Are Acrylic Bongs Bad for You


It seems like acrylic bongs have an infamous reputation for doing alarming and strange things. This is one of the reasons why some smokers question whether or not acrylic bongs are bad. Some report claim that water from the bong come out dyed, and that they crack or shatter when they are cleaned using alcohol.

However, there is an explanation as to how this happens. With some acrylic bongs, the pigment may wear through time, seeping into the water that is held in the bong for a long time. While this pigment may not really get into the smoke because it usually takes several weeks to run, you can still get on the safe by making sure that you change the water in the bong regularly, emptying it in between sessions because it will help in minimizing the pigment that is absorbed, thus lowering any potential consumption risk.

Also, the possibility of the bongs cracking during cleaning is a result of a reaction where the alcohol used also targets the adhesive that holds the acrylic into the bong. However, all in all, the use of an acrylic bong does not affect the quality of the smoke that is produced.

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