herb users. It is incapable of handling concentrates.

The choice of materials is not always ideal. If you are clumsy or don’t enjoy cleaning your device, you may find the Extreme Q has parts that require extra care and maintenance.

It is also not strong enough to produce big clouds like the Volcano. Also, those who have tried the vapor quality of the Volcano will note that the mid-range vaporizer does not heat the herb as evenly as the Volcano. Taste-wise, good vapor quality is achieved by drawing from a balloon, and intense hits from drawing directly, but the cheap tube on the whip system can affect the taste. Also, vapor density is not consistent as it is reliant on the fan speed you use.

Bottom Line

The mid-range Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer can compete with the premium category when it comes to performance and add-on features particularly with the remote and multiple modes of delivery. Vapor quality is up to par with premium desktops and it is limited to herbs only. The build quality is not as durable as a high-end desktop but at a third of the cost giving users a run for their money.


Best Whip Vape

Da Buddha Flavor Oil Vapor Kit

If you have decided you prefer whip-style vaping more than any other draw method, this mid-range product is one to consider. It is slightly more expensive than the Extreme Q, but you can vape oils with this one.

We opted to recommend Da Buddha Flavor Oil Kit for this purpose as it is specially designed with whip enthusiasts in mind. Whip fans will be glad to know this device produces thick, smooth, and cool vapor and allows for some heavy rips.

Da Buddha is a product released by 7th Floor, which is the same company behind the Silver Surfer. Although you can purchase a whip-style desktop vape for much less than Da Buddha, this personal vaporizer is unlike flimsy, cheap devices.

Design and Features

Da Buddha is a lightweight table vaporizer at 3.10 lbs. Its dimensions are 7.85 x 11.75 x 13.25 in. making it a good personal vaporizer to use at home. Voltage requirement is 220 volts. Cleaning the vaporizer is also easy when it is done regularly.

The convection-style vaporizer is built with an aluminum coating which keeps it cool to the touch and high-quality glass to enhance the taste. Do note that the glass can get hot as it is close to the ceramic heating element. The whip assembly also features a three-foot tubing of food-grade vinyl. Note that this material can add a flower flavor to your herbs.

Its Heater Cover has an open design for easy access but a titanium top is included to seal the hole tight. The wand is cleverly designed to catch excess oils to minimize wasted products.


The Da Buddha desktop vaporizer has a very minimalist, zen look. It comes in silver or black color options with the black one a tad pricier than the silver vaporizer. Etched front and center is the image of the Buddha. When the lights are turned off and the heating element starts to hit up, Da Buddha lights up with a warm glow that reminds one of lighting a candle in a Buddhist temple.

Temperature Options

Comparable to other stationary vaporizers that feature a rotary dial, the Da Buddha vaporizer opted to be so minimal as to leave the temperature control unmarked with numbers. Setting up the temperature takes some getting used to and just experimenting with the set-up to get your sweet spot. You can take notes from other Da Buddha owners who recommend turning the dial between the 12 o’clock and the 2 o’clock mark. The hottest temperature is around 380°F.

Heat-up time is around 5 minutes. This can seem long especially if you’ve recently switched from portables to desktops but the longer heat-up time ensures the herb is heated evenly. Often with portables, you have to stir the device as sometimes the hot air comes in contact with the herb on top while the bottom remains untouched. If you don’t stir, it can affect the purity of your herbs but not with a desktop vape like Da Buddha.

Draw Speed

With Da Buddha, it is vital to use finely-grounded herbs. To get the best experience, you need to fill the wand with around a quarter inch of dry herb. While you need not stir on Da Buddha vaporizer, you have to be careful of your draw speed.

Drawing too slow can cause the herb to overcook and drawing too fast can undercook the herb. With this, you have to adjust the temperature dial to accommodate your preferred draw speed.


The Da Buddha is a functional and stylish device that delivers intense vapor for whip fans. The design has a relaxing appeal and a lovely glow effect.

In comparison to devices within the price range, Da Buddha is a more durable option. The outer casing is kept cool with aluminum coating to prevent burns. It also has a 10-foot long cord so you can set it up anywhere in your room.


The temperature control is really a bummer. Given that the analog device doesn’t have a LED display, it also lacks markings so it’s a matter of trial and error during your first several sessions.

It also takes some experience to figure out the ideal temperature for your draw speed so you can end up wasting herbs by experimenting.

