Dektop Vaporizers FAQ

1. Are desktop vaporizers worth the money?

Vaping struck pop culture everywhere between the internet and college campuses. From tobacco to cannabis, vaping took smoking industries by surprise and when it comes to vaporizers you will find mainly two categories: the omnipresent portable versions and the larger desktop vaporizers. The latter version is bigger and packs more tech inside, usually being used at home. They apparently are capable of providing a better vaporizing experience, the hits lasting longer and the vapors being of a higher quality. If you are truly looking to invest in a piece like this, then you are in for some serious vapors, the kind that can’t be provided by a regular pen.

2. How to use a desktop vaporizer?

Desktop vaporizers are meant to be used at home, being able to be plugged in any power outlet inside your house. They had undergone a constant process of evolution over the last fifteen years (since they emerged on the market), transforming from simple devices that used whips for drawing vapors into more versatile units of the digital age which come with internal fans and provide you with the choice between the traditional whip draw or the modern balloon bag inhalation method. Now you can find three main types of desktop vaporizers: the classical whip design, from which you inhale the vapors drawn from the heating element, the forced air type which uses a fan to propel the heat and some that can use both functions.

3. Do desktop vaporizers smell?

Although more expensive, desktop vaporizers come with a lot of benefits which might make you move away from your current vaping pen. Let’s go through them and find out exactly why a desktop vaporizer might be a great investment. First, they don’t rely on batteries, meaning that you won’t be left without vapors all of a sudden. Then, in the long run, it will make economic sense to get one, as opposed to cigarettes which can weigh in heavily on your pocket. Also, you will get vapors of a higher quality as opposed to the smaller pen versions. Last but not least, you will be happy to know that with these desktop vaporizers the smell doesn’t linger.

4. How much does a desktop vaporizer waste while it’s on?

In the vaping community, there is a question that always shows up, especially among beginners: what should you do to with the leftover herbs? Can you just keep on using it? Certainly, we would all like to keep on using our desktop vaporizers without having any waste. That isn’t possible, unfortunately. You should really pay attention to how you pack the herbs into the tank. Doing it too loosely or too tightly can both result in a bad vaping experience. Packing too tightly might not allow the heat to circulate, resulting in more waste. Desktop vaporizers come with the benefit that they provide more room, thus allowing the heat to do its job and providing a bigger hit. Also, the ‘waste’ can be used to obtain valuable oils.

5. How to build a desktop vaporizer?

Are you more of a DIY person and would like to find out just how you can make your own vaping device? Let’s find out how you can do it. A DIY vaping device is cheap to make, it’s fun and you might impress some people in doing so. You will need to make a holder by using a glass jar. Its cap will need two holes, one for a shot glass and another for a screw. Then, a hanger can be used to be coiled around the jar to form a base. The shot glass will hold the herbs and the pipe will be connected to the screw. Just place a candle underneath the shot glass (which will have to be capped) and that is it. Provided that the jar is securely sealed, you will have yourself a DIY vaporizer.

6. How to make hash oil with desktop vaporizer?

After you use your desktop vaporizer for some time you will notice some ‘resin’ building up inside it. In fact, that ‘resin’ is hash oil in its concentrated form. This comes as a result of using your vaporizer, its heat vaporizing the THC and other chemicals found in cannabis. Naturally, some of the vapor clings to the tube or glass parts. An iso-wash is what you need to do to extract the oil and also clean the tank of your vaporizer. For this, you need to place the parts (as long as they are not made from PVC) into isopropyl alcohol and stir them from time to time. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate, scrub the bottom of the container to extract the gooey oil and then you can place it over some bud and enjoy it.

7. How to use a desktop vaporizer VP-100?

The VP-100 desktop vaporizer is among the most popular products that a vaper would want. It is specially designed to deliver greater purity, greater enjoyment, and greater efficiency. On the fast track of becoming one of the best-selling vaporizers to be used at home, the VP-100 comes with a simple yet functional design that is capable of providing vapors of high quality. Just place your blend on the provided ceramic place inside your device. This product will heat up in just 3 minutes after you switched it on and then you can enjoy its vapors. It is fully adjustable, meaning that you can choose the desired temperature for different blends.

8. Is a desktop vaporizer better than the Pax 2?

The Pax 2 is one of the best-selling portable vaporizers on the market. That’s why making the switch from this product to a desktop vaporizer might be a bit difficult. Or perhaps you are just trying to decide between acquiring a desktop or a portable vaporizer. In any case, let’s see which is the way to go. If you are one of those looking for a portable, lightweight product which can be used in any place at any time, then the Pax 2 is for you. However, a desktop vaporizer, while solely meant to be used at home, doesn’t run on batteries which run out at some point, comes with a bigger tank for your herb blends and can release more vapor with increased quality.

9. Should I buy a desktop vaporizer?

Are you on the fence regarding the decision between buying a regular vaporizer or a desktop version? Allow us to tell you why buying a desktop vaporizer is a good idea. First, it will be an investment that will pay off in the long run. Although you can find some inexpensive stationary vaporizers, they are still more expensive than a pack of smokes. However, over the course of a year, you can spend about $5,000 on cigarettes, so you can draw your own conclusions. Then, portable vaporizers come with batteries and you can run out of that pretty quickly or all of a sudden. Desktop vaporizers are plugged into wall ports, so, apart from power outages, you will be left to properly enjoy those vapors.

10. What are desktop vaporizers?

A desktop vaporizer is the larger and more sophisticated version of the portable vaping device you are most likely familiar with. These vaporizers aren’t meant to be used anywhere, being suitable for home use. They can come with a plethora of features, more complex than what is usually provided by a portable vaporizer. The stationary vaporizer has to be linked to a power source in order to work, so you can rely on a stable vaporizer which can deliver larger and stronger amounts of vapor and overall better user experience. Larger chambers can also be found inside a desktop vaporizer, meaning that you will spend less time refilling it and in the event that they come with batteries, they will last longer than those of portable vaporizers.

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