Are Acrylic Bongs Dishwasher Safe?

Unlike glass bongs, acrylic bongs are more tolerant of shock. They are simple in design, with not many fragile percolators built in them. The downstems are generally constructed out of metal, which means that they are not really prone to damage and breaking.

Even though not all models of acrylic bongs are made of very good materials, they can be cleaned easily. In fact, they can go into the dishwasher without any problem at all. However, the issue of hygiene is what might stop you from doing so. Would you really want to place something that is dirty inside the very same dishwasher where you also clean the plates that you use for eating?

Acrylic bongs can get really dirty with time, often as a result of resin and tar buildup. Also, a dishwasher may only clean the outer part of the bong, but may not be able to go inside thoroughly. This means that while your bong may get out of the dishwasher squeaky clean on the outside, it may not still solve the tar buildup that usually happens in its interior parts. This requires a thorough cleaning, which requires hot water and salt to pass through it.

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