Are Percolator Bongs Good


If you consider yourself a newbie in dabbing, you may be wondering what a percolator is, and if having one is good. For one, a percolator refers to a contraption device for your water pipe or bong, designed to help in cooling down the smoke. This helps a lot in achieving a smoother hit while avoiding too much coughing.

Percolator bongs come in various sizes and shapes, with different designs fit for different bongs. Having one is really cool. Usually, it comes in a dome shape, though some crazy designs have entered the market these days. It is an additional chamber for your bong, usually living right in the tube. It has water and serves as another level of filtering for the smoke.

After pulling the smoke from the bong, the percolator interacts with the water. As it travels up the tube, the smoke then interacts with the water again in the percolator. The percolator also breaks the bubbles down, as a result of the pressure inside the percolator. This gives an overall smoother and cooler hit from the bong. Overall, a percolator bong is a real treat for you. Having one makes smoking much more enjoyable!

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