Also, if you don’t like the flowery flavor, whip-style may not be enjoyable for you.

Bottom Line

It’s whip or nothing with this device but if whip-style is exactly what you want, this is the desktop vaporizer to consider. If you enjoy quiet vaping sessions at home and want intense, heavy vapor, this personal vaporizer is an optimal choice. While the temperature settings take some practice, once you figure out your preferred setting, it’s a great deal from there.


Best Home-Use Portable

Mighty Vaporizer

Made by the same German company that created the Volcano, the Mighty Vaporizer is likewise a household name in the vaping community. It is big enough to produce big and powerful clouds but lightweight enough to pass around during short group sessions. Even in a compact size, it still packs desktop-like features.

If you prefer short yet exceptional vaping sessions at home, this is the vaporizer you should look into. It is battery-powered but it can also be used while charging. If you like to start vaping on the patio and start another session indoors, this device can handle it.

Design and Features

Technically, the compact device is portable but since you can plug it in with a wall charger, you can still extend the use of the device when the battery runs out. The dimensions are 14 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm and weighs 226 grams. Its capacity is only up to 0.25 grams but the heat-up time takes only a minute.

With the Mighty vaporizer, you can vape dry herbs as well as thick wax and concentrates. The device utilizes a hybrid system which utilizes both conduction and convection heating technology to produce thick clouds of vapor. It is built with a stainless steel coating material and durable plastic.


You may feel like you’re holding a walkie-talkie when you hold this vaporizer but instead of an antenna, you get a mouthpiece. It is black with a rigged design that helps to keep the device heat-resistant. Its cooling system also ensures you don’t draw hot and harsh vapor.

The Mighty vaporizer also features an easy to read display and two-button temperate controls. The overall look tells us it is made for functionality, durability, and ease of use.

Temperature Set-up

You can set the temperature easily from 104° F to 410° F. With this device, you have the freedom of setting the temperature higher as you go deeper and longer into your session. As mentioned, the heat-up time is approximately one minute and you draw vapor from the mouthpiece. The device should vibrate when it reaches your desired temperature level.

On the LED display, you can see a digital display of the current temperature, target temperature, and remaining battery. It also has an auto shut-off feature for power conservation. It should also vibrate when it is turned off.

The Mighty also features a boost mode that sends the heating system into overdrive to produce thicker and more intense hits. Do note that you need to put in finely-ground herb for a satisfying experience. The grinder is included in the package.

Battery Capacity

The Mighty packs a dual lithium-ion battery. The 2018 model gets a 20% boost in battery life so you can now use the Mighty for around 90 minutes depending on the temperature setting and load. You can either connect the device via its wall charger for prolonged use or charge it for 2 hours to reach full battery capacity.


The Mighty vaporizer packs a lot of accessories including a liquid pad for your wax and concentrates, a Storz & Bickel Grinder, a filling aid, cleaning brush, mouthpiece, and power adapter, among others. It’s also good to have a user manual in the package. The Mighty also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The vapor quality is on par with desktop vaporizers as it has a large oven size and utilizes convection as well as conduction heating. It is also good that it can be charged to use for over an hour or plugged in to continue vaping.

Also, draw technique and draw speed won’t be a problem on this device. Heavy users won’t have a problem using this vaporizer. Plus, you can go months before cleaning the device.


For a portable, it is quite large so it fits more in a handbag than at your back pockets. While you can use it while charging, you can’t charge the Mighty with a typical battery bank.

The Mighty’s design is also not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

Bottom Line

If you want some portability while retaining desktop-like features especially with vapor quality, this is a remarkable option. The added benefit is that you are not restrained to the power supply as the battery-powered device can be taken anywhere. It is also easy to use, control, and maintain.


Best Cheap

Easy Vape Vaporizer

This guide on budget desktop vaporizers won’t be complete without a decent yet cheap desktop vape. Bring in the Easy Vape. From the name itself, you can tell it is easy to use and it is. We recommend it to beginners as you can simply load the chamber, insert the whip into the heater, set the temperature, and begin drawing vapor when it reaches your preferred temperature.

The Easy Vape desktop vaporizer is built with polycarbonate plastic material making it a lightweight device. It also has a basic ceramic heating element. The device features a glass wand or vapor whip suitable for hands-free vaping sessions. Take note that this device is for dry herb vaping only.

