Can You Use Any Atomizer With Any Tank?


Some people wonder whether mixing and matching of atomizers and tanks are possible. Most often, those who are still new to the world of vaping wonder if this is a safe thing to do. Some do not want to test it just to see whether it works or not because they are not the daring type of people, and would rather stay safe.

Those who have tried doing so, however, claims the possibility of using any atomizer with any tank. However, there is a condition. This is possible as long as you are not really messing up with the mechanical modification. Still, needs and preferences enter the picture. There are some who prefer a specific brand, while others are plainly game with trying out anything that is available.

Still, as a suggestion from experts in vaping, it is best to check the compatibility of atomizers and tanks. This can be done by joining forums, asking around, especially for those who have tried the mix and match process. This will make sure that you make the right choice when it comes to partnering with your atomizer with a tank of your choice. This can be exciting and also fascinating at the same time.

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