Can You Clean Acrylic Bongs?


For one, it is a generally accepted fact that there are several ways to clean acrylic bongs. Here is one of the tested and proven ways.


  • Hot water
  • Sea salt
  • Rubbing alcohol (preferably 50-70%)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon


Step 1: Place your acrylic bong in the kitchen sink (or any place with enough space)

Step 2: Empty all contents inside the bong. Run through hot water in order to remove loose debris. The next target is the resin build-up.

Step 3: Pour salt into the base of the bong. Pour a lot as it is needed to break down the resin.

Step 4: Add alcohol, with the amount depending on the size of the acrylic bong. Make sure that there is enough space to shake around the mixture without the contents overflowing.

Step 5: Swirl around the mixture to begin breaking the resin up.

Step 6: Put one hand on the mouthpiece with your thumb on the down stem. Keep your grip so that you do not end up throwing the bong away. Shake!

Step 7: Rinse the plastic bong with hot water. Prepare freshly squeezed lemons and pour into hot water to prepare a mixture. Swirl it around again for a minute. Leave it out to dry.

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