Design and Features

There are three designs of the Easy Vape: The Easy Digital, Digital V5, and the Deluxe. Out of all these, the Digital has the simplest design of a box-style vaporizer without being completely analog. The whip-style box is relatively small at 5 x 6 x 4 in.


The Easy Digital desktop vaporizer features an old-school box style design. The model is available in silver, black, dark red, and mustard. It also has an LCD display and a control knob with a blue LED light which signals when you can start drawing in vapor.

Do note that the build quality is not exactly durable as it is prone to damage when not handled carefully. If you break its parts, it can be a hassle to replace them.

Temperature Settings

The LCD display provides accurate temperature readings. Using the temperature control dial, you can adjust the temperature in two degree Celsius increments between 130 to 190° C. Heat-up time is around 60 seconds. The temperature dial is LED-lit so you know when the desired temperature has been reached.

The device runs on a 50W power supply. It also has replaceable fuses so, in case of electric fluctuations, only the fuse will blow. This is to avoid burning out the entire system.

Comparison to other models

The Deluxe model features a bigger LCD display, a sleeker aesthetic, and added vents. As for the Digital V5, it features a timer option as well as a bright display to show the preferred temperature and the current one. It also has extra ports and glass fittings. While the other models add a few touches to add to the aesthetics of the device, it does come with extra costs.


The simple design and ease of use make this a beginner-friendly product. If you’re looking to experience vaping for the first time, this should be a good option. It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the ceramic heating element.

The accurate temperature controls is a good consideration to buy the Easy Vape Digital as other devices within the price range won’t have this feature. If you want quick and intense highs with some large dense clouds, this is where you get your value for money with this product.


This is only a whip-style vaporizer. The taste is sub-par in terms of smoothness and quality but pretty decent for this price range. Others noted that inhaling deeply may result in a combustion-like taste although this shouldn’t be as combustion occurs at temperatures above 420°F.

The build is flimsy and the design looks very basic. Also, fragile and mechanical parts can be hard to replace.

Bottom Line

If you can’t afford a mid-range or a high-end unit, then the Easy Digital Vaporizer would be the beginner’s choice. Keep in mind that you need to have realistic expectations as to cloud quality and build quality. When choosing between models, opt out of fancy features and save up for a mid-range or premium desktop vaporizer instead. Nothing beats the pure and potent taste you get from the desktop vapes within those price ranges.

Desktop Vaporizer Guide

How to Choose a Desktop Vaporizer

When selecting the right desktop vaporizer, consider whether you need it for personal use or group use. Also consider how you like to draw vapor as well as features that are important to you like flexibility, suitability for dry herbs and concentrates, and precise temperature controls.

Different Types of Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers vary in vapor delivery. Some of the products listed here can deliver vapor in whip-style, in forced air or balloon-style, and a hybrid of both. Forced air vaporizers are often more expensive and more advanced as it utilizes a fan to propel hot air through the herbs and collects the vaporized herb in a balloon bag. This creates a unique experience for vapers.

Whip-style is traditional and generally more affordable as the system uses cheap tube material and a glass mouthpiece and a glass wand that serves as its chamber. If you want hands-free vaping, whip-style is the way to go.

An emerging type of desktop vaporizer is the dual-function or multifunction forced air vaporizer which contains a whip attachment as well as a balloon bag. At times, you can also draw the vapor directly.

Of all these types, the balloon-style is gaining more popularity. While whips are simple to use, balloon vaporizers have the upper hand when it comes to vapor quality as well as quantity while reducing herb that goes to waste.

Analog vs. Digital Temperature Controls

With analog vaporizers, it’s either there are markings of the different temperature options (like the Volcano) or unmarked (like Da Buddha). Markings take the guesswork out of temperature set-up.

If temperature precision is more important to you and you don’t want to be limited to fixed temperature levels, digital desktop vaporizers should offer this. Do note that some digital desktop vaporizers have preconfigured temperature settings (like the Extreme Q). Some vaporizers also display the current temperature level and the set temperature (like the Mighty).

Price Range

Premium tabletop vaporizers range in price between $400 to $700. Mid-Range desktop vaporizers sell between $150 to $300. It is not recommended to purchase cheap desktop vaporizers as these utilize cheap pieces that break easily. If you can afford neither or you’re a beginner, there are Low-End table vapes that sell for under $100.


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