About Us

Here, we love vaping just as much as you do (provided that it’s how you ended up on our website). We love and review vaporizers – mostly vape pens, concentrate desktops, as well as dry herb vaporizers. We’re avid vapers who love peace, calm, and the wonderful outdoors. We love spending time in nature and over the past decade, we have tried out dozens of portable and desktop vaporizers mainly for dry herb. Our main goal is to provide you with the right information with regard to new vaporizer models. We’ll post reviews, tips and tricks, as well as comparisons. We’ll even go as far as include some videos of how we like to clean our vaping devices.

The Best Vaporizer

Choosing the best vaporizer for the money can be more or less challenging as nowadays, the market is overflowing with different desktop and portable units that one can select from. Everyone is unique in one way or another, and that’s why there isn’t something like the perfect type of vaporizer for each and every individual.

We suggest that you use the ‘Best vaporizers’ category from the navigation menu to check out our pages about the many different types of vapes. Don’t worry, we’ve also written about the best overall vapes or the best cheap vapes.

We spend a lot of time testing out the vaporizers we write about. We analyze features like the build quality, their durability, whether they are easy to clean and maintain, whether they are efficient, convenient, and easy to use, and last, but definitely not least, whether they offer a more than decent vapor quality.

If we feel that a unit that we have written about doesn’t raise up to par in terms of quality, we make sure to update those pages, especially if we run into any problems or if it ultimately deceives our expectations. We know that just like with any other type of product when we buy a vape, we expect us to give us the best in every little sense.

It is important for us to feel like we’ve offered you the correct information, and that’s why we’ll be as honest and straightforward as possible about any drawback that we have detected in the models we’ve tested. Furthermore, we’ll detail our experiences with each brand’s customer support if we ever happen to return a product or even ask for a refund. In this way, you’ll know what brands are better and which ones you should steer clear of.

Using Authorized Vaporizer Retailers

Getting your vaporizer through authorized retailers can be very important as there are countless counterfeit models that have penetrated the market. Along with their rise in popularity, vaporizers have become legal across the country. Unfortunately, that also means that various companies have started creating fakes, some of which can be pretty good – at least in terms of the looks. However, when it comes to the efficiency and actual features, you’ll find that counterfeit models are barely usable, no matter how cheap they are. In fact, we might argue that it sometimes makes more sense to get a used vaporizer instead of a new one rather than buy an imitation of the real thing.

We strongly recommend buying your vaporizer from an authorized retailer OR right from the manufacturer.

As such, you know for sure that it’s a quality product, especially if it is backed by a warranty. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending $99 or $499 – knowing that your device is covered by a warranty can let you rest assured that you’ll get a replacement or a refund. Most of the devices that we review here are backed by a warranty that lasts for at least 3 years.

Feel free to check out our reviews to get the specs of the vaporizers, as well as important information for the warranty on each one. Since the vapes that we recommend are a result of our personal experiences with them, we know that other vapers might feel otherwise about the same devices. We urge you to keep in mind that, as honest as our reviews might be, they are subjective. Everyone’s experience is different; however, we stand by our opinions as they are the expression of our experiences with these vaping devices.