Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean a Bong? 


What is the smell from your bong? Is there an odd taste every time you take a hit on your bong? If yes, then you have what a dirty bong is. It is essential to clean it with the use of water for it to stay clean and fresh. With so many ways of cleaning a bong, out of these is the path to using hydrogen peroxide.

Below are the clear steps to follow to use hydrogen peroxide.

  • Clean your bong and all other stuff such as the granite, glass, and clothes using hydrogen peroxide.
  • Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the bong. This will base on the size of it.
  • Shake it well. Remove the stains found in the bong.
  • Wear some rubber gloves. This is because hydrogen peroxide is known for burning the skin and is also highly reactive.
  • Remove it in the drain after you have shaken it well.
  • Clean your bong using tap water. See if there are stains to be found.
  • Repeat the process again. This is true if there are more stains left inside.

Truly, hydrogen peroxide works, saving yourself the hassle!

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