Clearomizer Tank FAQ

What is a Clearomizer Tank

A clearomizer tank is a tank system that houses the replaceable pre-built atomizer. These tanks are built of glass or plastic, with the majority of the clearomizers involving four major parts. There is a mouthpiece, where you place the mouth to begin breathing in. From there, you get the tank itself.

The tank is where you keep the e-liquid. Clearomizers with glass tanks are more preferred to inhibit the possibility of certain flavors popping and damaging the tank. You also have the base which is attached at the bottom of the tank, holding the e-juice enclosed within the tank. Also, the base caters to the purpose of keeping the disposable atomizer.

The benefit of the base depends on the convenience of coil-changing by loosening the used atomizer and tightening a new one. Make sure to keep the tank inverted when changing the coils to prevent flowing juice to yourself.

It is recommended to change the clearomizer every after 10 refills since, after then, the parts will begin to function less effectively. A few indications that this can be observed include a weaker flavor and less production of vapor. Meanwhile, its condition can be maintained by thoroughly cleaning it between refills. You can do it by washing it off with lukewarm water.

Can a Clearomizer Tank Be Used for THC Oil

Clearomizer tank can be used for THC oil. It is boundlessly rebuildable and, with that, allows for adjustment and great efficiency. Since a clearomizer is a clear tank, it will be very easy for you to see and monitor the remaining juice at any time you will want.

While the vaping of THC has been very prominent, the amalgamation of cannabis into the industry of vape has provided a lot of various smoking applications. Good thing that clearomizers are also capable of catering THC oil. So if your joy is present in THC oil and you have a clearomizer with you, then that is great news!

If you find pleasure in vaping THC, you may like to see both the short-term and long-term costs. The utilization of homemade THC e-liquids is a piece of cake when considering the cost.  Handcrafted THC e-juice will give lower cost with numerous selections of flavor, strains, and strengths. Thus, you can only expect to get the best vaping experience.

Clearomizer, being a rebuildable system, cannot be surpassed or beaten. It offers an excellent performance since the materials are high quality and their coupled mods provide a lot of exceptional benefits like the temperature control.

How Long Does a Clearomizer Tank Last

A clearomizer tank featuring a non-changeable coil head can last from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the regularity of usage and the kind of e-juice used. After this time, the coil used in it will typically run out of steam and shall need replacement.

In recent days, many clearomizers will have detachable coils. These are quite favorable to the users since they no longer have to purchase an entirely new clearomizer. They can save time and money with these types of clearomizers.

The coil heads will commonly require replacement every 2 to 3 weeks, relying upon the regularity of your usage for the e-cigarette. You must change the coil head once you observe a somewhat charred taste, or once the e-juice you use tastes differently.

A coil can live a shorter life for several reasons. If you consume extremely high voltage intended for the ohms of the coil, you can exhaust it, cripple the coil, torch the wick and trigger it to die quite rapidly. Too much voltage will torch the wrapped wick in the coil. It leads to too much heat accumulation since the coil cannot get soaked with e-liquid, and the heat is not used up, and the coil bursts.

How to Clean a CE4 Clearomizer Tank

Before cleaning the CE4 clearomizer tank, you must remove the e-juice and silts that are stranded in the tank. Pull out the bottom of the tank and fill it up with lukewarm water enough to reach halfway. Cover the opening with the thumb and shake it. Continue shaking for several seconds and then throw out the water. Refill the tank and shake it for 4 to 5 times.

Dry burn the clearomizer. Sear the coil for several seconds’ pops until you notice the coil flushing orange. Allow the coil to cool down and swirl it to remove even the last bits.

However, if you are planning to switch to another flavor, you may also try this approach to clean your CE4 clearomizer:

  1. Use water to wash the CE4 clearomizer. Clean the inside. The most efficient way of doing this is to place it under running water from a faucet. Clean the CE4, particularly the lower part, which is linked to the battery. This method acts for many light flavors. Nevertheless, if you breathe in menthol flavor, you should do the following step.
  2. Load the CE4 clearomizer with tasteless e-juice that is liquid-base, PG, or VG. Then vape with the tasteless e-juice. This step will use up the halting flavors.

