Clearomizers FAQ

What is Clearomizer?

A clearomizer is a component of an e-cigarette where the juice/e-liquid is placed and transformed into vapor. Other components that are similar in other e-cigarettes are also referred to as cartomizers or atomizers. The former is identical to a clearomizer except that it features a clear plastic pane on its side, though these components have differences in functions.

A clearomizer is composed of a number of primary parts, specifically the tank, mouthpiece, the coil, and the wick. It works in a basic way. The juice that is stored inside the clearomizer is absorbed using the wick and delivered right into the coil. As the battery of the clearomizer is turned on, the coil heats up the e-liquid, turning it into vapor, which is then inhaled right from the mouthpiece.

Clearomizers are designed in a way that offers optimized coil resistance, thus creating a smooth vaping experience along with a fresh taste. Depending on the design, a clearomizer may have a top-filling transparent window which will allow vapers to track their e-liquid easily, topping them off as needed. When it comes to refilling this component, it is vital that the juice does not go to the central tube so as to avoid flooding.

What is the best clearomizer?

One good thing about clearomizers is that there are a lot of good options out there in the market these days. Here are some of them:

  • Zenith MTL (Innokin)

This clearomizer is top-filling equipment, with an astonishing design that closes the flow of e-juice off as you fill it. This design is ideal to ensure that flooding does not happen. It also features an e-juice capacity of 4 ml, along with a 1.6-ohm coil that is pre-installed, together with a 0.8-ohm option for spare.

  • Kayfun V5 (Eleaf)

GS Tanks surprisingly a well-created mini clearomizer, which is very affordable. Even though it may not have outstanding features that can set it apart from other high-end options out there, it is one that is very solid because it is both cheap and well made.

  • Nautilus 2 (Aspire)

This clearomizer is an improved version of the original Nautilus model. The manufacturer has beefed up the types of options on coils used in this tank. Appearance-wise, this clearomizer is also very slick in terms of design. It does not just look good, but it also offers amazing air control, thanks to its 5 slot settings.

How do clearomizers work?

There is no doubt that clearomizers plays a huge role in the revolution of smoking paraphernalia, particularly the e-cigarettes. The clearomizers serve as the main component of this equipment, helping in the development of this technology. They are either made out of glass or plastic, which means that they are transparent, making it easy to check the amount of liquid that is still left inside.

They do not require a special tool to absorb the liquid. What it does is that it automatically feeds the exact amount of liquid into the atomizer. Clearomizers also work by heating the liquid up, turning it into vapor form, right into the lungs.

It is possible to refill clearomizers several times before being replaced. They can come in the form of a top coil, bottom coil, or a combination of both. Even though disposable clearomizers are convenient and cheaper, their atomic coils may not last long since you cannot take them off and clean them properly. As such, replaceable ones are recommended since you can easily strip them off for thorough cleaning. On top of that, there are also customized options that are available. When they stay clean, they can offer a longer-lasting and richer experience.

How long do ce4 clearomizers last?

The CE4 clearomizer is a simple and new way to use a clearomizer, removing the hassle out of vaping. The simplicity of this model is quite popular, especially for beginners, with its capabilities making it attractive even for professional and advanced users.

It also offers the combination of ease of use of a tank, along with the consistency and the reliability of a cartomizer. It is also very easy to fill, with the capacity of up to 1.6 ml of e-liquid, lasting a long time. Among its features include a sealed bottom that will not leak, offering hours of continuous vaping in between fills. This clearomizer is also disposable, though according to actual testing, its average lifetime is 1 to 2 months.

In order to maximize the lifespan of your CE4 Clearomizers, proper maintenance is recommended. If you notice that the inner part of the clearomizer becomes gunky, or if it begins to underperform, the recommended step is to clean it a bit so that it will revitalize its functions.

According to those who have actually owned CE4 clearomizers, it is recommended to use distilled water for cleaning, rather than tap water. This is to make sure that the type of water used in cleaning is mild.

How long does a clearomizer last? 

The answer to this question depends on the design of the clearomizer. For one, if the clearomizer comes with a non-replaceable coil head, it may last between 1 and 4 weeks. Still, this depends on the frequency of use, along with the specific type of e-liquid that is used.

These days, however, most clearomizer designs come with removable coils, which means that you can save up from the need to purchase an entirely new customizer. These coil heads require replacement once every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the frequency of use of your e-cigarette. The coil head needs to be replaced upon noticing that the taste has a slightly burnt flavor, or when you notice that the e-liquid that you used to love already taste strange.

In order to maintain your clearomizer, clean it regularly. You may clean out excess e-liquid easily, getting rid of build-up gunk through time. To do this, simply remove the top and bottom, as if you are re-filling your e-liquid. Fill it with lukewarm water half-way. Put your thumb through the opening, shaking it a few times, dumping the water out, and repeating the process until you notice that the water runs clear.

How to clean a clearomizer?

