Can the K3 BVC Tank Use Melo 3 Atomizer


The K3 BVC tank is regarded as luxury equipment that is used in vaping. It is designed as a mouth-to-lung tank, which means that it offers a memorable smoking experience to those who would like to try it out. It uses coils of high quality, ensuring a longer life for the atomizer, while also anticipating fuller flavors at the same time.

With this mouth to long vaping style in sub-ohm tank design, it also produces wider airflow, which allows for a better draw, thus ensuring fuller vapor production and flavor. It uses a simple mechanism that makes it easy to use. All you need to do is to unscrew the bottom part of the tank to give easy access to adding juice.

One thing that needs to maintain with this tank is the replacement of its atomizer. While there are several options that can be taken into consideration, the K3 BVC tank is also compatible with Melo 3 atomizer. This atomizer is constructed using all stainless steel, designed with hidden airflow control, which is considered as a plus with this atomizer unit. As a bonus, it features a fashionable, yet simple appearance.

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