Can You Change the Atomizer with Juice in the Tank?

After using your vape for quite some time, there may be a need for you to change the atomizer. This can be done if you already notice that the juice already produces a taste that is either burnt or funky. To change the atomizer, all you need to do is to remove the tank off. With the right maintenance done at the right time, you can expect to get those full-flavored puff while making sure that your vape stays in its best condition.


Note that not all setups of the vape are the same. Generally, however, you can unscrew the tank quite easily, starting from the bottom part, then holding the tank upside down, twisting the tank off with your hands. If the tank has juice, you have the option to keep it or to empty it first. Doing the latter is a preferred option, dumping it in the trash can. In this way, you can easily replace the content with fresh juice after you change to a new atomizer. As such, if you do not want to waste the juice, you can change the atomizer with as little juice remaining in the tank as possible.

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