When you start noticing the burnt taste, flavor ghosting, and poor vapor production, these are indications of some side effects that need to be dealt with after using a clearomizer straight for several days or weeks straight. For some, the best option is to get a new one or get a batch of replaceable heads. Another option that you can take into consideration is cleaning your clearomizer.

When doing so, it is very important to remove excess gunk, and e-juice stuck around the tank. Take off the bottom, or the top of the clearomizer, depending on the model. Fill the tank up with lukewarm water about halfway up. Put your thumb around the opening, vigorously shaking it for a few seconds before removing the water out.

You can repeat the process a few more times until you notice that the water that is coming out is already clean and clear. This is vital, especially if you notice flavor ghosting, which means that you can still taste the past e-juice flavors even after refilling with a new flavor of the juice. If this is really bad, you may want to try out cleaning the tank using lemon juice or alcohol.

How to clean e-cig clearomizer? 

We have heard about it. The development of steam inside the e-cig leaves some aftertaste that could stay around after several uses. When this happens, you know that it is finally time for you to clean your e-cig clearomizer. Even though getting a new one is faster and even more convenient, in the long run, it could be an expensive option.

There are a number of ways to clean your clearomizer. Here are some of them:

  • Flushing

This is an easy and convenient way of cleaning your clearomizer. This is done by screwing the clearomizer from the battery, checking the thread for any soil, removing if needed. Afterwards, you can detach the tank, and remove the excess fluid.

  • Evaporation

This is done using alcohol. All you need to do is disassemble the components of your clearomizer and soak it in alcohol overnight. After, the clearomizer needs to be drained thoroughly and briefly rinsed with water.

  • Dryburn

This method is used in removing the deposits that are usually present on the heating coil. To facilitate this, the heating coil needs to be released out of the clearomizer. Because of the deposits, the heating coil stops glowing. This process is used if the clearomizer is ready for disposal.

How to fill clearomizer?

The process of filing a clearomizer is easy and quick, and may easily be done with the following steps:

  • Start by unscrewing the mouthpiece, opening the bottle for the e-liquid.
  • Fill the clearomizer gently with your selected e-liquid. You may use the transparent window in monitoring the amount and level of e-liquid inside the clearomizer. Make sure to avoid overfilling.
  • Replace the lid of the e-liquid carefully. Afterward, screw back the mouthpiece to the clearomizer.
  • Screw back the clearomizer into the battery.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the e-liquid to settle down.

When filling your clearomizer, it is very important to ensure that the e-liquid does not enter the main tube. This may result in flooding when heating oil becomes filled with e-liquid.

It is recommended to change after every 10 refills. This is because, after quite some time, the components will lose their efficiency. Even before reaching the 10th refill, if you notice less vapor production, along with a weaker flavor, then it may be time for a change.

In the meantime, however, a clearomizer can easily be kept in good working condition by doing some immediate cleaning in between refills. This can be efficiently done by using warm water to rinse the clearomizer.

How to fill e cig clearomizer? 

The actual process of filling your e-cig clearomizer may differ from one model to another. However, there are similarities in the actual process of filling your e-cig clearomizer. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the box of the clearomizer from the top. This is done by pulling the lid up. Usually, the package includes two clearomizers, along with an instruction manual.
  2. Make sure that you read the instructions on the manual before actually using the product.
  3. Get one of the clearomizers.
  4. Prepare the clearomizers by removing the plastic wrapper. Gently unscrew the clearomizers’ metal base. In most models, all you need to do is to twist it anti-clockwise until it is completely separated from its plastic shaft.
  5. Get your e-liquid bottle, and make sure that it is approved for the specific model that you are using. Otherwise, this could result in damages to the hardware or even cause some personal injury.
  6. Open the lid by pressing on the lid slightly, turning it anti-clockwise.

A clearomizer is considered as a consumable product, with a lifespan that depends on the actual use. To prolong its use, proper maintenance should be observed.

How to prime a clearomizer

All models of clearomizers need the process of priming. The reason? To prevent the e-liquid from producing a bitter and burnt aftertaste. This process is very important for a clearomizer to work while removing the bitter taste properly.

To primes your clearomizer, follow the steps below:

  1. Inhale on the mouthpiece of the clearomizer around 4 to 5 times, without unnecessarily pressing the button for activation. This will further draw the e-liquid up into the wicks.
  2. Press and hold the power button located on the battery. This should be done as you inhale into the mouthpiece.
  3. Note that (7) 3-second inhales equal to a single cigarette. Make sure to avoid excessive inhaling since the e-liquid bay overheats, and end up burning.
  4. After finishing vaping, it is recommended to switch the battery off. This is done by pressing the button 5 times until you see three flashes. This will also help in increasing battery power.

As a reminder, if you notice a strange metal taste as you vape, it is most likely that your clearomizer was not properly primed as per the instructions. Avoid the level of the e-liquid to go too low in order to avoid damage.


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