Can You Clean Acrylic Bongs with Alcohol


You may be using your percolator regularly, but puts off cleaning it. Perhaps you simply feel lazy to do it, or you just have no idea how to. As days and weeks pass by, you may start noticing black resin building up slowly. As cleaning is delayed even further, your bong will soon become a crusty, black, annoying piece.

The materials required and the process of cleaning an acrylic bong is pretty much easy. One of the several ways to clean your acrylic bong is by using alcohol and salt. Here is how to do it:

Step 1:

Disassemble the pieces of your bong. Remove leftover water first if there is. With an acrylic bong, you may detach the chamber and mouthpiece from the base. Avoid using the mouthpiece to drain the dirty water. This may bring resin or bits to the edges.

Step 2:

Rinse the base, chamber, and mouthpiece with hot water. The best way to do so is by swirling the water around, dumping it right into the slide. This will allow the resin buildup to loosen up.

Step 3:

Place each piece into a plastic container. Pour in rubbing alcohol and salt into the plastic containers. 70% rubbing alcohol is the best option to use, as it does not evaporate fast, and are considered as less abrasive than higher percentage alcohols. Seal and shake. Rinse the pieces afterwards.

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