How to Clean a Mig Fusion Clearomizer Tank

The Mig Fusion Clearomizer Tank is a refillable tank that is both an atomizer and a cartridge. There are several methods to clean it, depending on what would suit you best:

Clearomizer Flushing

Perhaps the easiest and the most convenient approach is to carefully blow the clearomizer. To perform this, you should screw off the clearomizer. Inspect the thread for traces of soil and get rid of it if needed with the use of a handkerchief. Detach the tank from the clearomizer. On the interior of the clearomizer and the exterior of the tank, condensation water could have developed. First, nonetheless, the liquid excess in the clearomizer must be taken out. Clean the interior of the clearomizer and get rid of the condensation water and the liquid residue.

Evaporate with Alcohol

The clearomizer may also be soaked in alcohol for one whole night. Before doing it, carefully fan the clearomizer from the thread portion. Pure alcohol is quite costly, so you can use the standard vodka as an alternative. After bathing with alcohol, the clearomizer must be carefully drained and washed off quickly with water. Let the clearomizer to get dried for several hours. Alternatively, you can do a dry burn.

How to Clean Clearomizer Tank

When cleaning the clearomizer tank, you must remove any residual e-juice and wastes stranded inside and around the tank. Detach the bottom part of the clearomizer.

Load the tank with lukewarm water around halfway. This time, position your thumb on top of the opening. Shake it resolutely. Execute this for several seconds, then discard the water. You will see that the water will appear a bit dirty.

Reload and shake the tank again for 4 to 5 times, or wait until you notice clean and clear water coming out. This is specifically significant if you are going through flavor ghosting – an experience where you still get a hint of your previous flavor even after reloading a new flavor of the juice.

If the flavor ghosting is very bad, you can try cleaning the tank with the use of lemon juice or alcohol. It can also help to use a brush to buff the interiors of the clearomizer.

After rinsing and cleaning the tank, you should dry it off. Consider blasting the tank to eliminate the water and condensation. It does not have to be air dry, although it works to lessen the time of cleaning the coil later. After drying it, reassemble it.

How to Clean the Disposable Clearomizer Tank

Cleaning the disposable clearomizer is a bit challenging, but truly rewarding. There is a possibility that you can increase the lifespan of the disposable coil if you can clean it well.

  1. Remove the offending coil and allow it to drench in a mixture of grain alcohol and hot water. Take it out and dislodge excess water and fan on edge to shake off some of the wastes in there.
  2. Drench it again for several hours. Get a toothpick or a little piece of wire and thrust around the coil to get rid of some of the sludge. Leave out to get dry for 24 hours.
  3. Get an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the coils. It will be ideal for incorporating grain alcohol or putting a sufficient volume of vinegar to the water. Try to shake off some of the sludge and do the process again before letting the coil dry.
  4. Get a glass of water. Place two denture cleansing tablets in it, and put your coils. You may find it amusing; however, the bubbly movement, paired with the in-built cleansing traits present in the tablet, acts impressively for eliminating sludge from coils and removing any attaching smells.

How to Fill a Clearomizer Tank

When filling a clearomizer tank, you must start by detaching the mouthpiece and then utilize the needle tip cap to detach the ring seal. To do this, you must be cautious to prevent striking the heating coil unintentionally.

Place the needle cap into the e-juice bottle. This can be attained by unscrewing the cap of the bottle, pushing it to the corner, and when it transpires, screwing the cap into its position.

You will see two holes under the ring seal. Place the needle tip into any of the holes and then the other one to make sure that they are open. Then, fill the tube. If the e-juice starts to appear on the other hole, it means that the tube is full. Take off the needle cap and put a few drops of e-liquid into the coil and wick to prepare it.

You have the option to either put back the ring seal or not. However, if you decide not to put it back, you take the possibility of leakage. Return the rubber end cap over the tube and then place the clearomizer threads into a cloth or paper towel and fan out any e-juice coming from the air shaft. Brush the threads to make sure they are clean and dry before tightening back the clearomizer into the battery.

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